Forge of Empires Beginner’s Tips

Forge of Empires Beginner’s Tips by sysbobby

* You need Forge Points (shown on the upper-mid of game screen) to proceed research.
* Forge Points stack up by 1 point every 1 hour.
* You can buy Forge Points not only with Diamonds but also with gold. The price goes up by 50 gold every time you buy.

* You can check Battle History, change profile&city; name&avatar; image, and check how many goods you have by clicking the Town Hall.
* All buildings have to be connected with road to function – all roads have to be connected to the Town Hall
* You don’t have to connect decorations with roads – place decorations where you can’t connect roads
* Using the space wisely means building roads as less as possible
* If your provided happiness exceed approximately 140% of happiness demand, the productivity of all buildings go up to 120%
* You can move and relocate anything in your town, including the Town Hall – but cannot rotate them
* Demand for happiness = Total population
* The reason to have population = for military units, buildings construction, and gold
* There’s no city wall (but yes in the near future, I hope)
* 3×2 size buildings are awesome for space efficiency – but there are only few types

* You don’t have to conquer a land with resources to produce goods made of them – they just provide more goods so not a requirement
* Town Hall produces 500 gold every 24 hours
* Expensive houses do not always mean they’re better in gold production – calculate before you build
* Different types of houses have different times for gold production – some produce 160 gold every 4hours, some produce 13 gold every 15 min.
* 5 minute supply production relatively provides you the most – but remember you have to click every 5 minutes.
* If your provided happiness exceed approximately 140% of happiness demand, the productivity of all buildings go up to 120%
* Check how many goods you have and how many will be required in the near future – sell goods buildings ASAP if have more stocks than necessary

* You don’t have to research everything – check if it’s required for higher tiers
* Researches that require Diamonds are additional space expansions
* The exterior of your Town Hall changes when you finish any research (1) in the next era

* Melee units fight back when attacked – but they can do so only once before a new turn arrives for that unit
* You can use above rule strategically – attack an enemy with full-health units and finish it with your almost-dead unit. Then you lose no one.
* Conquering a land does not mean you can establish another town – you just get a bonus or resource provided by that land
* Your Defending units do not die when your neighbors attack you – but your units die when YOU attack neighbors
* You can heal your military units by waiting for few hours or spending Diamonds

* You can turn off music/sound – or both of them
* You can Zoom in/out by moving mouse scroll
* You need Adobe Flash to play this game

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4 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    How about an update to this? Some things have changed a lot since.

  2. Lancer2 says:

    Multiple ways exist:
    1. Click on build icon in the lower left and then the move icon in the upper center. Click on the structure you want to move. Its ghost image can now be moved.

    2. Click where you want to place it. If the land area is clear, it can be placed there (touching at least one square road space).

    3. If another structure is there, the ghost image will exchange with the structure and the new ghost image will be the structure that used to be in the space. Place it where you’d like it located.

    1. Roads can be moved to expand open space by placing them on otherwise unusable single square areas; and build roads only as needed to touch structures needing road access.

    2. You can sell a structure to create a “working space” for making moves.

    3. Do not place too many one space decorative or cultural structures/items, such as a large grove containing multiple trees. These clutter your village and diminish its flexibility by absorbing too much land. Use high efficiency structures/items that give the most benefit per square. For example, use a 2×2 monument instead of 4 bushes. If polished, it will yield more happiness than a one-square bush. With fewer choices, the AI will auto-select the higher yield monument to polish that much sooner.

    The best way to improve your village is to imitate the cities of the more advanced players. Visit their cities from time to time to see how they build them and imitate the city that most appeals to you..

  3. lesleigh says:

    Hi can you please tell me how I can move my huts around i have only just recently started playing forge of empires and can’t seem to work it out.

  4. Cylion says:

    Great… More tips are welcome. Like what are the best houses or best def and att units or best decoration and so on

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