AirMech Dogfighting Compensating for Lag Guide

AirMech Dogfighting Compensating for Lag Guide by ambiva

I felt it necessary to make a thread about this so most people get to know why are these happening, and make some countermeasures.

1: It might occurred to you, that you could not damage opponent’s Mech when you shoot it head on. You saw the beam hit and enemy HP doesn’t drop. However its most likely to hit when you attack from someone’s back.

2: Many times when you are running away (thinking you are already out of range) from chasing Mech but still killed and like … WTF??

As Ken explained :

If you watched a replay (or were a spectator) of this scenario what you would probably see is your AirMech slightly behind the AirMech you are targeting, firing in the same direction you are firing in (which is away from it and missing). This is because of the way the game currently handles latency. It doesn’t matter what your ping is (other than it will stall the game at a certain threshhold).Everyone you see is where they are *except* yourself, which is ahead in time of where you are in the simulation. So move yourself ‘back’ in time along the direction of motion to get a sense of where you actually are in the lockstep simulation.

Here I made an illustration using Ken’s explanation, everything make sense


So..we need a Time Machine Guide to the AirMech Dogfight JK

at least we can form some strategy to counter the time effect

1: Try shoot your opponent from back if you can, guaranteed hit in most case

2: If shooting head on doesn’t work, either maneuver your shooting angle or increase spacing or move to enemy’s back.

3: When shooting your opponent from port or starboard side and find it ineffective,
shoot it ahead of enemy’s position (projected route). If enemy is dying, sniping it without moving

4: When running away with little HP, give it a certain tolerance to compensate the latency issue.

5: The most accurate shooting/sniping will be : DON’T MOVE

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