Soul Captor Gameplay FAQ

Soul Captor Gameplay FAQ by Arlus

In-game Information:

1. How many characters can I create per account?
You may create up to three characters per account. You may buy additional slots in the Item Mall.

2. Are the classes gender locked?
No! Classes are not restricted by gender.

3. Will there be any class changes or divisions?
There are no class divisions later on, the idea is that you spend your spirit points on specific skills to tailor your character to your class / play-style.

4. Anima: How do I get one and how is the customization?
All classes receive their Anima during the tutorial. Naming your Anima also takes place during the tutorial. “Then you are able to dress them in their own outfits and armours to match your own, or just give them their own unique style! Like outfits for your own character, there will be items (fashion and armours) that are available in-game through play and drops, or with NPCs selling items and there will be Item Mall cash items as well.”

5. Is there a marriage/couple/dating system? If so, will same-gender relationships be supported?
“There is a complex friend system where you can build up friendships across a number of levels, ending in soul mates. Each level gives different boosts and stat advantages, special emotes, skill combos etc. Same gender will be supported.” There will be additional information added to the front page of the website in the near future.

6. Will there be crafting?
Yes! Yes there will be. Not much is known about the crafting system yet.

7. Is there an auction house?
Yes! It can be accessed through an NPC in the main town of the game.

8. How do we get mounts in game?
“Many of the monster souls you capture in your SoulPedia allow you to use a version of that monster as a mount for either your character or your Anima. I won’t say anymore than that as it will spoil the discovery of which ones are and aren’t!”

9. I heard there was going to be an in-game bot…how does that work?
“It’s an intelligent system that is highly configurable, we will release more information about how to set it up at a later date once it is available in the game as an option. It runs silent, in that you cannot configure it to spam the chat channel (it can’t use it at all).” Furthermore, the bot will be limited to designed channels as not to interfere with regular players.

10. What class uses what weapon? (Previewed Weapons)
Shaman – Dagger
Warrior – 2H sword
Priest – Staff
Onmyouji – Fan
(Unannounced Class/Unoffical Name) Fighting Spirit – Claws
(Unannounced Class/Unoffical Name) Celestial Master – Dual Wield 1H Swords. (This class is a melee/magical hybrid)

All classes can use more than 1 kind of weapon. Shamans can use daggers and staves; priests can use staves and fans; warriors can use two-handed swords, sword and shield, dual swords; “celestial master” can use dual swords and two-handed swords; Onmyouji can use fans and staves (I think); I forgot what else “fighting spirits” can use besides claws, I think dual swords or daggers.

The kind of weapon you use matters, because some kinds add more magic attack while others add more phys attack, as well as their attack speed is different.

11. Item Mall – “What do you mean permanent/last a few days? In terms of the items you buy, will they last forever or expire? Or will items only be available to buy for a few days or forever? There will be a mix of temporary and permanent items and a mix of items that will always be available and those that will have limited run.”

12. How long can my guild name be?
16 characters long.

13. How to make guild?
Posted Image
Requirements –
Talk to the above NPC in the main floating town
Level 25
10 Silver

14. Guild Maintenance and Upgrade
There is a weekly maintenance fee to keep the guild running.
lv1 Guild Maintenance – 2000 Spirit and 2 Silver
To upgrade a Lv 1 Guild to lv 2 requires 262,500 spirit and 2 gold 62 silver and 50 copper
Members and leaders can donate money and silver through the guild menu.

15. Can I customize ranks for my guild?
There are 10 ranks in each guild that can be customized with different powers and titles to your liking. There are only 4 powers to distribute.

16. Can I upload an Emblem for my guild?
Yes. However it is not know right now whether a certain guild level is required. Emblems must be 24×24 pixels, format bmp, gif, tga. Note that emblem transparency is not supported.

17. Are there mounts in-game?
When a monster is defeated there is a chance that it will drop its page for your Soulepedia. If the monster page in the Soulepedia has a paw on the icon that means it is mountable. Player mounts will have a blue gray paw while Anima mounts will be orange. Not all monsters are mountable so you will obtain quite a few pages without paws. There will be item mall exclusive mounts and some mounts are only available via quest reward.
Example of a Player mount:
Posted Image

18. Does the Max durability decrease after each time the player repairs at a vendor?
Max Durability won’t decrease after repairs at a vendor.

19. Does fighting a monster lower than your level affect drops? If yes, does it affect monster info drops? What are the limits?
Only Luck will affect the monster’s drop,there’s no affect when a high level player fighting with a lower level monster.

20. Does partying with higher leveled characters incurs penalties in EXP/SP/drop rate? If yes, would you have a table showing the losses?
In this condition, there’s no pentality for Exp/Sp/drop rate. Players will get extra EXP & SP to encourage players to party with other people.

Technical Information:

1. I have a Mac, can I play Soul Captor?
Soul Captor is made strictly for PC and currently there is no intent on making a Mac client. Mac users can utilize (at their own risk) third party software such as Bootcamp, which allows Mac users to run windows programs. There is no guarantee that it will work nor will this method be officially supported by Beanfun.

2. I heard you can play Soul Captor in your browser without downloading the game. Can I have more information please?
Certainly! Players will be able to install a special plugin for their browsers at a special point during the testing phase. The plugin option streams the game data directly to your browser without the need to download. The plugin does not support mac browsers.

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