Millionaire City FAQ

Millionaire City FAQ by Ronald Goldtooth and Patsy

How do I build a house, commercial building or decoration?
The first step for any building is to buy Plots. To find out how many plots a development will need, hover the pointer over the asset in the Shop. An information box will pop up to show how many plots are needed, the price of the asset and any other details. Use the Plot tool to turn undeveloped terrain into plots ready for building. Click “Buy” in the Shop to select the asset and place it over your purchased plots.

How can I finish construction on a project now?
Click on your house, commercial building, decoration or world wonder while it’s under construction to access the Instant Build option. It costs extra Cash, but you can skip the remaining build time and enjoy your new asset right away!

How do houses work?
Houses are the foundation of your business. Tenants renting houses will provide rental income and serve as customers for your nearby commercial buildings. Once your house is built, you can choose a Contract. Depending on your experience and the type of house, there are different contracts available varying in duration and revenue, from minutes to several days and from hundreds of dollars to thousands. If you are late collecting rent, however, tenants will abandon the house and you will lose your investment, so make sure you come back in time to collect the rent and start a new contract.

What are commercial buildings for?
Add commercial buildings to your city for quick cash flow. Commercial income is proportionate to the number of tenants living in houses around the commercial building. Take this into account when you choose rental contracts for your houses as well as new house locations.

What are decorations for?
Decorations add a bonus to the rent you receive for each contract. Adding a decorations nearby can boost rental fees by hefty percentages and multiple decorations around one property can add up quick. A balanced distribution of houses, commercial buildings and decorations is important to maximize the profits of your company.

What are the World Wonders?
No city is complete without a few unique landmarks. Each Wonder will give you global benefits, helping your business thrive. Since landmarks are giant and challenging constructions, they take a long time to finish. Asking your friends for help with World Wonder construction may be a very wise decision.
What is Experience and how do I progress in the game?
Some contracts, houses, commercial buildings, decorations and world wonders require a minimum experience level to unlock. As you build new developments and sign new contracts, you will gain experience points that will help you level up to access more luxurious items.

How do I get more money?
Think about your strategy when building houses, commercial buildings and decorations. Sign contracts that give you the most profit according to when you plan on being online playing Millionaire City so you can collect rent on time. As you progress in the game, more advanced buildings will become available that can earn you bigger profits. Expanding into neighboring counties will also provide more land for faster and larger developments.

How can I get more Dollars now?
You can exchange Millionaire Gold for game Dollars at any time. Click on the Add Dollars button on the top right side of the screen, or try to buy an expensive asset without enough money and you can make the exchange right away. Don’t forget you can also visit friends, complete missions for your advisor and help your friends’ cities to get some extra cash!

How do I get more Gold?
Gold is a scarce resource, but you will get a chance to earn some glittery good stuff through a few select missions from your advisor. You can also Add Gold anytime with the button below the Gold indicator on the top right side of the screen if you have enough cash to exchange.

I ran out of terrain, how can I expand the city?
There are up to 24 expansion areas for sale in neighboring counties that, of course, come with a cost. Once you have a solid economy, it will be worth expanding further. The more terrain you have, the more space you can use for large houses, commercial buildings, world wonders and advanced decorations. A larger city will give you more strategy options and profits for your company.

Can I start a new city?
No, but you can always use the bulldozer to clear everything you don’t like and get some money in the process. If you only have a little cash, buy cheap houses, rent short contracts and repeat the process until your business is back to full health. If you have friends in the game, keep visiting their cities for extra income. Don’t give up – with the experience you gained you will be able to build up a better city in less time than before!

How long do I have to collect rent before it disappears?
There is a grace period for collecting rents from the contracts, meaning the amount of time you have to collect the money before the tenants leave you without any income.
3min -> 1h
30min -> 1h
1h -> 1h
4h -> 4h
8h -> 8h
12h -> 12h
1d -> 1d
2d -> 2d
3d -> 3d

1A. Can I change my City’s name?

The name you first used was rewarded with the $$ from the Naming Mission, so the Game Makers have said it cannot be changed.

Name Mission

1B. Can I restart my city – I’ve made a mess!

