Sins of a Dark Age MOBA Acronyms List

Sins of a Dark Age MOBA Acronyms List by Tug

I have started this because I have no idea what people are talking about 90% of the time.  It contains both acronyms and word definitions.

SoaDA – Sins of a Dark Age
MOBA – Multiplayer Online Battle Arena


AA – Auto Attack (A character’s regular attack).
AD – Attack Damage (Damage cause by auto attacks).
AFK – Away From Keyboard (Inactive).
Aggro, AGGY – Drawn focus fire from enemies (Aggressive, Aggrivated).
AOE – Area Of Effect.
AO – Area Of Operation (The place where you are responsible for performing duties).
AP – Attack Power (Same as AD).
AR – Armor (Reduces incoming AD).
ARP, RPEN – Armor Penentration (Reduces Armor in AD calculations).
AS – Attack Speed.
ASAP – As Soon As Possible (Pronto, Stat).
ATM – At The Moment (to say something is happening right now).


B – Back (To go back to your base to refresh).
BD – Backdoor (Approach a target area or unit from an alternate or flanking route).
BG – Bad game.
Blind – To cause a character’s attacks to have a great chance of missing their target.
BOT – Refers to the bottom lane.
BRB – Be Right Back (player is taking a short recess).
Buff – A bonus statistic that can be temporarily or permanently applied to a character.
Build – The overall compliment of items and/or abilities selected for a character.
Burst – Dealing a large amount of damage in a short time, also called nuke.


Care – Be carefull (regularily used with a map ping or location).
Carry – A character that is the source of high damage (To carry the lane forward, or to carry the team to victory).
CBB – Can’t be bothered (Not worth it).
CC – Crowd Control (A debuff which controls an enemy like silence, blind, slow, stun, snare, etc.).
CD – Cooldown (Refers to the down time between ability uses).
CDR – Cooldown Reduction (Reducing the time between ability uses).
CS – Creep Score (The score from getting the last hit on an enemy minion).
Crit – Critical Strike (an attack with amplified damage).


DC – Disconnected, disconnection, disconnect.
Debuff – A negative stat that can be temporarily, or permanently applied to a character.
Def – Defend (given as an order).
Deny – To prevent an enemy from completing their task.
Dive – To attack an enemy without regarding the damage you will take.
DPS – Damage per Second (Often used as a verb in place of Attack).
EHP – Effective HP (Using armor and other stats to improve the effectiveness of health points).
Faceroll – To faceroll is roll your face on a keyboard to play instead of picking keys with fingers.
Farm – To kill minions for gold (normally out of harms way).
FB – First Blood (The first kill in the game).
Feed – Feeding is running into a fight that cannot be won and not retreating (the enemy character is fed a lot of experience and gold).
Focus – A target which multiple characters focus their attacks on.
FOTM – Flavour Of The Month (Something which is new or too powerful that everyone will use until it is mainsteam or equalized in power).
FTW – For The Win (Used to express that something is awesome).
FU – Don’t use this acronym (Bad Manners).


Gank – To Gank is to hide out until an enemy is vulnerable, and then attack them and win in an imbalanced fight, often with help of allies.
GG – Good Game.
GJ – Good Job.
GL – Good Luck.
Glass Cannon – A character who deals great damage but is easily killed.
Harass – To attack an opponent disrupting their activities, usually without taking damage in return.
HF – Have Fun.
Hold – Hold position, hold ground (situationally can include ‘until I get back’).
HPR – Health Point Regeneration.
Hug – To stay directly beside a friendly tower or character.


Inc – Incoming (A warning).
Imba – Imbalanced.
Initiate – To be the first to engage in a fight.
Innate – AKA Passive, regarding the passive ability that your character has.
Juke – To trick someone into going the wrong way when they are chasing you. This is often done by using the fog of war, or tall grass.
Jungle – Forest area between main roads and lanes.
Jungler – A player focuses on killing monsters in the jungle for gold.
KS – Killsteal (Getting the last hit on an enemy character that someone else did most of the work killing).
Kite – Aggro an enemy player or monsters so they follow you, but stay out of their range of attack (like a kite on a string).


