Millionaire City Advanced Tips

Millionaire City Advanced Tips and Tricks by thebranch

After reading the comments left by other members on the forum I’ve notice critics on how expensive stuff are or how slow it is to make some cash on the game. Personally, I found the game well balance right now. Since it this at his early stage it is preferable that we do not finish it on it’s first week. At first money seems to be hard work but I’ve notice also that the more you progress the more you will make also.

Some of the following contents comes from personal and official/unofficial information available at their time. I frequently update the contents, figures and graphics when game updates are done.


Millionaire City is a game that allows players to build a city from the ground up by purchasing properties, such as houses or buildings and signing contracts to help your company grow. In addition, players can select between two advisers when they first start the game to help them attain their wealth and fame including Ronald Goldtooth and Cindy Jewels.

Users will be able to decorate their city and build commercial buildings to keep their city thriving and the money rolling in to their company. At launch, players will be able to complete missions in order to earn more experience and coins.

Created specifically to take full advantage of Facebook, players can visit friend’s cities and help by upgrading their houses in order to earn extra Millionaire Dollars and experience points. Users can attain a variety of decorations and even unique world wonders to increase your cities global status and chance to become a millionaire.

Contracts are the main source of making money. They are several choices of contracts per houses and their incomes will depend on the time period you will choose and what sort of Houses the contract is from. The longer the time period will be the less you will make compared to a shorter period for the same duration. I’ve been doing the 3 min. contracts for several hours and it will help you alot for making fast $$$. Yes you will have to spend more time playing this game if you choose the 3 min. but it work well if you have the time to do it.

Following Missions at the beginning is another good way of making money but after level 8-9 they will become less important due to their low return in money and less quests to do (at least for now).

Visiting friends
When you visit a friend you can click on Houses to gain XP and $. Each click will give you 10xp and $100 (limited to 5 houses per friend cities per day). Only non-sparkling houses with an active contract can be clicked. And your remaining clicks on a friend city are shown on the left side of the screen with a large star bar. You might no be able to click on a friend house even if you have a star bar; it can be either that your friend has no contract on a house or someone else already clicked that house (sparkles). Friend bonuses only applies on Houses not Commerces and Wonders.

The only way to help a friend on his construction of a Wonder or a House is by click the help link on his post. Once you click the link you are redirected on your city (a new feature has been recently release to confirm you want to help). Clicking a wonder/house in construction on your friend city won’t do anything.

Your City
An important thing is how you will design your plots on your city. Try not to scatter your houses everywhere when building them because you will lose spaces on your map that will conduct of having to wait to expand your city and therefore take longer to gain some money. Plan your constructions ahead by checking the Shop availability stuff offered to you.
Also try to center your Houses around Commerces or Decorations since these will increase the income % of your houses and number of customers for your commerces.

Here an example of my own personal city

Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to input your own Tips & Tricks!

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