Millionaire City Rent Charts

Millionaire City Rent Charts by Patsy

OK Millionaires… here are the newly updated Rent Charts you’ve been waiting for and asking about Huge thanks to Pfield for his post below with the Charts and to everyone else who helped along the way.

The housing available in MC has been set up to be suitable for either

Rental Income (so it may be high rent quality housing used by a family with spare rooms)


Commerce Income (high numbers of tenants in little flats paying low rent)

This table clearly shows in the first pinky section which houses are best suited for Rental Income plans.
They are best surrounded with Decorations to increase their bonus and total rent which can be collected.

You may notice that there are some purple areas in the chart – this is purely to help anyone in the early levels of Millionaire City with limited $$ at their disposal. These Houses/contracts would be suitable as either Rental or Commerce Housing when you can’t afford the $600,000 needed per Apartment block which is much better suited to Commerce.

Commerce/Rental Housing

House Rents

Gives an Income collectible every 3mins based on number of customers/tenants from Housing.
Be careful to select MOST SUITABLE Housing Types from 1st chart to increase Income.


Best used to increase the Bonus on Rental Housing this colour in 1st chart..
(NOT advisable for use around Commerce Housing.) Broken into two charts now due to length of list (gotta love that!)


Read carefully – Can affect Housing Bonus, Commerce Income, Rents or Daily Bonus.


Please just remember… the buildings are all designed to a specific plan, so when looking at the first chart shown above…

  • Average rent, average tenant (starting out – could do anything)
  • High rent, low tenant, (Rental Income city)
  • Low rent, high tenant, (Commerce Income city)

One frequently asked question…

How can a Skyscraper that cost 4 million more than an Apartment Lux bring in less rent money?

The $1M Apartment Lux has 28-32 tenants/customers in a 3x4 space.
The $5M Skyscraper has 35-39 tenants/customers in a 3x3 space.

So you can see why it costs more, because it does more for its purpose as a Commerce House.

If you use these to surround eg a $6M Bank, then the Commerce 3min income from that one house would be $2925 per Skyscraper compared with $2100 per Apartment Lux, depending upon your choice of contracts.
– and the Skyscraper takes up less space allowing you to squeeze/build a few more in

Another question puzzling some…

Why do expensive Housing have Contracts with very low rent (or none at all) out of sequence with the increasing rent on other Contracts

These ‘weird/wrong’ rent amounts are NOT WRONG but are designed to make you think about which Rental Contracts you use for each different House. There are also some Contracts with very high Costs which reduce your profit and may mean you’d make more $$ by picking a different Contract.

Be very careful which length of Contract you pick for each House, if you wish to make best $$ profit.

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