World of Battles Game Mechanics Guide

World of Battles Game Mechanics Guide by ziogualty

The worst mistake u can do is thinking about “World of Battles” as an RTS like “Command & Conquer” or “Supreme Commander”.
Micromanaging all your units in the field will make the real difference, and the tactic deepness of the game mechanics play a key role.


The common-sense rules of any “medieval” game are here as well:

Cavalry works best vs archers and infantry.
Archers is for range support.
Infantry is good vs Pikes and Archers.
Pikes are great vs Calvalry, Giants and some special units like Minotaurs.

But this is just the start…

All those kind of units (Cavalry – Infantry – Pikes – Archers) come in 2 shapes: Heavy or Light.
To underestimate this difference is not recommended!

Light Units:
Have the “Run” ability, wich make the unit really fast to reach or cover a position.
Unable to tank, keep a position, or successfully engaging heavy units in 1 vs 1.
Great to support units already involved in melee.

Heavy Units:
Slow, unable to chase enemies.
Great armor values make them able to tank damage, face other heavies and hold positions.

The same unit type while is in Heavy shape is not just more powerful, it’s totally different from the Light one and must be used accordingly.

It’s that enough to handle a battle?
Maybe, but there are other things to know to understand why sometimes you win and why sometimes you lose.

When 2 units clashes in melee combat, they are facing each other: that means that no bonus or penalties occour.
But u can attack an enemy unit with more than one unit.
In this case is MANDATORY that u manually manouver your unit to reach the back of the engaged enemy: it will suffer no damage at all, while the damage dealt will be maximized.
Even attacking the flank is more effective than multiple face to face engagement.

Another thing that count is “crowded” fights: when 2 or more units of yours are mixed in the same terrain square they suffer a “crowd” penalty, making their attack and defence far less effective.
So aiming at enemy flanks or back in case he’s already engaged by you or one of your allies brings only pros and no cons at all!

There is still a thing to know, and probably the most important one, that can overrun most (if not all) the rules explained above: POWER RATING.

Every unit has a “POWER RATING” value. In battle is the little number on top of the unit banner, while in the main menu in the “Manage Your Army” window is the number on top right above all other stats.

Power Rating of a unit raises as u equip it with updated stuff as u progress ingame.

As description says: “A unit with PR +1 means that the unit is 50% stronger”

That can turn the tide of battle despite all your previous knowledge!

Light Pike PR 9 can easily handle even Heavy Inf PR 7.

Heavy Inf PR 7 do almost no damage frontally to a PR 8 Heavy Inf while taking lot of punishment.

And so on.

So to micromanage at best your army, keep Power Rating in mind as the “most important value of all game”.

Note: One ingame feature called “Bless” will change the PR values of very weak units to make the battle somewhere close to fair. Keep that in kind if u should see changes on the PR value of your units in some battles.

Last but not least: keep an eye on your screen HUD, because it’s your best friend!

1) In crowded situations, it’s far more easier to select a unit from the icons in the bottom centre of your screen.
2) The “Best target” option is the best choice when u are too busy to see how a unit can help in the mess.
3) The “fighting icons” aknowledge you in real time about what every unit are soind and how work on the field: dark red means that your unit are taking a ton of damage and will die quickly, light red means that units are going to lose the fight. Green is the opposite: mean that your unit are doing well (light green) or very well (dark green).

Be careful if u see the “engaged” icons (2 crossed swords) colored white: means that your unit is engaged, but unable to do any kind of damage (useless).
Be ready to divert the unit vs something more suitable (again “best target” option could be of help).

Don’t forget to remember that u can not only select multiple units using “CTRL” button, but to give Chain Commands too!!!
There are many ways to see how usefull this is: if u wanna go around a enemy unit that is in “hold Position” without following your unit step by step.
U can order a unit to engage a wounded enemy and to go to another target once he finished and so on.

One common mistake that can be avoided using “command chains”:
Usually people issue an “attack” command to an enemy unit. If such enemy unit should die fast, the cokmand u issued will be caneclled, leaving your unit frozen, waiting for orders and it’s easy to “forget” it somewhere.
Using “CTRL”, u can order your unit first to reach the place, then to engage the enemy.
This way, even if your target dies, the unit will keep marching to selected position.

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