No – if you feel you want to start over again then you have two choices…

i. Demolish everything using the bulldozer at the bottom right of the game screen.
You will get back 35% of the original purchase price of the item.
OR the better option…

ii. Plan how you want your city to look and hire the Move Tool and re-organise all your existing buildings so that your city looks better. The Move Tool will cost you either a % of each building’s value or you can hire it for 10 Gold/24hrs. (More info in Q11A)

2A. How many levels are there in Millionaire City?

Cindy advised on 12th July 2010 there were 115 levels in Millionaire City.

However it was changed and for a while the highest I’d seen was brianbuchart’s city at level 124… with $15.756B Net Worth and 70,734,033XP. There’s a pic of it here……8914#post48914

Now (August 2011) the highest level is I believe about 200 (not checked with DC yet.)

2B. What are the Missions in Millionaire City?

This list showed most of the Missions available in Millionaire City in Oct 2010, or at least the ones I’d come across then
They will all eventually show in your city’s Mission box, but must be completed in the order they are displayed.
You cannot complete a Mission just because you know about it… only when it shows in your own Mission box.

Some may have read on the forums of two Missions titled “M-city lounge” and “M-city VIP CLUB”
When the Mission was first introduced it was called M-City Lounge. Later for some reason(?) it appeared after an Update under the name VIP Club and that is the name used in the Mission box now in your game.

Mission Old Gold List

The wording on the Friendly Visit Missions is now correct in the Mission boxes. However I hope to post a corrected Mission list asap.
Also I intend doing a bigger Mission piece once this info is corrected.

There was also a Buildings Admirer for a while but I they’ve disappeared.

This thread is about these Missions……6352#post46352

If you are able to add info about the Missions, please send me a PM, thanks

3A. What are the details for the different Houses?

“Houses are houses – what’s the difference?”

The housing available in MC has been set up to be suitable for either

Rental Income (so it may be high rent quality housing used by a family with spare rooms)


Commerce Income (high numbers of tenants in little flats paying low rent)

This table clearly shows in the first pinky section which houses are best suited for Rental Income plans.
They are best surrounded with Decorations to increase their bonus and total rent which can be collected.

You may notice that there are some purple areas in the chart – this is purely to help anyone in the early levels of Millionaire City with limited $$ at their disposal. These Houses/contracts would be suitable as either Rental or Commerce Housing when you can’t afford the $600,000 needed per Apartment block which is much better suited to Commerce.

Commerce Rental Housing

The blue second section shows those with high tenant numbers which are best suited to surround Commerce to bring in larger amounts of $$ in Commerce Income. Don’t waste space using Decorations within the reach (green box area) of any of your Commerce. Decorations don’t bring in Commerce Income.

You’ll notice that the Super Skyscraper appears in both sections – it’s an exceptional House – equally suited to either Rental or Commerce Income strategy.

3B. What are the Rent & Tenant details for the different Houses?

These figures show the Rent which will be collected at the end of the Rental Period but do NOT take into account the contract charges paid when the Rental Contracts are signed at the start of the Rental Period. (As before the purple is to show early level Millionaires which of the cheaper Housing/contracts would be good for early Commerce.)

NB The amounts of rent are CORRECT even altho some may look as if they don’t follow a specific pattern or are not in ascending proportion to the other rents for a particular House. These “anomolies” are built into the rents to make you think & choose how you want to play your game… not just blanket set all rents for all Housing to the same length of time.
This should answer all those wondering if MC have got “£xxx” rent wrong… or used a wrong amount.

Rent Details

4A. What are the details for the different Commerces?

Commerce Details

4B. What are the details for the different Decorations & Wonders?



NB if Cindy is your advisor then Cindy is your Wonder Statue.

If Ronald is your advisor then Ronald is your Statue.

They are in the Wonder tab, no 5 in order, $175,000 to buy (before the Statue of Liberty).

5. What happens when I ‘Ask for Help’ to build my new property?
How do you help friends build their Houses & Wonders?

When you buy a building and place it on it’s land space, it immediately starts its build/completion time. This build time increases in line with the increased cost of buildings. Bungalows take 10 mins, Chateau take 14hrs. To speed up this process click on the part built property. A box will open… this one refers to a Townhouse Lux …

Ask for Help

The tabs are either Instant Build or Ask for Help. Click on the Instant Build and it will tell you the ‘Instant Build’ cost at that minute. If you click on it a few mins later the price will be less. Any money you pay to Instant Build will not be included in your City’s Net Worth so is actually a waste and not a great idea.

