Age of Wulin Meridian System Guide

Age of Wulin Meridian System Guide by chaose5

Meridian system is a new mechanism in Age of Wulin to boost your stats, introduced in August 2012.

There are a total of 9 meridian channels: 8 of them corresponds to 8 school neigong and 1 not related to any school neigong (Jiang Hu Nei Gong).

By infusing “Chi” (it works like experience points) into meridian channels, your meridian channel will “level up” and you will gain additional stats. The “level” of your meridian channel is referred as “Cycle“.

Activation of Node

Initially, you can only train up to a maximum of 9 cycle per meridian channel. To train further, you will need to open up or activate the nodes along the channel. You can open up these nodes by training the corresponding nei gong up to a certain level (see the picture above). Currently, only the first 3 nodes of school channel and the 1st node of the Jiang Hu channel are open.

For example, to open up the first node of scholar channel, you will need to train Rank 1 Nei Gong of scholar up to lv25 at least. After opening the node, you will be able to train up to a max of 36 cycles for that meridian line.

An exception to this is the Jiang Hu meridian, whereby you will only need to train up to lvl20 of the beginner nei gong to activate the 1st node of Jiang Hu meridian line. Unlike other school meridian, only the 1st node of Jiang Hu meridian is open at the moment.

Stats Boost

The additional stats only applies if you activate (you will see a “tick”) the corresponding meridian channel.

In the Jiang Hu server (which i play in), you can only activate a maximum of 4 meridian channel (3 initially, + 1 after you talk to your school master NPC for a quest) at one time. You can choose to deactivate any channel and reactivate them any time (just like you did with Nei Gong).

Each meridian will give different sets of stats. The table belows shows the summary of stats given by each meridian.

After training up to 36 cycle for each meridian channel, an additional effect will be granted for the respective school meridian line:

Some example of stats at various cycle of the meridian, to give a rough idea on the stats growth throughout the cycle:

Scholar Meridian 23 Cycle
Inner Crit + 8
Inner Hit Rate + 11
Ignore Inner Def + 28
Yin Def + 34
HP + 221 > 227 (at next cycle)
MP + 42  > 43 (at next cycle)

Emei Meridian 64 Cycle
Physical Hit Rate + 36
Evasion + 36
Inner Defence + 15
Ignore Inner Defence + 45
HP +453
MP +108
MP Recovery Interval Reduction + 2%

Shaolin Meridian 108 Cycle
Physical Hit Rate + 38
Crit Resist + 43
Vitality + 17
Rou Def + 114
HP + 775
MP + 129
Received Crit Damage Reduction + 4%

Scholar Meridian 108 Cycle
Inner Crit Rate + 29
Inner Hit Rate + 38
Ignore Inner Defence + 95
Yin Def + 114
HP + 754
MP + 144
Ignore Inner Dissolution + 4

Tangmen Meridian 108 Cycle
Physical Crit Rate + 29
Evasion + 76
Agility + 11
Yang Def + 114
HP + 727
MP + 162
Physical Crit Damage + 7%

Wudang Meridian 108 Cycle
Phyical Crit Rate + 29
Inner Crit Rate +29
Inner Strength +17
Sturdiness + 17
HP +749
MP +147
Inner Dissolution +4

Emei Meridian 108 Cycle
Physical Hit Rate + 57
Evasion + 57
Inner Defence + 24
Ignore Inner Defence + 72
HP + 714
MP + 170
MP Recovery Interval Reduction+4%

Royal Guard Meridian 108 Cycle
Physical Crit Rate + 29
Physical Hit Rate + 38
HP Recovery + 23
Gang Defence + 114
HP + 775
MP + 129
HP Recovery Interval Reduction + 4%

Beggar Meridian 108 Cycle
Inner Hit Rate + 76
Inner Crit Rate + 29
Arm Strength + 6
Inner Dissolution + 9
HP + 738
MP + 154
Received Crit Damage Reduction + 4%

Blissful Valley Meridian 108 Cycle
Crit Resist + 43
Inner Hit Rate + 19
Ignore Inner Def + 72
Ignore Inner Dissolution + 9
HP + 692
MP + 185
Inner Crit Damage + 7%

Combo Chain

Opening 1 node along the meridian channel give you 1 Combo Point.

