AirMech Spiral Survival Guide

AirMech Spiral Survival Guide by DemonW0lf

To beat Spiral Survival it requires a bit of planning. This will be outlined in the following images to help illustrate which units, items, pilots, airmech etc to use.

In terms of units it does help to have the following:

Early (waves 1-3)
Moneymaker or Ultimate Money Maker (a total of 9 moneymakers are to be placed in each spot)
Stasis Mine (around 2-4 on each side)
T99 (around 5 on each side will do)
Ratchet (around 1-2 on each side will do)

Middle (waves 4-7)
Archy (6-12 on each side would be good)
Bertha (ideally would be nice to have around 6-8 on each side but 2-4 works fine)

late game (wave’s 7-9)
Goliath (ideally would be nice to have 3-8 depending if its a solo situation or team based)
Aegis (1-2 would work wonders)

A picture to help illustrate the units is:


In terms of Pilots I would recommend the following for solo or team based gameplay:

Ultimate Samson or if you do not have this pilot I would recommend Natasha.

Ultimate Samson helps with the unit cap by doubling it in essence which makes the job easier.

Airmech to use

Ospray’s work great here along with warthog so choose which one you wish to use.

At the start of the game in solo you will need to move fast but in team based gameplay you have a bit of time. As such Please do the following:

Step 1) At the start build 9 Money makers and place them at the following locations:

4 in the center
2 up top
1 to the right
1 to the left
1 to the bottom

Step 2) While these are being built if you are playing with a team place a few T-99’s up top as shown here in the image: Image

Step 3) Build 2 Ratchet’s as they will help with healing.

Step 4) After the first wave starts proceed to go to the bottom of the map and place a few more T-99’s and 1-2 Ratchet’s at bottom as shown here: Image. After this is done and the first wave is over and the second wave begins start with making a few Stasis Mine.

By Having 2-4 in a specific area such as in the area’s where the two images are to. You will efficiently slow down the units being spawned there.

After the second wave is over it is time to build archy’s. This is assuming you have 2-4 of those Statis’s mines up top as well.

I would recommend starting out to build 2-4 on each spot this way the units being slowed are destroyed.

After each wave is complete up to wave 6 proceed to build a few more T-99’s to idealy have 5-6 up top and 5-6 at the bottom. At wave 6 this is where you can build a few bertha’s assuming you are level 6.

After wave 6 and 7 this is where you may build Goaliths and Aegis. Once wave 8 is done and assuming you have done everything correctly you should have everything else in the list taken care of.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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