The other tab, ‘Ask for Help’ enables you to have a request for Help posted on the Wall feed. Using the posts on the Wall Feed means that any property can be helped by up to 10 people to complete the building process… each person will reduce the build time by 10% of the original expected build time.
This picture shows the same Instant Build but this time it’s for a $2M Villa. Three friends have already helped so the original Build Time has been reduced by 30%.

Ask 4 Help

The only way (at the moment) to help build friends’ properties is to click on their wall posts requesting help. You can only help each House/Wonder once (NOT once per day). It can’t be done from within the game screen (yet!?!).

6. How do I plan my City?

A couple of Guides have been written by experienced players. Read their help here … (It’s better than the not very catchy title

Guide for MC beginners / Suggestions for planning 

7. How do I make more money from my Commerces?

Many people build commerces/shops and wonder why they only collect a few $$ from each one. Each commerce has an area of ‘reach’ (the green box visible if you hold your mouse over the shop) and any houses inside the green box will determine how many tenants/customers your Commerce income can be based on.

If your shop is not collecting for you it may be because either

1) you have no houses built within the ‘catchment area’…
2) the houses are in the ‘area’ but have no current tenants’ contracts.
(You’ve collected rent but the star’s showing because the new contract has not been signed.)

The following pictures are of an early set of houses whose tenants are the customers for the coffee shop in the centre.
These are to help people understand the concept of surrounding a commerce with housing. This coffee shop has 36 customers, but it’s quite a low number because of the type of housing around the shop and it only has a reach of 7×7.

Coffee Shop

In the picture below you can see a newer arrangement, now using the flower shop which has a larger reach of 9×9, together with the highly populated apartments. This now gives a much improved 280 customers for the flower shop because the housing used are better suited to a Commerce Income strategy. They do however give lower Rental Income which is fine if you are able to supplement it with lots of 3min clicking of your Commerces.

Lux Apts Flower

The next picture shows a Bowling Alley surrounded by Apartments. If the houses are on 18hr contracts then there will be 24 tenants per house / 336 total or $55 per customer / $18,480 per 3mins. Replace the Bowling Alley($2M) with the Nightclub($4M) at $65 per customer and with the same Housing the 3 min Commerce Income becomes $21,840. (Shorter time contracts will bring in less $$ because they only give 20 tenants per Apartment.)

Bowling mission

Replace the Apartments with Apartments Luxury and some Duplex Luxury and the same Bowling Alley will increase to 481 as shown below – $26,455 per 3mins.

Bowling 1

Hopefully the above will have demonstrated how to increase your Commerce Income, and given you helpful hints on how to complete the Bowling Mission (243 clients)

8. How do I make a successful Investment?

When you want to ‘Invest’ in a friend, go to the bottom left of the game screen, use the Investment button with the green arrow, select a friend’s picture and send an invitation. Only friends who DO NOT already play MC can be Invited.
The invitation will then appear on your friend’s wall as below…

Investment Invite

ONLY if your friend clicks on the word Accept at the bottom right of that wall post will their city count as one of your Investments.
If your friend starts playing MC in any other way, they cannot be one of your Investments.

Also the Investment needs to be successful to work for you. That means your friend’s city must reach a value of $4M within 20 days of accepting the invitation. A successful Investment can be used to reduce the price you have to pay on one expansion of your city land.

To check on the progress of your Investment, go back to the green Investment arrow, bottom left of screen.
The Statistics tab will show if all of your Investments have been successful.
If not, then try the Investment Portfolio which will show you current status/progress as shown below.

Investment Progress

If your friend accepted your invitation by clicking on the post on their profile/feed then their progress will appear. You can regularly check their progress and if wanted (why would you hassle a friend?) you have the opportunity to send a ‘hurry up’ post?!?

Once the friend’s city achieves the necessary $4M required in less than 20 days, you need to return to the Investment Portfolio and click ‘Results’. This will accept your reward and then in turn the success will show in the Statistics tab. (Your successful Investment will also show when you make the next expansion purchase.)

