The Secret World Assault Rifle/Elemental Build Guide

The Secret World Assault Rifle/Elemental Build Guide by tippocalypse

1. Shock**
2. Blaze**
3. Eletrical Storm or Turn the Tables
4. Fire in the Hole
5. Anima Shot
6. Shot of Anima
7. Fire at Will

1. Dark Potency**
2. Iron Maiden**
3. Increased Dosage
4. Elemental Precision
5. Insult to Injury or 12 Gouge (for weaken)
6. Aidelon**
7. Volatile Current**

**Required abilities

Build basically requires taking advantage of the Affliction state set by Shock via Volatile Current. Blaze is a 100% Crit, high-damage single target ability for 3 consumers. Dark Potency and Iron Maiden lead to high Pen levels, resulting in large Blaze crits. In Blue Mountain, I can critpen in the neighborhood of 1600 (which is the same as Thor’s Hammer, but without the cooldown, and only requires 3 ticks of resource).

Resource build to cap out with Shock -> Fire in the Hole -> Blaze -> Shock -> Blaze -> repeat

If I get in trouble, I can spam Anima Shot, Shot of Anima (usually go to 3 ticks of builder).

I’ve been using Turn the Tables recently, as I find the AOE spender a bit redundant and mostly just use Fire at Will for AOE, and just Blaze the main target of an AOE pack.

In dungeons, I swap out Anima Shot for a DPS related ultimate (Molten Earth recently) only because they’re instant cast, and don’t require resources.

Coupled with a 60/40 split of DPS/Healing talismans, so your Anima Shot and Shot of Anima aren’t worthless.

Using ACT, I’m doing about 350 DPS with this build in QL6 gear.

I’m always looking to improve, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far.

Hope this helps, and looking for tips and suggestions for my build as well!

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