ArcheBlade Valle Basic Guide

ArcheBlade Valle Basic Guide by SteventheSlayer

A guide showing the moves and some stratagies for Valle Estrada Draco Emperatore.


First off, I want to say thank you for reading. What good is a guide if no one reads it? Second, I want to clarify that I don’t claim to be the best or even a master at Valle, or Archblade in general. However, perhaps this will both teach new players about the character, as well as some useful tips I learned.

And now, to the rest of the guide!



A great granddaughter of The Dragon Emperor of Madness, Zath.

Her father, Nagitrea, took sides with Nagcia who revolted against the Dragon Emperor Zath and was finally defeated. In fact, the people who plotted treason were supposed to be killed, but they avoided death because they were cognates of the Dragon Emperor. Since then, Valle Estrada has believed in Mahāvairocana Tantra, which was the indigenous religion of the Dragon tribe and commanded militia on the front lines of battle when the Empress of Darkness invaded Seven’s League.

By utilizing “the Light of Vitarka” of Mahāvairocana Tantra and power, which she inherited from the Dragon Emperor, she showed off remarkable skills while attracting popularity among soldiers on the front lines of battle. She has wide support from the public of Seven’s League. However, many people hate her just because she is from the Dragon tribe. Some people suspect that the madness of Dragon Emperor Zath will affect her in some way.

Despite these suspicions, she has shown her commitment to Seven’s League and was given the honorable position of Senior General by the Congress of Seven’s League.

The title of Senior General symbolizes a guardian god of each country and was given to a field officer only in wartime.

Of course Princess Valle Estrada knew well that the Congress suggested the position of Senior General in order to keep her in check.

However, she accepted the position of Senior General because she had no plan to struggle with Congress. She was satisfied with the position of Senior General but lost the position by making a decision in conflict with Queen’s Land. Since she released the position of Senior General, she ran for civil sheriff and became the Sheriff of Daffenal.

At the moment she is a sheriff, but her name is always on the list of potential candidates when it comes time to choose the next Senior General of Seven’s League.


Vallee is arguably one of the best free characters in the game. Her variety of strong moves allows her to chain together combos in ways that trap the victim with no means of escape. A strong player with her can easily solo mutliple characters with her AoE (Area of Effect) moves (I say this from experience.) and she can be a useful support with her healing abilities.


This section will be in the following format:

LMB = Left Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button

Hammer Spin

valle 1 valle 2 valle 3

Arguably one of Valle’s best moves, this does large AoE damage to all enemies surrounding you. They cannot escape from it. They can, however, hit you if they aren’t in the AoE. Plus, it can be blocked. Still, it is very useful. Be sure to only do as many spins as you need: don’t do three when two will work, ect. Spinning makes you an easy target for ranged people. Don’t activate until they are in range, or else they will just avoid it. This is a great combo ender, such as paring it with something that launches an opponent up, then spinning under him as he lands.


valle 4 valle 5

Sends an enemy soaring into the sky. A great combo starter, but hard to aim. It also breaks gaurd.

Lightning Smash

valle 10 valle 7 valle 8 valle 9

A powerful smash with AoE damage. Hard to pull off, but the smash normally does back damage.
Hard to use in a combo.

Hammer Slam

valle 10 valle 11 valle 12

Similar to Lightning Smash, but is easier to use, and has a much smaller AoE.


valle 13

A swift uppercut in midair. Useful against airborne units. Good for extending combos.

Air Smash

valle 14 valle 15

Similar to Lightning smash’s AoE blast, but much bigger. However, it is very directional due to her leaping forward, and thus is harder to aim. Knocks enemies up. Great for starting combos, this is probably her second best move.

Dash Attack

valle 16

While sprinting, Valle can dash forward, doing decent damage. It is directional, so it is hard to aim. However, it is great for chasing after enemies, as it wil do very good damage from behind. It charges as you sprint, and does twice the amount of damage.


valle 17

Blocks incoming damage from the direction you are facing. Since Valle doesn’t have a dodge per say, this is very handy.


Aura of Mercy

valle 18 valle 19

Valle creates an aura of healing around her. Allies (and Valle) standing in the aura will be healed. The aura will dissapate when Valle’s RP runs out. This is both useful for support and for healing yourself.

Mantra Shield

valle 20 valle 21

Valle creates a divine shield around her that protects her for an amount of time. The shield absobes most damages, then dissapears after taking a certain amount of hits or when the time has run out. This is great for soloing, but when you are with your teammates, you should consider using healing aura instead.

Some Useful Combos:

These are just some of the combos I like to use.

LMB-RMB, (Pause) Jump-LMB-RMB, (Pause) RMB-RMB-RMB, (Pause) Shift+W-RMB.

Jump-RMB, (Pause) RMB-RMB-RMB

(Will update more as needed. Feel free to write your favorite combos in the comments.)


I would like to thank you again for reading this guide. I hope you enjoyed it and/or learned something. If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback, combos, ect, leave them in the comments below.

Note that all the names for the moves were made up on the spot by me. The powers names were not.

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