My friend Alex who was at $3.06M in the pic above, achieved the necessary $4M within the required 20 days, so the following pictures show the completion of my Investment.

NB. Reminder: You have to go into the Investment Portfolio and click on the results button,

……..only then will the process will be completed……..

You’ll get your $100,000 ‘reward’ and your successful Investment will count towards the purchase of an Expansion.

Investment Success,………………………………………….. ..Investment Success 2

If for any reason you decide to cancel your Investment invitation eg because your friend has not started their city and you want to re-issue the invitation, you need to go to the Investment Portfolio where you’ve the choice of Publish Reminder/Cancel. If you cancel then you can start the Invitation process over again.


9. How do you help friends improve their houses? or
.. How do you ‘upgrade’ friends’ houses? and
.. Why do I need Business Partners?
.. Why are there no houses left for me to ‘upgrade’?

In this game the words ‘improve’ and ‘upgrade’ are used to describe what happens when you visit a friend’s city and click on any five of their houses.
You don’t really ‘improve’ or ‘upgrade’ their houses… or at least not in the way most people probably think of improving/upgrading e.g. making a Townhouse into a Luxury Townhouse.
Nothing of that sort actually happens now!
However, when you click on a friend’s house while visiting…this is what will happen…

  • Each house that is clicked on will sparkle
  • you gain $100 + 10XP for each house that is ‘clicked’ (max 5 per visit) … and
  • your friend gains because each of their houses which were ‘clicked’ gain a 10% increase on the rent being charged at that time + 2XP. So to help your friends most, look for the most expensive houses to click on first as this will give them more rent!

Business Partners(BP) start off as Facebook Friends who show at the bottom of your gamescreen because they play MC. When you visit their city to ‘upgrade’ their houses, you will see the green star and orange box (see pic below) to the left of your screen.


If you click on the orange box, then the request to add BPs will come up. You need to follow this through, send Requests to your friends. When they accept your request, they will become your Business Partners and an orange box will appear around their Friend Picture under your gamescreen.

Once you have signed up some Business Partners(BP), then when you click on a BP’s house while visiting…this is what will happen…

  • Each house that is clicked on will sparkle
  • you gain $150 + 15XP for each house that is ‘clicked’ (max 5 per visit) … and
  • your friend gains because each of their houses which were ‘clicked’ gain a 12% increase on the rent being charged at that time + 3XP. So to help your BPs most, look for the most expensive houses to click on first as this will give them more rent!

These ‘upgrades‘ are NOT permanent because you’d soon run out of houses to click on when making your daily visit. They last until your friend sets new contracts for their houses.

If your friend/BP only has a small city within the 1st area of land, then they will have 20-40 houses.

10. Why do my Houses sometimes ‘explode’/’send up flares’ as I collect rent?

This effect is as a result of your friends helping you when they visit your city. It lets you see clearly (or be blinded by…) a yellow flash which Houses were clicked on and will have had their rent increased by 10% for that contract, or by blue flash if helped by a Business Partner and given a 12% rent increase.

11 What’s in the ‘New’ brown suitcase?

The brown suitcase is in the lower left corner of the gamescreen and when clicked on shows the following icons:
left Move Tool, centre Rent Collector Tool, right Rent Contractor Tool.

Rent Contractor0

11 A. How to use the MOVE Tool…

If you decide to move a building, plan where it’s to go and have the new land plots built ready.

The Move Tool is in the ‘New’ brown suitcase, bottom left of gamescreen. Click on the left icon and then select the building/decoration you want to move and click it to drop it in it’s intended new position, a box will come up – see pic below.

Move Tool

You now have 3 options…

  1. pick the green tick – you will be agreeing to move the item and pay the amount specified as the cost for that one item (in this case it was the cost of moving a Colonial house $510,000) Each item you move this way will be charged individually, in some cases possibly $M’s.
  2. pick the Rent button. You will be charged 10 Gold and then have unlimited use of the Move Tool for the next 24 hours. A wee clock with the Move icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen to show the amount of paid Move time remaining. The clock flashes in the final seconds before the time expires.
  3. pick the red X to close because you don’t want to do the Move at all. No $$ are charged. The item will instantly return to it’s original position.

