Zoomumba Level Up Fast Guide

Zoomumba Level Up Fast Guide by Lizbet and DanzFarm

There’s a combination of things that will help you level up, but here’s some hints that may help:

First of all, don’t forget to work on earning PP as well as XP! Having buildings will earn you more money so you can buy more expensive animals.

A variety of animals will give you more PP at the entrance, but if you have a ton of buildings you can concentrate more on having only the highest “XP earning” animals, because the buildings eventually will earn way more overall than the entrance.

Even though overall higher level animals give more XP than lower ones, this doesn’t necessarily mean that an animal will always give more XP than the animal one level below it, so pay close attention to the XP you’re getting when you feed, water, and clean!

It’s really all about making the most of the space you have and finding a balance of buildings, decorations, and pens that you are happy with. Also you can maximize space by grouping pens together in rows or in clusters of four instead of wrapping a path all the way around each one.

All that being said, the absolute fastest way to level up is to buy ZD and use it to expand and buy special items (hint: ZD can also be found for free if you’re patient)… but there’s plenty of ways to get the most out of your zoo!

With that being said…the best animal to use for highest Ep is the Porcupine. Don’t remember exactly what level it is available but i think it’s around 17-19. I am going on lvl 24 and ea animal since the porcupine pales in comparison. And if you breed 2 babies to ea pen you really get nice EP! Like OP said best thing to do is spend some ZD’s to expand both your zoo’s to the maximum if you can do so. Me doing so, in 1 week I went from level 19 to almost level 24. Thats having like 108 pens total and only putting porcupines in all of them.

On top of that I have entire 1st zoo packed with buildings, the zoo diner is only building I use cuz it gives you 210 pp’s and every other building, even higher level ones, gives you less than that. So…I get 100,000 pp’s (almost exactly) every 2.5-3hrs and I spend 25,000 pp’s on feed and water every 3-4 hrs or so. Your profiting 75,000 pp’s per 3 hrs this way which can be used to breed. Using Porcupines it costs 19,000 cc’s ea time so the extra PP’s will definately help with that. Every 3 hrs you can afford to breed 4 pens or so without cutting yourself short in PP’s

I’ve played this game a while and mainly concentrated on PP’s so I can afford breeding at higher levels. I reached 10 million PP’s and finally decided to invest some money into expanding zoo’s especially since we got more zoo area, and now I am concentrating on Level’n up which I am doing so rapidly using this tactic. I’ve gotten almost 7 million EP in 1 week totally expanding, and doing half buildings and half pens.

For those of you who have PP’s to spend on alot of buildings and animals I wouldn’t worry about keeping decorations and non-profit items on your zoo’s right now. It’s just a meter and means nothing really. If you have enough buildings to make PP’s like I do the meter not being full in ea catagory really doesn’t effect you at all. Only reason to get meter full is to get more visitors, which gives you more PP’s from entrance, but like I said I make 100,000 PP’s every 3 hrs and my meter is empty

Use every single piece of space you can, and fill space in with mainly only buildings and pens and you will get the most EP and PP you possibly can (if you take a look at my zoo this is pretty much the best way to fit maximum buildings on your zoo without using too much pathway) which i use same style on my “new zoo” which has mainly all pens) but I put a few buildings on new zoo too so I could get the 100,000 PP’s ea harvest.

For those of you who can’t acquire the porcupine cuz your level is not high enough, like the OP said, use the best Ep giving animal you have available till u open up the porcupine. If your interested in level’n up as fast as you can, trust me the porcupine is your best bet and of course breed them when you can for even more EP, and of course use your pawprints to upgrade your pens when you can for even more EP.

Best way to test an animal to see which gives most EP is simply put a pen down, for ea animal your testing, fill pen with max # of animals, keeping even amount of male and female of course, and when you click on the feed and water chk how much EP just doing those two give you. Feed and Water is your main concern when it comes to getting EP from pens. Cuddling and Brushing don’t really matter cuz their such small amounts of EP.

Example: (porcupines) give me over 1,000 Ep for ea (watering and feeding) and the animal I got from hitting lvl 23 only gave me like 500-600 EP when I fed and watered to test it, so I put new animal in depot and stuck with porcupine. It’s messed up that higher animals cost way more but give less EP. Oh ya, higher animals gives you more points towards your meter….who cares! Meter is pointless! They seriously need to fix this equation

You’ll notice my level is pretty low compared to how long I’ve played this game but thats mainly becuz I play Farmerama too (run 3 diff farms there) and I’ve only concentrated on doing buildings here till recently. Now my levels are increasing drastically in a timely fashion. Now that I’ve accomplished my PP goal I am going for max EP and now doing pens which I haven’t done so in the past, just buildings and like 5-10 pens during my PP stacking stage

Enjoy! ~ Happy Zoo’n

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