Archeblade Server Hosting Guide

Archeblade Server Hosting Guide

How to setup an Archeblade server

Go to the steam installation folder.

The folder is generally at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ArcheBlade\Binaries\Win32
(or your Steam installation folder)

Execute “serverlauncher.exe” in the folder.

Portfoward settings

*This is important. 

Go to your internet router setting.

Set it TCP/UDP, and change the range of port to 7777 – 7780
(Archeblade uses a port #7777-7780 by default, 7777 alone is not enough!)


ServerName: Name of your server
*Note: Try not to include special characters in the name of server: #, ?, :, /, and space between words.
Use under bar ( _ ) instead.

Max Player: Set up a maximum number of players in a map (2~14)
(each map has different capacity)

Map: Choose a map you want to play

NetherDale – 7 vs 7 Capture and Hold
UnderSiege – 3 vs 3 Team Death Match
NagasPit – 8 Players Free-for-all Death Match
SteamCanal – 5 vs 5, Round Match

Local: Display where your server is located

– Global
– US-East
– US-West
– South America
– Europe
– Asia
– Oceania
– Middle East
– Africa


UnBalance – auto-balance disabled
ChangeChamp – can change a character during the game
DupChamp – allow to choose dupicate characters
NoForfeit – The game won’t end even if opponent

password: Set a password for a private server

Lan Game?: Check a checkbox for lan game mode, uncheck for internet game.

Click “Create” button to create a server
Click “Terminate” button to terminate a server

Fix Unable to See Your Own Server Bug

I’ve noticed that this is a current issue that took me a while to search and find. So i decided to actually make a guide about it so that in the future if anyone has this problem.. they would be able to find it easier..

When hosting a server, even though router settings have correctly port forwarded, It does not show up on Archeblade. This is because of a problem called loopback. I’ve found this info on forums, but only as posts from Achiel.
“Some people who host their own server cannot see their own server. This is due to some routers or modems disabling Loopback as a security feature. So, when the person in question has Looopback disabled, they cannot see their own server yet other people can.”

1. Create server and tick the checkbox LAN (Keep note of Port)
2. Open Archeblade
3. Click “LAN” and connect to own server
4. Exit own server.
5. Close server
7. Create server and untick the checkbox LAN (Use the same Port number as before)
6. Go into “History” and favourite your server :)

Enjoy :)

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