Zoomumba Animal Types Guide

Zoomumba Animal Types Guide by TheScorpion1

Hey Zoo Directors

Now that the breeding lab and animal nursery are well up and runnning, it has been suggested that we have a separate FAQ for the types of animal, the number of sub species and their rankings (thanks to our friend Lizbet for the great suggestion).

Please find below the animals that are available to us:-


  1. Scarlet Macaw
  2. Military Macaw
  3. Blue Throated Macaw
  4. Grey Parrot
  5. Sun Parakeet


  1. Reindeer
  2. Flying Reindeer
  3. Santa’s Rudolf


  1. Zebra
  2. Steppe Zebra
  3. Black Zebra
  4. Grevy Zebra


  1. West African Giraffe
  2. Reticulated (or Somali) Giraffe
  3. Maasai Giraffe


  1. Flamingo
  2. Cuba flamingo
  3. Dwarf flamingo
  4. James’s flamingo
  5. Andean flamingo


  1. Hippo
  2. Pink Hippo
  3. Dwarf (or Pygmy) Hippo

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