Soul Captor Warrior Tank Guide

Soul Captor Warrior Tank Guide by Castermight

Hello everyone! It’s me again! This time I have come to discuss the Tank aspect of the Warrior class. Now you may be thinking, “Who the heck is this drifter Castermight? Why should we trust him to make a tank guide for warriors?” Well, lets say I’ve had some experience! I played the TW version of soulcaptor as a warrior (I had no idea what was going on, but it was experience none the less) The CB of UK Soulcaptor, which I achieved lvl 36, and now, for the third time, I am playing a warrior again in OB. So now that you have a back story on myself, lets get to the guide!

So what exactly does tank mean? And what are tanks supposed to do?

Well that was a great question Billy! A tank is a class in an MMORPG or any other sort of game that can soak up a ton of damage. They aren’t built for fighting (Although some games tanks can deal quite a bit of damage) but what they lack in damage, they make up in great sustain and defense! What are tanks supposed to do??!? Bahahaha see, when you’re in a group for an instance, a tank is supposed to initiate the fights! When he starts the fight, he grabs all of the enemies attention! Therefore, the rest of your party members can take chunks of their health out while you sit there and eat your chicken! Sounds pretty simple right? Good because it is . I’m not gonna lie O.O I play tank classes in all games because I am very lazy! So to the slackers of SC, THIS IS THE PERFECT CLASS FOR YOU!

Gee Castermight, you’re pretty smart, but how do I stay alive once I am tanking? What passives and skills should I take in my tree?

Well, there are two types of tanks! Tanks that read my guide, and tanks that don’t! The ones that don’t usually end up like This….

On the flipside, there are smart tanks that read my guide! Okay, so you have decided you want to tank, but you’re not quite sure which skills you want to take in your skill tree? Let me help you out.


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Any veteran MMO player will know this old friend. This skill does exactly what it says, it taunts the enemy! The skill inflicts DP (Damage points) onto a target at a range of 1000, it also has a very high Aggro Rate! What is aggro? Aggro is enemy attention! The aggro makes the enemy attack you! You want as much aggro as you can get! The aggro rate on skills can help you determine which ones you want in your threat rotation and which ones you want to shun. Max this skill whenever possible, because it will be used to peal off enemies that attack your team mates!

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This is a very interesting skill. You place it on a target,(friendly) it transforms a percentage of DP that is inflicted on the team member you put it on, and transfers it to yourself. The aggro rate isn’t as great as taunts, but it causes aggression none the less. Personally, I don’t like this spell. I could only see a few instances where it would be used. If you’re a decent tank, why would the other party members be taking damage? I could see the use when there is AOE present, but I think this skill is better for PVP than PVE.

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This is the cream of the crop right here! This skill should ALWAYS be on when you’re tanking in an instance! I like to call it, the “I’m not going to die” skill! Because when I am in this stance, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna live through everything that kills my team!! What does it do? It gives you an INSANE amount of Physical Defense, A ton of block, and makes all of your attacks have high aggro rates! Not only that, but every time you successfully block, you get 1 buffpoint added!(I’ll explain what a buffpoint is later). This skill is the Yin to the Yang that is Stand:Berserk, which is used by Damage warriors.

Max Shield
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What can I say? This is my best friend, my favorite skill in the WHOLE warrior tree! I LOVE MAX SHIELD!! To be a successful Warrior tank, you NEED NEED NEED this skill. Why am I saying this?? Because its awesome, let me explain. This Skill is like an AOE taunt. It has a short range, but it has a high aggro rate, comparable to taunt. Not only that, but when you use it, you gain a HUGE amount of block for 10 seconds! But wait, there is more! This is where the buffpoint system comes into play! For every 3 buffpoints, you obtain a SIGNIFICANT ammount of bonus Physical Defense! This stacks 3 times! So thats a max of 9 buff points for the 3 stack! Wow, what a skill! I recommend using this skill at times when you’re fighting a boss, or are low on the HP! This skill will keep you alive and well, and also give you an easier way to taunt targets!

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“But Castermight, why would we ever want to detaunt the targets after we went through all that hard work?” Well Billy, you don’t want to use this skill all the time, but there are certain situations where you need to trade off a boss or a few enemies to an off-tank. This skill is what it is. Accept it for what it is and never accidentally press it!

Crushing Blow
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This skill is my 2nd favorite! If any of you have played WoW, its “Sunder Armor”. It pretty much reduces a targets armor by a TON, then increases your aggro rate as if you taunted! Its an amazing skill, and I recommend stacking it to the full 5 stacks! Hooray for Crushing Blow! take their armor to Zeeerroooooo.

Passives Once you hit level 25 (I think o.o) you can upgrade Passive skills for a certain ammount of SP and gold.

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This increases your passive dodge! I like to put alot of points into this one, because when you’re tanking, you want all the chance you can get not to get hit!

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This skill reduces the damage you take when that Dodge wasn’t pulled off!

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This is another skill that lets you avoid taking Melee damage! Max out asap.

Well… thats about all i have

Please leave your feedback and tell me what you think of my guide! I love criticism, and if you have another build in mind, tell me!!

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