World of Battles Master Units Guide

World of Battles Master Units Guide by Blood Horn

Emperor’s Furies


These Heavy Pikemen are selected from the most skilled warriors and trained in additional methods of destruction!

The Emperor’s Furies have the ability to throw spears at all enemies within a short range around them. They are the Knight’s crowd killers.

The Rain of Spears ability damage depends on the caster’s Attack and Strength. The more Attack and Strength you have the more damage you deal.

The longer the Emperor’s Furies Survive in battle, the more they can use Rain of Spears, so your task is to make sure they survive. That is why it is strongly recommended to maximize their Armor and Hit Points.

Ensure the unit’s survival and at the same time use their ability to its fullest. In order to do this, unleash Rain of Spears in crowds of enemies but always stay out of crowds when fighting in melee.

The Emperor’s Furies create a perfect combo with Master Units which increase attack, such as Honor Guard Cavalry :I: , Maiden Warsingers :MW: and Blades of Ancients :BoA: . Remember: The higher your Attack is, the more damage you deal with Rain of Spears.

The Rain of Spears ability has a limited range. With a swift Lightning Catcher you can teleport them right into the heart of the enemy’s defences.

Priests of Deus


These warriors heal the wounds of friends and allies in battle!

The Priests of Deus’ special ability is called “Battle Healing” and its effectiveness depends on the caster’s Hit Points. The more Hit Points they have the more effective the ability becomes.

This ability is Global, so it can be used without any distance limitations. But if the unit dies, the ability cooldown is increased by 50%.

The longer the Deus Priests survive in battle, the longer they can use their ability, so your task is to ensure the unit’s survival. That is why it is strongly recommended that you maximize the unit’s Armor, Hit Points and take Poleaxes instead of Pikes because they grant the Fencing Combat skill.

Battle Healing is a mass spell, which is why it is better to cast it on several targets.
Deus Priests heal only the hit points of wounded soldiers in a unit; they cannot resurrect units. That is why Battle Healing works better on units that have more Hit Points per Soldier like Heavy Infantries & Cavalries.

Be aware: units such as the Honor Guard Cavalry :I: , Warsmith Mechanics :WM: , Rock Lords :RL: , and Protectors :Md: will increase the lifetime of the Priest of Deus in battle, thus creating a good combo.

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