Millionaire City Basic Tips

Millionaire City Basic Tips by Ronald Goldtooth

In Millionaire City, you can escape reality and be the richest real estate tycoon on Facebook. Build luxurious houses, crowded commercial skyscrapers, gorgeous decorations and unique world wonders. This guide will help you get started with some useful tips.

Starting a new city: Advisor Missions
If you’re new to the game, the best way to get familiarized is to begin with your advisor missions. These are fun to complete, help you understand the game’s basic concepts and give you cash to continue building and growing. As soon as you are comfortable with the game, continue reading this guide.

Get the right contracts
Each property has multiple contracts renters can sign, though choosing the right ones at the right times is the key to success and wealth. If you plan to stay in the game for a while, choose short contracts that allow you to collect rent quickly and reinvest your hard-earned cash in new houses and contracts. In case you plan on playing a couple minutes to collect your rents and leave, think about when you are planning to come back to the game. If it is not for a while or you are just not sure, choose longer contracts. You may have to wait for the lengthier contracts to end, but at least you know the tenants will still be there to hand over rent when you return!

Add luxury
Buying luxury items not only makes your friends envious, but also gives you tons of experience. As you level up, you will get access to better buildings, and these expensive investments always pay off in the long run. Once you have a solid residential foundation, there is nothing more profitable than luxurious commercial buildings and decorations beside them, but be careful you don’t deplete your cash on decorations before your economy is sound.

Stay away from bankruptcy
Like in real life, there are some precautions you should take to stay economically afloat. The most basic tip is to avoid going offline without enough money in the bank. Keep some savings on hand in case you return to find tenants have abandoned your properties and there is nothing for you to collect. To avoid missing out on rent, make sure you have long contracts with your tenants before going offline for a long time and check back to collect your cash.

Recovering from misery
Even the soundest investor can make mistakes, however. If you somehow end up in the red, don’t worry too much – using these tips, you can build your business up again faster than ever.

First, use the bulldozer on properties that are not making money for you. This should give you some initial cash to start rebuilding. If you have friends in the game or missions you can complete, get cash quick from those resources. Now, use the money to buy cheap houses and sign fast contracts. Stay in the game for a while and repeat the process until you’re back on your feet. The good news is that you won’t have to start again as a level 1 player anymore, and can access better items once enough money flows in. Not to worry, your city will be up and running again in no time.

Expand your city
You may have a well-planned small city, but once you get your first expansions you will discover new ways of playing that might not have been economically practical before. With more room for more plots, you can focus on larger developments such as world wonders, luxury houses, commercial buildings and large decorations that can make your city more beautiful and profitable than a small city could have been. Expanding can help you earn the same income with less time spent online, or a lot more money with the same effort.

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