Sins of a Dark Age Grugg Basic Guide

Sins of a Dark Age Grugg The First Born Basic Guide by Justin_Xyang



Massiveness: Increases Grugg’s maximum hit points by 20%.

This one is pretty self-explanatory :-)


Ham fisted [Q]:

This slam is a really powerful tool, as you can use it to protect your allies by pushing an opponent far away, but my favorite use is definitely to sneak behind enemy champions, and push them toward my own tower or team fight. This is the main reason why I think “Blink” is an essential rune for Grugg. (And for many other reason, that you will discover soon enough)

Ground Pound [W]:
An area effect stun that has 2 Main uses: A) To stun a target, allowing you to sneak behind then push them back toward your tower or teammates and B) A dreadful combo that uses “Blink” to step up right in the middle of a team fight, then execute your “ground pound” quickly followed by your ultimate. This will deal a great amount of damage.

Guarded Stance [E]:

Grugg’s weakest yet still very useful ability if you pump it up high early on. As you will notice, Grugg is very vulnerable in the early game phase so you want some ways to soak damage early game in order to stay in the lane for a while. Don’t rush head down just because you have it activated, but timed well, it can definitely help you finish the job against a tower. Ultimately, if you have that luxury of mana and can activate Guarded Stance before jumping in the team fight with a blink, you will be a total beast for about 10 seconds.

Pummel [R]:

If not timed well, this ability can be really weak. Unlike Atasha’s who can just cancel her ultimate if the enemy moves, Grugg will just keep swinging at the air and completely waste it. This is why it’s a no brainer for him to “always” stun first, then trigger his ultimate. Otherwise, the enemy will move out of range after 2-3 hits and it won’t deal all the damage it should. Let me repeat it here: The way to do this, is to first “blink” into a team fight, then “ground pound” and then, lay the smack down with your pummel!

Ability Sequence:

W – Q – E – E – E – R – W – Q – W – Q – R – W – Q – E – R


The Ham Fisted and Ground Pound ability are good enough at level 1 until you reach level 6 since you need them more to control the board then for actually doing damage. Therefore, what you need early on is survivability, hence why you push your Guarded Stance to level 3 as fast as you can, but after raising the first 2 abilities once. You will be in a good position to lane until you get to level 6, where the real game starts for you.


Blink : Absolutely essential to support your abilities.

Portal: I like to use it when the game start, to get in the enemy bushes and sometime score a sneak attack on them. It’s always good to have anyway, and I almost use it with every champion. (Very personal choice here, as I hate running for minutes before getting from point A to point B.)


The big guy is not complicated to play once you get the hang of it. No big fancy strategies here: Stay alive until level 6, then control team fights with your abilities.

Good luck!

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