AirMech Overtime Guide

AirMech Overtime Guide by Ununoctio

Overtime: after 30 minutes of game both bases will start taking damages related to how many outposts they own, owning every outpost will avoid your base taking damages and will take down the enemy base pretty quickly.

Not to do list:

1) panicking
2) yelling hack/hax/fraud/where are your units
3) sending every unit in a desperate push [a minded push is ok, but avoid throwing everything for desperation ( unless your fortress is almost destroyed and this is your last resource, see after)
4) turtle(useless and a pair of arty/bertha/archy can shred everything)
5) starting a conversation about:”Why is my base taking damages?”

To do list:

1) sending a moderate tank push:this will do some nice damages to the enemy fortress ang give you more time to cap outposts, a too big one is time wasting for our purposes
2) dividing in roles: in 3v3 it’s important beeing organized:
-the one with the quicker mech(saucer/neo) should start capping outposts as fast as he can, in this phase securing outpost is not as important as capping more of them
-the strongest mech(warthog/bomber/chopper) should drop tanks in the enemy base or damaging it by himself(specially if you ahave got less health than the opponent team)
-the 3rd one (it’s better chopper/osprey) should guard base from ninjadrops/mech attack and try to hold the control of the closer outposts
3) whatching the minimap, if before overtime the map was pretty static with few and localized outpost change now they will likely change every 2-3 seconds
4) if you are badly losing and you can’t take control of any outposts send a desperate push(tanks will be too slow, jackals/zipper/tangos are what you need)
5) if the enemyes are badly losing and they send a desperate push hoping that overtime will kill them before they kill you is not enough press the [Z] button twice and ask everyone to go there and stop that push.
6) as said before: if someone is asking for help (ping or chat) stop what you are doing (if it’s not of vital importance) and help him, never think that the other team mate will go or will be enough, there are studies that prove that he won’t go. After you go there you should consider if you are needed or not, in this case go back capping, the enemy wants you to be at the base defending.
7)i’ll never say it enough times: cap cap cap cap

A demonstration of a well conducted overtime is in this video (thank to Mnob for the recording)

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