L2P – Learn to play.
Leash – To have enemy monsters follow you without attacking you (similar to kite).
Lane – A main road on the map.
Lifesteal – Refers to the ability that restores HP to a character when they cause damage through attack damage.
MIA – Missing in action (Used when an enemy goes out of sight for a while).
MID – Refers to the middle lane.
Miss – Missing (Used when an enemy goes out of sight for a while).
MP – Magic Power, or Mana Points in some cases.
MPR – Mana Point Regeneration.
MR – Magic Resistance (reduces the effectiveness of Magic Damage).
MRP, MPEN – Magic resistance penetration or Magic penetration (Reduces resistence in MP calculations).
MS – Movement Speed.
MVP – Most valuable player.


N1 – Nice One (Good Move, Great Play, Brilliant Shot).
Nerf – To weaken a certain a characteristic of the game or character to result in balance (Comes from nerf toys being very low powered guns).
Noob/Newb/Newbie/Nub – Refers to someone who is playing as though they are new to the game (Poorly).
NP – No problem.
Nuke – Dealing a large amount of damage in a short time, also called burst (comes from a Nuclear Bomb).
Nuker – Someone who is capable of nuking.
OMG – Oh my God.
OMW – On my way.
OOM – Out of mana.
OP – Overpowered (In forums it can mean Origional Post of a thread, or the origional poster in a thread).
Overextending – Refers to a player who is advancing further towards the enemy than they have the means to support.


Passive – An ability that has an effect which does not require activation or mana to use.
Ping – A pointer on the map. Is also used to determine latency in connection to a game server.
Poke – A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position.
Pot – Potion (Usually health or mana).
PP – Physical Power (Like AP or AD).
PRNG – Pseudo-Random Number Generator (Takes recent numbers into account when generating a new one, to avoid too many duplicates).
Proc – Process, Activate, Trigger (An ability will process it’s effects when it meets it’s requirements).
Pull – To pull enemy monsters into a kite or leash so someone else can kill them out of harm’s way.
Push – To advance in lane towards the enemy Base.
QQ – To tell someone they are crying or complaining (looks like eyes with tears).
Ragequitter – Someone who leaves the game out of anger or frustration.
RE – Re-Entry (When an enemy comes back after going MIA or SS).
Regen – Regeneration (normally of HP or MP).
RNG – Random Number Generator/generation.
Roam – To roam around the map with no particular AO, generally with ganking in mind.


Shop – The shop in your base where you can buy items with gold.
Silence – An ability which renders the target unable to cast abilities.
Skillshot – An ability which does not lock on to your target which requires aim in order to hit an enemy.
Slow – To cause an enemy to move more slowly than normal.
Snare – To stop the movement of a character.
Snowballing – Getting stronger exponentially (like a snowball going down a hill).
SP – Spell Power or Special Power.
Spawn – When something is created, or is brought to life.
Spell vamp – Refers to the ability that restores HP to a character when they cause damage through magical damage.
Split push – To push multiple lanes towards the enemy at once.
Squishy – A character that is has low HP and takes heavy damage.
Sry/srry – Sorry.
SS – Similar to MIA.
Stack – When effects combine rather than replacing or starting anew. Also regarding items in inventory which take up one slot even if there are multiples.
Stat – Statistic.
Stun – A debuff that stops someone’s movement, attacking and casting for a limited duration.
Sustain – Sustainability, meaning hard to get rid of.


Tank – A durable character who has lots of sustain (hp, armor, regeneration, resilience).
TLDR – Too long didnt read (keep those messages short and sweet).
TOP – Refers to the top lane.
Troll – A person who looks for easy opportunities to put someone else down or insult them, with no alterior motives.
U2 – You too.
Ult – Ultimate (The ability that is unavailable to each hero until level 6, Generally regarded as their most powerful).
UP – Underpowered (For something to not have as much power as it should).
Wave – A group of minions which spawn at your base at regular intervals.
WP – Well played.

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