Stronghold Kingdoms Constructing and Defending Parish Basic Guide

Stronghold Kingdoms Constructing and Defending Parish Basic Guide by Deroidz

This is a Basic Guide for first-time Stewards.

Currently we are at the very early stage of the game. Chaos spreaded like wildfire. Stewards tried to capture flags for the sole purpose of enrich their own settlement. This very [Basic] guide will show you how to defense against attacks and build your parish effectively.

There are two main things that a Parish consume when growing:
a flag will generate daily in everysingle village. The only way to obtain more is seize it from others.
Parish generate its income in several ways
– Gold from trading, Every time goods is sold at your parish, a percentage of the sale amount goes to your treasury.
– Raiding other parishes for gold. This is possible only if you attack another parish with the troops stationed in your parish capital (not your village’s troops). When launching an attack, you must select ‘Gold Raid’.
Every parish has the same amount of space. ( County / Captial size is relatively bigger.)

Now, we already understand the two basic resources needed to make your parish grow. It is time to learn how to spend them wisely.
Prior High* It is a MUST have in any parish
Wood / Stone guild.
Prior Med* Should be build after first 3 main guilds constructed
Archery .
sergeant at arms office
1 Barrack.
Prior Low* Only if you have spare flags
apple guild.

Turrets Marker : allow construction of 1 turret/ level. A turret firepower equal lvl 2 castlations.
Balista Marker : allow construction of 1 balista/ level. A balista firepower estimated equal lvl 3 castlations.
Tunnelors : allow the deployment of free peasants. 5 peasants / level.

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