Checkmate Beginner’s Guide

Checkmate Beginner’s Guide by valklyrs


Merit and Gold

  • Merit

The Construction Points of Base and Outskirts will restrict the daily Merit you can claim every day, and Merit is a kind of important resource to players, it can be used for Gear Crafting, Gear Upgrading, upgrading technologies, establishing sub bases, etc. Players can claim Merit for free, and can also get Merit from campaigns, city battles and missions.

  • Gold

The Construction Level of Oil Refinery, Farmland, Steel Mill and Power Plant will restrict Gold output, and Gold is the necessity resource for upgrading constructions and recruiting units etc.

  • How to gain Merit and Gold?

You can get Merit and Gold by challenging campaigns and completing missions when you are lack of resources. Gold and Merit gained from campaigns and missions are very helpful for your preliminary development. Officers can still gain experience from campaigns for upgrade.

By the way, do not forget to claim your Gift and Merit every day.

You must vigorously develop your base and outskirts at the inchoate stage to ensure you own the strength of contending for the hegemony of Europe. But how can we develop our bases and outskirts faster?

You will get 2 free Building Queues after accessing the game, when the cool-down time of the queues both exceed 4 hours, you have to wait until the cool-down time end, then you can build your constructions again. You can use Coupons to speed up the cool-down time and open new queues.

All of other constructions’ level cannot exceed the Command Center, and the Command Center’s level determines the constructing speed of other constructions. So we must upgrade the Command Center prior to other constructions.

Outskirts Development

Resource determines your research speed; resource constructions can supply you Gold which is the necessity for recruiting units and upgrading constructions, so you should give priority to upgrade your resource constructions after upgrading the Command Center. The resource constructions are Farmland, Power Plant, Steel Mill, Oil Refinery and Revenue Center.

Warm Tips: Click the “More” button in Commander Center panel to upgrade all the constructions more conveniently.

Base Development

You can upgrade military buildings under the circumstance that the resource is assuring. The military buildings are Tank Factory, Barracks, Artillery Factory and Recruiting Station. The level of military buildings determines the recruitment speed of corresponding units.

You can transform the base type with 50,000 Merits after the Command Center reaches level 10. You can select the base type according to you demand.

  • Production Base: A Resource base greatly increases your gold revenue but does not improve recruiting speed or quantity.
  • Infantry Base: An Infantry base provides 5 slots in the Infantry recruiting queue, and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.
  • Tank Base: A tank base provides 5 slots in the Tank recruiting queue, and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.
  • Artillery Base: An Artillery base provides 5 slots in the Artillery recruit queue and 8 slots for all kinds of units. No improvement to Gold revenue.
  • Combination Base: A Combination base provides 2 slots in the recruit queue for each kind of unit, and 8 slots for all. No improvement to Gold revenue.

You will be able to set up sub bases after you reach a certain Construction Points, then your strength will be increased faster, which can supply powerful guarantee for your battles!

When you accumulate enough resources from preliminary development, you can start to strengthen your military capability. 


Players are able to develop their military forces after they possess enough resources to develop their bases and outskirts.

There are 3 main unit types in Checkmate which are Infantry, Tank and Artillery. Infantry restrains Artillery, Artillery restrains Tank, and Tank restrains Infantry. But players will be able to recruit some special types of unit after upgrading related technologies; these unit types can lower being restrained by other unit types or have higher restrain to other unit types. So players need to collocate troops and upgrade relevant technologies according to their demands.

Players can recruit corresponding unit in Barracks, Tank Factory and Artillery Factory.

Each unit type in Checkmate is divided into 5 grades which are Primary Unit Types, Intermediate Unit Types, Advanced Unit Types, National Unit Types and Ultimate Unit Types.

  • Players can only recruit primary unit types at the beginning.
  • When the attack and defense researches of unit types both reach to level 4 and the corresponding constructions reach to level 5, players will be able to recruit Intermediate Unit Types.
  • When the attack and defense researches of unit types both reach to level 8 and the corresponding constructions reach to level 10, players will be able to recruit Advanced Unit Types.
  • When the attack and defense researches of any unit type both reach to level 10 and the corresponding construction reaches to level 15, players will be able to recruit National Unit Types. There are 3 National Unit Types, American, German and Soviet, each has special units.
  • When the attack and defense researches of all unit types both reach to level 10 and the corresponding constructions reach to level 20, players will be able to recruit Ultimate Unit Types.

Warm Tips: The National Unit Type and Ultimate Unit Type cannot be changed after being chosen, so think over before you choose!

The upper limit of each recruiting queue is 100 units, and each unit type has only one recruiting queue in ordinary bases, players can choose corresponding base types for opening more recruiting queues. Players need to wait until a queue completes or use Coupons to speed up the recruitment when recruiting queues are full.

We suggest you mainly upgrade the researches of one unit type to recruit more advanced unit types which have great press power to lower grade units.

