Super MNC Sniper Quick Guide

Super MNC Sniper Quick Guide by valkyer

*Skill upgrades: 
lvl1 – freeze trap
lvl2 – offense (wep damage)
lvl3 – health
lvl4 – offense (wep damage)
lvl5 -freeze trap
lvl6 – health
lvl7 – nothing
lvl8 – freeze trap and offense (wep damage)
lvl9 – health

From level 10-15 you can upgrade whatever you want , either flak or grapple , whatever makes you feel more comfortable.If you want to focus on bot killing , I suggest upgrading flak , to throw it in huge crowds of bots.

-always stick with your team , if you wander around alone , you will most likely end up being hugged by a crazy ape/assassin/spark.

-be sure to spam”I need healing!” if you get hurt.If you have a support/combat girl try to stick around them , they will heal you if you get hurt badly.If you have a competent Cheston , he can heal you up with his roar and you can use the speed to run to your spawn and get a quick pick-me-up.(doing that without a Cheston will get you killed , you will probably get chased by a commando)

-freeze traps are your best friend , as they help you land headshots with ease.If you start shooting the next second they get trapped , you will only be able to score 2 headshots max.(use them on bots too , mostly on the big fuji bots or something , it will allow you to do significant damage while your bots are on the way)

-if a pro gets really close to you , dont bother grappling unless he moves in a straight line near you/he is standing still.You will end up missing while they can inflict heavy damage.Just run behind your bots/teammates.

-spam flak on bots! at level 4 slims die very quickly , its very useful on crowds

-if there is more than one enemy pro at the annihilator , spam flak and freeze traps and try to get headshots while they activate(your sniper rifle has 8 bullets default , should be easy to kill) , if there is only one pro , you can jump there and throw him away with your grapple.Still you shouldn’t go rambo , just help out your team.Place freeze traps close to the annihilator , and in loco moco place them near the two jump pads.

-at the beginning of the match try getting headshots on pros to make them go away , if you cant land consecutive headshots , start killing bots to level up fast.

-do NOT buy regenitol or anything (even jump pads) at the beginning of the match , save up money for the annihilator , have your team guard it when it comes up so you can activate it fast

-jumping enemy pros can be a pain in the ass , try to predict their movements.

-level 4 weapon damage skill will allow you to kill a weak enemy pro , for example a gunslinger with armor in 3 maybe 4 headshots.

-dont grapple jackbots , place a freeze trap in front of them and spam some headshots on them , a lvl4 wep dmg will deal some heavy damage

-if you get juice , dont use it unless you are really low on health and you get rushed by enemy pros.

Last but not least , you shouldn’t play as a Sniper unless you have your tryhard pants on.Play it only when you can focus entirely on the game and them twitchy mouse movements.If you cant do that , play a different class.

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