ArcheBlade Characters Basic Guide

ArcheBlade Characters Basic Guide by codebrush

L – Mouse Left button
R – Mouse Right button
S – Keyboard Shift button
J – Jump (Keyboard Space bar)
SP – Stamina Point
AP – Armor Point
E – Guard
*Reverse attack – even if an enemy is guarding(E) himself, this attacks go through the guarding

Tanker type: high health and heavy armor

– Valle
She is relatively easy to use.
With dash skill (shift) and RRR, she can hit multiple enemies.
SR needs to be done with caution. Better to use at right timing for preventing lack of SP

Suggested skill:

LR + RRR – easy and powerful

– Tiac
He seems to have some similarity with Valle, but he is more capable with fighting one on one battle.
He has good Initial stats, and he can take any characters on 1 vs 1 battle, if you are skilled enough.
Managing SP is important like Valle.

Suggested skill:

SR + LR + JR(reverse attack)

– Danmei
This big guy has high health and tough armor. He’s easy to control, but needs some practice for L attack. If you are new with him, you may feel odd the way of his attack. But he can easily hit while an enemy is running away.

Suggested skill:

SR + R or R, then follows up the escaping enemy by using L to continue combos.

Damage Dealer type: low heath, and high damage

– Renny(ice)
Renny is tricky to use. You can’t even hit properly if you aren’t skilled enough because she attacks in a certain direction. But she can take enemies’ back with her teleporting skill to give more damage.

She’s good at chasing an enemy since her icing skill slows opponent.
It is important to use the teleport skill not too often so that she has enough SP to guard herself.

Suggested skill:

LL(reverse attack) + Alt R or LR + JR(reverse attack) and SR

– Renny(Fire)
She’s got same L attack with Renny ice, but her R attack has fire element.
She’s hard to control like ice one. Teleport, timing of attack, and distancing is the core of her attack.

Suggested skill:


– Elrath
Range damage dealer. She can move while she’s stacking her R skill, and it pierces enemy. It gives a double damage when it hits a wall or a floor beside of the target.

Her JR is a bit slow, but it’s got wide AOE so that she can support ally from distance. But she is easily exposed to snipers since she can’t move while she’s charging.
It’s not bad idea to fight melee. Her LLL combo hits through enemy’s guard(reverse attack).
Best way to use her is mix these skills with teleport. When enemy is chasing you, make the wall and teleport behind of the enemy, then use JR.

Suggested skill:

F + S + JR

– Elika
Her basic L combo hits wide area, but use with caution. Only the first hit stiffs enemy.

Suggested skill:

LLR slows an enemy, then use LLL combo and evade if needed.

Always keep in mind that to have little distance with an enemy.

Balanced type:

– Cezanne
Intermediate damage dealer who uses various attacks.
He is bad at melee. Use RP skill or shift to evade and dealing with distance.

Suggested skill:

LLL or LRR or JR

– Gaspar
Better to practice using howitzer, but it’s ok to melee as well. Damage an enemy from distance, and finish with melee combos like LR + JRRR.

Ranger type: low health, slow movement, and range attack

– Renoah
The only character uses snipping skill.
It requires having good locating and aiming skill. You can evade by rolling (S).

Support type: low stats, but has utilities for a team

– Dick
He’s not bad for melee with his L attack, but nothing really specialized for it. His shotgun makes easy to finish an enemy.
His EMP removes enemy’s armor, and ward charging ally’s AP.

Suggested skill:

LR + JR or LLL

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