Each unit types have their own features, some are good at attacking, some are good at defending, and they have different movement speeds, players should select appropriate units when deploying.

Troops are ready for deploying, and resources are prepared in storage. Now, it’s time to go out and fight with your Alliance brothers!


When your troops reach a certain size, you can officially start your hegemony on the mainland. However it is not as easy as you think, you need some strategy for the battles.

Organize troop for Officers

Firstly, you need to select troops for the deployment and select the appropriate units for your officers. Troops can only start their deployment in other cities under the lead of officers. Click the “Troops” button on the Officer Panel and then click “Organize” to start the operation.

You need to select the appropriate units based on the officers’ skills and strategies, and set the troop size the officers lead. You also need to carry sufficient gold as the process of marching and every round of battle will require consumption of gold. Insufficient gold will cause troops to lose the ability to fight on the battlefield.

Transport troops and trucks can carry a large amount of gold. When your troops get stuck in a city due to lack of gold, you can send transport troops or trucks to supplement relief.

In addition, you need to set the appropriate offensive and defensive strategies, including move, attack priority and target.

Troops Deployment

You can only start the deployment after you have done organizing troops. Choose a city on the map that you want to go, select “Deploy here” and select appropriate troops. Each player can deploy a maximum of 12 troops at a time.

Once you click the “Deploy” button, you can see the required time for your troops to March and the exact time of arrival to the target city. You can subtract the time you want your troops to reach the city from the time required for your troops to march, to get the time you need to send off your troop. This way, you can reach the city on time and join the battle with others.

Do not worry if you realize you are late for the time you need to send off your troops for the deployment. You can use the Speed + 30% option to increase the speed of your troops by 30%.

In addition, if you are unable to be around at the time you need to send off your troops, you can use the Scheduled option to preset the time of arrival for your troops. It is a shortcut in this way so that there will not be any problems to reach a city at a specific time.

When everything is ready, you can click the “Confirm” button. After a period of marching, your troops will reach the target city and begin to battle. If it is a victorious battle, your alliance will be able to occupy the city.

Players must follow the road on the map and attack the cities one by one. Once you have defeated the defensive troops and occupied the city, you will be able to build a sub base in that city according to your need.

Warm Tips

Players are not recommended to go on solo operations. A strong alliance requires all the coalitions and all the alliance members to work together. You can fight with your alliance and coalition brothers follow the orders (Supreme command or coalition mail command) of the superiors to avoid losing troops.

In addition, once troops are deployed, they cannot be recalled. Hence, please make sure you check all the troops set up, and calculate the time of the deployment accurately before deploying to prevent unnecessary loss.

Select Cities for Deployments

Players are born in Headquarters of the 6 Alliances which are allocated on the map. Other than headquarter, other cities in the map are differentiated in the following types:

Common City
Small Trading city
Medium Trading city
Large Trading city
Small Industrial City
Large Industrial City

Different cities can supply different buffs. Common Cities does not have any buffs.

  • Small Trading Cities have one of the following buffs: Oil production increased by 10%; Steel production increased by 15%; Power Plant output increased by 30%.
  • Medium Trading Cities have one of the following buffs: Oil production increased by 15%; Steel production increased by 22%; Power Plant output increased by 30%; Farmland output increased by 45%.
  • Large Trading Cities give 10% increase on gold output.
  • Small Industrial Cities give 20% increase on gold output.
  • Large Industrial Cities give 30% increase on gold output.
  • Fortress increase garrison troops defense by 20%.
  • Headquarter does not have any buffs. However, it is the most important city of an alliance. When the headquarter is occupied by other alliances, the alliance will perish and lose the game. All players in this alliance will have to betray their current alliance and join other alliances and all their troops and bases will be cleared.

The attack difficulty divides cities into 3 categories:

  • The first category includes Common City, Small Trading City and Medium Trading City, which the NPC defense are not strong, and relatively easy to attack. Players will only require 30000 or more units to win the attack. It is suitable as beginning targets.
  • The second category includes Large Trading City and Small Industrial City, which are relatively more difficult to take down. Players are recommended to have at least 80000 units and begin with taking down Large Trading City.
  • The third category includes Large Industrial City and Fortress, which are very difficult to take down. It is recommended players to try only in the later stage of the game, after upgrading unit type technologies and accumulate a large number of troops before attacking.

In the earlier stage of the game, it’s easy to attack the first category cities. You need to accumulate troops for a certain time before trying harder cities like the second category cities. Third category cities are the most difficult to attack, you need to upgrade your technologies and accumulate large amount of troops before attacking them with other players.

In the center of the map, there are four Large Industrial Cities. Alliances occupying these cities can gain excellent gold bonus, they are the battlegrounds of all alliances!

When players overcome NPC cities, they will meet up with other alliances, and then intense battles between alliances arrive. Players can ally other alliances to battle with the opponent alliances, and strive hard for the goal of a unified continent.

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