TIP: The timer on the rents and commercials does reset when you move them. The construction of the wonders/buildings does not start over when you move them.

11 B. How to use the Rent Collection Tool…

To read this guide please see here…

Rent Collection Tool – How to use…

NB Helpful Tip/FAQ:
Would I be able to use the contract Rent Collector to collect on the money from my commercial buildings?

Yes, it will collect rent from Houses and Commerce rent from Shops.

However, I’d recommend collecting the Commerce rent manually first,
IF both the House and Commerce rent are due at the same time.

That way you make sure all the houses are in contract giving most customers/rent to the Commerce. Otherwise it’s possible to collect house rent leaving the house with no tenants for a Commerce in the next ‘collect click’ which may overlap it.

So when you first open your gamescreen and ALL rents are due…
1) Collect the Commerce income 1st manually
2) Use the Collection Tool on the houses’ rents.
3) Re-sign all housing contracts then use the Collection Tool on future Commerce incomes as in the pic below.

Commerce Collection

11 C. How to use the Rent Contractor Tool…

To use the new Rent Contractor Tool, click on the ‘New’ brown suitcase in the bottom left corner of the gamescreen. Then select the right contract icon. When you move the cursor it will now be a large green see thru box as pic #1.

Rent Contractor 2,…………………………. Rent Contractor 1

Place the green box over a group of properties where the stars are flashing to show a new contract is needed. Click once to start the contract process – immediately a new box will appear (pic #2 above) to ask you to decide which length of Contractor you wish to choose for using the Rent Contractor Tool … eg to pay for the $15,000 6 minute option or 2, 15 or 30 days contracts which will cost amounts of Gold.

Now that you’ve paid for the use of the Rent Contractor Tool, you can hover the green box over the next houses needing new contracts. Click and the usual contracts box will come up. However now when you hover your mouse over different contracts, it will show the total rent which would be due for the collection of houses under the green box. Pic #3 shows the 12 hr contract and pic #4 is the 18hr total – note the increased number of tenants when you change to the 18hr contract.

Rent Contractor 3, ………………………………………….. ……Rent Contractor 4

However you should note that these boxes give the ‘flat’ rent due for the houses in that green box area… NOT the actual rent for your houses including the bonus you have attached to each one.

If you paid for the 6 minute use of the Contractor Tool then you will not be able to select that option again for 2 days and the option will be greyed out as in pic #5. There are also warnings to advise when the Tool will be available in eg 7hours, 5hours down to 1 hour, pic #6.

RentContractor5, ………………………………………….. ……..RentContractor6

N.B. the clock flashes to warn you during the last 5-10 seconds of paid use of the Rent Contractor Tool.

12. How do you complete the Missions to Pimp your House?

Please take your time to understand what is necessary to achieve these missions.
It will save you much time and frustration … judging from some of the posts on the forums!

Several of the Missions refer to Pimping/decorating different house types, i.e. Bungalow, Townhouse, Villa, Chateau and Colonial. At this point you need to notice that all of these house types are the ones best suited to Rental Income and this is actually encouraging you to use the decorations available to best effect.

Mission I 12% on a bungalow
Mission II 16% on a bungalow
Mission III 30% on a Townhouse
Mission IV 60% on a Townhouse

Rockstar Villa 90% on a Villa
Chateau 110% on a Chateau
Pimp the Colonial 360% on a Colonial

All of the advice given can be applied to each and every one of the Missions, so provided you understand what you are trying to achieve, you’ll manage all of the Missions with ease!

The very 1st Mission says you need to have a 12% bonus on ONE bungalow.

Please note it does NOT say that you need to decorate 12 bungalows.
You could have 20 bungalows with a tree next to every one of them and you still will not clear the 1st 12% mission.

So you need to choose ONE of your bungalows and plant trees around that one bungalow until it has a 12% bonus on it.
You can find out what % you already have and therefor how much more you need to add by hovering your mouse over the chosen bungalow.

The 2nd Pimp Mission is for 16% on any Bungalow, so if possible you could add another 2 x 2% trees beside the bungalow used in the 1st mission… The following pic is of a recent solution and aside it, you can see the highlighted bonus.

