AirMech Teamwork Tips and Tricks

AirMech Teamwork Tips and Tricks by Ununoctio

1) this may look obvious, but sadly it’s not: if they make you questions answer, it’s very bad not doing this
2) dont wait till your teammate asks for help, just go ahead and help him
3) if you see a shiny tag is a teamate asking for help,if you aren’t doing anything very important then go there(to make one press z,if you want to ping a palce double z)
4) if a team mate asks you to build a unit is nice to do it
5) build just waht you need, if a unit is not anymore usefull recycle it(hold spacebar over an outpost/fortress) it’s always nice having some unit cap
6) try to avoid having similar unit in the loadout with your mate(exept infantry), you can share your units, use this opportunity you don’t have just 8 slots, in 3v3 you have 24 slots
7) two people can easily capture an outpost, use that to your advantage
8) put ! before a message to teamchat
9) Don’t leave at the beggining of a match, you give your teammates a great disadvantage.
10) Don’t leave when the game is going to end soon, you still get kudos and experience even when losing.
11) Heal damaged units taking them (space when over them) and heal them by hovering over an outpost(grey smoking units have lost half of theyr healt, black smoking ones lost almost all the healt)
12) Pay attention to radar, sometimes if you guess what your teammate do, you can work more efficient, and help him too.
13) try to cover your teammate from missiles cloud when he come back to heal over outpost. Healing isn’t instant when you come to outpost, and probably your teammate will have not full heal.
14) Sometimes two rushes from 2 directions is very dangerous. You can splits with your teammate, he supporting first rush, you supporting second rush.

CTF specific

1) try to go for the core at the same time with a mate, the one who didn’t got the core can be a meat shield for the other, this is very helpfull
2) it doesn’t matter how many times you grab the core, you have to bring it to your base to score, so don’t go alone,take it and get blown, if you are beeing blown up tag the place, drop the core and tryto bring the enemy far from it hoping that your team will take it(once dead tell them to take it even on chat if it’s still there)
3) don’t focus only with anti air, without outposts you won’t be able to bring the core safely to your base(of course it’s not safe anyway, with the core you are more vulnerable and you get healed slowly)
4) Dont recharge over an outpost while holding the core, you heal less, instead, drop the core near the outpost then heal

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