AirMech Mech Selection Basic Guide

AirMech Mech Selection Basic Guide by ambiva

Let’s forget about all dazzling numbers, simply based on PVP experience, and performance are evaluated at “pro level”. I admit it will be somehow subjective, welcome to state your own opinion.

I’ll make the summary as concise as possible, for beginners.
And the benchmarks of each Mech here are:

Difficulty: no need to compare, all Mechs need a lot experience to be played well in a high level game

How well the Mech can perform in a Dogfight, assuming a balanced 1 v 1 using same Pilot.

How well the Mech can kill units/Mech on the ground

How important the role of this Mech can play in a team (assuming 3 v 3).

Certain Mech can perform particularly well in certain maps.

Main draw back of this Mech.

What this Mech is good at.


Arguably OP at the moment. A very good AirMech at most jobs (as long as you know how to do the jobs). Excellent in dogfights with missile ability, Excellent at carrying (this will likely to be nerfed), have Gundam mode for melee attack for defending.

Dogfight: Excellent
Groundfight: Decent
Necessities: High (if no Neo in the team)
S.Map: None (All maps are good)
Weakness: No obvious weakness
Specialty: Universal, decent for most jobs, excel in dogfight.


The Mech that is very good against ground units using bombs or very-strong melee attack. It has decent speed and medium HP, also with defensive abilities on the ground.

Dogfight: Decent
Groundfight: Excellent vs units, bad vs Mech
Necessities: Medium
S.Map: All maps are good
Weakness: Vulnerable in the air (and on the ground if there is a lot of units)
Specialty: Anti-ground units


The fastest Mech, it can run fast, and can reach destination quickly. Good in big maps for intercepting jobs. Excellent in dogfight, however, fragile due to low HP and paper armor. Cloaking is a bit of useless now until revamp.

Dogfight: Excellent
Groundfight: Decent
Necessities: High (if no Striker in the team)
S.Map: All maps are good, larger maps preferred
Weakness: Paper armor, low HP, worst carrying capacity
Specialty: Intercept, chase, scout, dogfight


A “cunning” exotic Mech, unique at dogfight due to its instant-turning-gun. However due to weaker weapon and low HP, its hard to use for beginners. Highly survivable in late game due to blink ability Although difficult, blink can be used to support dogfight greatly if proficient.
Abduct can be very powerful in certain maps, especially big maps where Neutral units can be taken over, as well as enemy units left alone.

Dogfight: Excellent
Groundfight: Poor
Necessities: Medium
S.Map: Thar, Vale the best, also good at other large maps
Weakness: Fragile armor, low HP
Specialty: Abduct units, Escape, Chase, unique dogfight


A highly survivable Mech due to its high HP and tough armor. A unit-babysitter. Excellent carrying abilities and can double drop in late game. Great to have in any team. The horror of it come from its tanking and healing abilities. A demon for artillery wars.

Dogfight: Ok
Groundfight: Poor
Necessities: High
S.Map: All maps are good, small-medium are prefered
Weakness: Slow speed, Poor weapon.
Specialty: Healing and damage management, Unit carrier


A Mech hard to use now due to its low survivability in the air It’s rocket can be countered by Aegis greatly. Still can be deadly for Mech on the ground for not-experienced players. Good at carrying stuff, too.

Dogfight: Poor
Groundfight: Great with rockets or guns
Necessities: Low
S.Map: Simple, TwinPeak, Duel (smaller maps)
Weakness: very vulnerable in the air when away from outpost, slow air speed
Specialty: Area control, Anti-ground units/Mech using rockets, and unit carrier.


A Mech that can be devastating against units and Mech on the ground. Also have high survivability due to its air speed and HP. However, it lacks manuverability.

Dogfight: Poor against Neo/Striker/Saucer, Good against other Mechs
Groundfight: Excellent
Necessities: Low
S.Map: Simple, Duel (Linear maps)
Weakness: Slow maneuverability, Early firing delay, bad carrying capacity.
Specialty: Anti-ground units/Mech, Area Control

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