Pimp II Bungalow 16.2

Now you’ve passed the bungalow missions, the next ones are for Townhouses so altho’ I’ll say Townhouse, the instructions apply to the other houses types which come in later missions as well and will be easier if you can use the fountains as well as trees.

It’s now established that each mission only applies to ONE house of the type, not all your houses and also may not apply to the Luxury version of that house type.
…………. MC have changed this recently so it’s best to read the Mission instruction carefully.……….

In the Mission box it will show against the Pimp Mission what your current best score is:

  • if it’s for Mission I and it says 8/12 then your best total for ONE bungalow is 8% and the target is 12%, or…
  • if it’s for Mission IV and it says 36/60 then your best total for one of your Townhouses is 36%, and the target is 60%.
  • if it’s for the Colonial Mission and it says 145/360 then your best total for ONE Colonial is 145%, and the target is 360%.

You need to decide which Townhouses in your city you’ll choose to ‘Pimp’. Use the arrow tool and hover over each of your Townhouses (you may need to zoom in to read the %) until you find the one with your best score. Now you can see if there’s space to add enough decorations to make your target %. It’s also important not to just surround your house with a forest of trees because only the decorations covering your Townhouse with the reach of their ‘green box’ will count in your score.
N.B. Be careful – Cypress trees only reach 3 x 3 so must be touching the side of the correct house to work in this Mission. If they are one tree away from the ‘ONE’ house they don’t count.

Townhouse 2,………………………………………….. ………………………Townhouse 3

To finish the Mission IV you need to concentrate on just one Townhouse and get the decorations covering it to add up and make the % added to that one Townhouse up to 60%.

You can add up what you have covering your Townhouse… Remember your Wonders will count too, assuming they are fully built!

Golden Statue 5%, Discovery 2%, Pyramids 1% then fountain(s)14% and assorted trees 5%,3%, 2% & 1%.
(The Eiffel Tower doesn’t count as it affects commerces not houses and the Statue of Liberty also doesn’t count as it affects your daily bonus.)

This pic shows a Townhouse which is at 60% – to give you an idea…
The 60% is made up from 1xWonders-5%, 3x fountains-42% and trees @8% =target 60%! (costing- the Wonder + $240,000 + $22,000 = $262,000)
N.B. the Oak tree on the far right of the pic doesn’t count in this 60% as it’s too far away.

Townhouse 1

This is Cindy’s example…
It only has trees (Palm trees 14@3%) (Oak trees 9@2%) to give the 60%! (costing $70,000 + $27,000=$97,000)
(The fountain is too far away and presumably there are no completed Wonders to count)

Townhouse Cindy

Later there is a Mission to do 90% on a Villa… If you click on the link below it will show you how my decorations added up to the required 90%.

Happy Decorating!!

13. Expansions

Sizes of all the different expansions are as follows…

Expansion sizes2

The expansions become available in a specific order.
However all of the expansions in one release have to be bought before you can buy any from the next release.
Look to see which ones have no padlocks – they are your next choices….
ie All of #1 before all of #2, followed by #3 then #4

Expansion Order

OK… now for the hard part – paying for these expansions because they really cost $$ – $$$ – $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!
My best advice to anyone thinking about buying an expansion, and this applies as much to your 1st one as your 5th or 15th one…

If you’re not making enough $$ from the total daily rent in 2,3 OR 4 days to pay for the chosen expansion,
then you’re not ready for it.

You need to upgrade your property to make it more profitable in rent so that you can actually afford it. Remember once you’ve bought the expansion you then need good $$ to be flowing in to be able to buy more property to make the new piece of land highly profitable… ready for the next expansion. Scraping $$ together to pay for an expansion or it’s housing is a boring & frustrating way to play.

Also at this time you might consider doing a specific Mission such as the Pimp the 90% Villa, the 110% Chateau and the 360% Colonial. Many Millionaires have chosen to do this – it means planning what they want to do, then hire the Move Tool for 10 Gold/24hrs and complete the Mission then re-organise their city ready to move on. Often that’s the easiest way rather than trying to sort out a space in your already full city. It also allows you to streamline/organise your city to make it more efficient, ready for bigger, better profits. That’s what’s worked well for me – I’ve just bought my 10th expansion and I’m going to hire the Move Tool probably with the next!

