Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Building Guide

Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Building Guide by Coveny

Building a castle in Stronghold Kingdoms requires knowledge and creativity. Knowledge is something you will gain as you play and this leads to revisions to your castle design. As a new player it’s hard to understand what you will be up against, and many players don’t attack or get attacked often. Those that do, have a huge advantage because they have the knowledge that experience brings. Here is what my castle looks like:

I have my guard houses, Ballistia, and Turrets split into the 4 corners. These areas are attacked the least, and rarely take damage, so I will retain them when attacked for future attacks. Also if someone was to target them, they would only take out 25% of my capacity. In the next picture I have highlighted the areas which take the most damage in red:

The room allows for 3 great towers and 1 large tower from the exterior build line to the center keep. A good way to gauge the strength of your castle is to think how many towers an attacker would have to go through to get to your keep. In the case of my castle it would be 2 great towers and 2 large towers. In the damage areas picture it’s 3 great towers.

My castle has 2 entrances for Sally forth while the other has 4. My entrance snake to force the attackers to travel a longer distance, where his are a straight shot. If having only 2 entrances bothered me I could put a 3rd snaking entrance in the opposite side from the gate with little loss of integrity.

My castle has the smelters, guard houses, and Ballisti in the corners where the other does not. Smelters can not withstand much damage but burning oil is very strong. You want the attacker to have to fight for every inch closer to your keep that they get. With that in mind you want to build all the way to the exterior build line. The area in yellow is wasted space:

Leaving areas like this also allows for Ransack and Pillage to be much easier to achieve. All an attacker has to do is pass over the white exterior build line to start the timer. The more troops he has within the building area the faster the timer counts down. So leaving that area open is like giving your attacker nearly free rein to destroy your buildings or steal your materials. Build all the way out and build towers. Towers can only be damaged by catapults, and the bigger the tower the more damage it can withstand. Stone walls although quicker to build can be attacked by infantry and you’ll be spending time and resources repairing them after every AI attack.

This is a good example of a castle that will require a bunch of repair. Walls are easier to take down than towers, so it’s best to build towers instead of walls even though it takes longer. This castle only has one entrance so it’s made sally forth useless. It’s best to have at least 2 entrances to allow sally forth maximum effectiveness.

Another important concept is the inner core. A square of towers which can not be hit by archers outside of the build line. This allows for the defending archers to attack the attacking archers in a single row. As the defender kills one attacking archer, another defending archer takes it’s place. This makes it nearly impossible to clear out all of the defending archers, and provides a last line of defense. Here’s an example of a castle with no inner core:

Another thing that should be noted is that captains respawn after each attack. So it’s best to have captains inside the keep because even if they kill them in the first wave, they will have to kill them again in the second and third waves. It never hurts to have pikemen in there as well!

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  1. Snow says:

    l agree with Dennis. l am a new player and heave no clue what you explain here. Better do it from the beginning for small villages so l can understand what you mean

  2. Dennis says:

    All castle guides start WAY FAR into the game. I’d like one that deals with upgrading from the first keep from the tutorial all the way to the big ones that you show. No one seems to want to bother with that and it leaves new players with a VERY steep learning curve where they learn from experience and waste a lot of resources.

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