Checkmate Attacking NPC City Guide

Checkmate Attacking NPC City Guide by sodomizer

This guide is to prep you to attack a NPC city. The NPC cities in checkmate are different from those in other games by koram so i figured id give you a bit of info on the subject.

Section A NPC info

1. NPC troops target largest
2. NPC troops refresh when you lose and reset position.
3. NPC troops have decent stats, not great but are not the walk over of other games.

Section B basics

Next covering basics. For those that do not understand the mechanics.

tank beats infantry
infantry beats artillery
artillery beats tank

this is the attack bonus circle. each unit has a weakness and hurts them much more.

Section C arriving on time

After Call to Arms is over you will need to learn to arrive to battle on time. To do so you will have 2 options Exact arrival which uses items or coupons or manual arrival which requires you to time your launch.

Section D making sure you have enough gold

The last thing you want to happen is running out of gold on the battlefield. The unit you send will sit there helpless if it runs out, my suggestion is 10 rounds over what travel cost is. This may seem like a lot but it is cheaper then rebuilding all your units.

Hope you find the info helpful this is taken from CBT testing if, it may change in live. I will update it as necessary.

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