Think about properly surrounding your Commerce with Houses most suited to commerce (the blue ones in the chart in Q3 above) because they have high tenant numbers. Move decorations to efficiently surround Rental Houses (the pinky ones in the chart in Q3 above) to best increase each house’s bonus.
Now for the details of the Expansions’ costs.

Expansion Chart

NB You should be aware that if you choose to buy any expansion, and pay $$ cash, then you will notice that the full cash spent on buying an expansion is not added to the Net Worth of your city. Only the Gold cost converted to $$ cash is part of the Net Worth.

If for example you paid $30M to buy the 5th expansion – the Gold cost would have been 79 Gold … convert that to $$ (@$60,000 x 79) it will amount to $4,74M. When you pay for your 5th expansion, $30M is deducted from your $$ cash in game and $4.74M is added to your city’s Net Worth.
This is also the same amount as the cash part of the cost if you had chosen to pay with cash and some successful Investments.

14. Where’s my cash gone? – I’ve saved more than $100M.

When you collect rent and complete Missions you see your $$ cash increasing in the top right corner of the game screen. Eventually you will achieve $100,000,000 – yeah!!!

However the way it’s shown changes and it will show as $100M, and the counter will only change again when you have saved another $1,000,000 which will mean that your total will be $101,000,000 and this will show as $101M.

The actual amount of cash you have will still show if you click on your HQ as below.


The same thing happens with Rent.

If a House is due to pay $1M it shows $1M.

If it’s due to pay out $1,012,035 in rent it still displays $1M on the pop-up showing in the game.
However when you actually collect the rent, you will notice the correct amount appear/disappear when you click on the house. So you still get the correct rent added to your $$ cash amount.

One of the Missions is to save up $300,000,000 so you’ll now understand how your $$ cash will be shown… it’s not disappearing

How can I get more Gold?

There are now four ways to get more Gold in Millionaire City…

  • Win Gold by completing the Missions which give Gold as a reward.
  • Buy Facebook credits using real $$ to exchange in the game for MC Gold.
  • Win Gold by entering MC competitions and winning the prize Gold!
    And now…
  • Use Offerpay >> click the Add Gold button, top right in gamescreen, then last option – Offerpay. You’ll need to complete specific offers to receive the amount of Gold it specifies.

There is no such thing as Free giveaway/claim Gold – all of the ads and pages on Facebook and on friends Wall Feeds advertising it … ARE FAKE. Anything asking you to ‘Like’ it is FAKE.
Do not join them. Gold only comes through DC and Millionaire City.

15. How to find your Facebook User ID#

If you want to enter an MC competition or report a problem to DC on a ticket, you will need to know/find your Facebook User ID or URL…

Sometimes you can get that number just by looking at your profile page. You will find it in the address bar at the top of the page. However depending on whether you’ve chosen to personalise your Facebook profile with a username then the number will not be so obvious. So it will either show as a link that looks like this:

or one that looks like this:

(Because of the way Facebook’s PHP code and SQL database talk to each other, you might have to right click your name somewhere and open in a new window.)

If it’s the former, you don’t have a custom screen name and the part after the “id=” – 100001188295998 in this case, is your Facebook User ID number.

If it’s the latter, you’ll need to use other measures to find it…

If your FB link looks like this, the easiest way to find your facebook ID# is to put your mouse-pointer over your profile picture and the link will show in the taskbar at the bottom left of your screen. Or right click your mouse on your profile pic and select ‘copy shortcut’. Paste it somewhere eg, onto Notepad, an empty message or a blank email so that you can record/write down the part you need.
( )

If you use Firefox then right click on your profile pic, it shows in the Link location…
eg as in pic below.

Also re pic above, another option is to go to your Profile page and click on your Messages Box. Once a message is displayed, at the top it’ll have your ‘Friend’s name’ and ‘you’… if you hold the mouseover the word ‘you’ then your Facebook link will show on the taskbar bottom left of screen, ( and the ‘id=680086848’ is what you need.

Once you’ve found your Facebook ID# keep a note of it, eg put it in a txt file somewhere… There are lots of uses for your Facebook ID #

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