[ activating the 1st node gives no combo point ]

You can spend the Combo Point to open up Combo Slots and learn Combo Chain.

There are a total of 8 combo slots to be open up.

Combo slot 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 require 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128 Combo Points respectively.

Under the Combo Selection, each icon corresponds to a combo chain/combination in 1 of the school skillset.

By learning the Combo,  the shared CD of 1.5sec between the specified 2 skills will be removed.

Meaning, after casting skill 1 , you can cast skill 2 immediately without waiting for 1.5sec.

For example, the Combo Chain for Fallen Petal Swordstyle of Scholar is Heroic Tear > Flying Swallow.

The two skills and their casting order (must be skill 1 > skill 2, not the other way round =.=) are fixed and cannot be chosen by the player.

You can reset your Combo Chain selection by spending 100 binded silver, anytime.

Chi Infusion into Meridian Channel

Press “Initiate Training” to start infusion of chi into a specified meridian channel.

Only 1 meridian channel can be trained at a time.

There are various ways to gain Chi :

1. Experience Point 历练 Linked:
– All activities which give you Experience Point (for your character) will give you Chi.
– if you Experience Point is at the cap of 999, you will not gain any Chi.

2. Life Skill Mastery Point 心得 Linked:
– All life skills activities or mastery book which gives Life Skill Mastery Point will give you Chi.

3. Battle Chi:
– Whenever you deal damage to players/mobs with your skills, you will gain Chi.
– The amount gained is related to the type of skill you use, the damage dealt and the target you are hitting.
– Locking single target skills tend to give more Chi than AOE non-targetting skills.

VIP user gain about ~5 times more Chi than non-VIP user.

There is a daily cap for Chi gain. This cap depends on your current Nei Gong level/capability.

After reaching the cap, you can no longer gain Chi for the day.

If you are not able to meet the cap for the day, the leftover Chi cap will be accumulated.

Training of Other School’s Nei Gong

To activate the nodes of other school’s meridian, you will need to learn their Nei Gong, starting from Rank 1.

Rank 1 Nei Gong book of other school can be obtained from book robbing event, randomly.

There are 3 types of book you can get from book robbing, namely:
Entry Book 入门练法:Max lvl9
Novice Book 进阶练法:Max lvl18
Intermediate Book 中阶练法:Max lvl30

These book allows you to learn the Nei Gong of the school till the specified level.

For Rank 2 Nei Gong, you will need to create an alternate character and train it up to lvl20 Rank 1 Nei Gong so that you can start doing its Rank 2 Nei Gong quest.

Similarly, for Rank 3 Nei Gong, you will need to train your alternate char up to lvl30 Rank 2 Nei Gong for the quest.

Breakthrough Page

While you can get the all the 3 books from the market, the last book tend to be more rare and expensive.

A cheaper alternative would be to buy the first 2 book, which allows you to train the nei gong to lvl18. You could further raise the max trainable level of neigong by using the Breakthrough Page 突破要诀 (see figure below) .

Using a Breakthrough Page will raise the max trainable neigong level by 1, up to a maximum of lvl30. However, you must have learned at least the Beginner Book first, before you can use it.

Since the node activation only requires you to train the neigong up to lvl25, you only need about 7 of these Breakthrough pages (18+7 = 25).

How to obtain the Breakthrough Page?

You can get the pages during your spying mission in other school, by using the “steal 3 information” skill on an offline player, from 6pm to 12 midnite GMT+8 (if you are playing on the china server) . Upon using the skill, there is a chance that the Breakthrough Page for the Nei Gong which is learnt by the informant will drop. You will see a very shiny glow on the floor if that happen.

Typically, it will just give you Rank 1 Nei Gong Breakthrough Pages, but it is indeed possible to get Breakthrough Pages for Rank 2 Nei Gong too (not sure about Rank 3 Nei Gong).

If you are very lucky, you will even get a Breakthrough Secret, which allows you to + 1 max level of the specified Nei Gong up to lvl36.

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