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To new players: we just want to say welcome to the Realm of the Mad God! It is, we hope you’ll soon agree, a very special and unusual place.

Please note that you will be dead soon. And it will hurt.

See, this isn’t a game for the faint at heart. Death in RotMG is permanent. You will not respawn ten yards away from your corpse. Your precious gear will not lie in wait for you nearby. On the plus side, no one will be able to tea-bag your lifeless body while you watch. (This will probably come as small consolation to you, we’re afraid.)

Why is RotMG such a cruel world? It’s simple, really. When your virtual life is truly on the line, every moment is more exciting. You will actually sweat when your health drops below 10%. Your blood will rush when you snatch ultra-rare loot from the jaws of certain death. When it’s on, it’s on.

But when you do inevitably feel the terrible sting of death, don’t freak out. It’s not quite as bad as you think. RotMG has a shallow levelling curve. An experienced player can go from level one to level 20 (the current max) in less than 30 minutes! Stick around and you’ll learn how to bounce back from death in no time.

Death also has other benefits. There are many character classes in RotMG, and all of them are completely free to play, but you can’t unlock most of them until you’ve died at a certain level with a previous class. You start with the Wizard and progress onwards from there. With a little luck, each death becomes an opportunity to try cool new things. You also get Fame points when you die, which can be spent on useful items that can’t be acquired any other way. Nobody can buy fame; it can only be earned the hard way!

Well, that’s it. For those who like reading, there are a few more answers to commonly-asked questions copied below. For the rest of you: welcome again to RotMG! The Mad God’s minions will be dancing on your corpse soon. And it will, we hope, be awesome. Eye

Your friendly game developers,
** Wild Shadow & Spry Fox

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Holy crap, I am dying a LOT. Help a newb?
A1: Learn how to use the Nexus button. That’s the little white icon that appears to the right of your character’s name, on the right side of the screen. You can click the Nexus icon anytime to instantly teleport to safety. Of course, if you’re in a dungeon, you’ll lose your chance to loot whatever boss you were after. But that’s a small price to pay for staying alive.

Q2: I seem to be stuck with a randomly generated name. How do I pick my own?
A2: When you go to the Nexus, you always start out in the entry chamber. That chamber contains a golden statue. If you stand on top of that statue, you will see at the bottom right of the game screen an option to change your name. You can do this one time for free. Choose wisely.

Q3: Wow, the Realm is a big place! How do I get around quickly?
A3: One of the unique things about RotMG is its teleport system. See that mini-map at the top right of the game window? Great. Now see all the little yellow pixels on that map? Those are other people. You can left click on any of them, and then choose to instantly teleport to the player(s) that you clicked on! No stupid, painful travel-time like in other MMOs. No “price” designed to suck away your hard-earned money. Just click and go. But be careful; if you teleport to a group of players who are much higher level than you, odds are you’re going to die suddenly and unhappily.

Q4: What are these “stat pots” that everyone is talking about?
A4: Stat pots — aka potions — are rare items that permanently boost the stats of your character (until you die, of course). While you can level up to 20 pretty quickly, completely maxing out your stats will take more time and skill.

Q5: Tell me more about this “soulbound” (SB) loot I keep hearing about!
A5: Higher level monsters — and especially bosses — will drop particularly valuable items in soulbound bags. These bags cannot be seen or looted by anybody but you. Anyone who does at least a small but significant amount of damage to a monster qualifies for a chance to receive one or more of these soul-bound loot bags. Long story short? There’s never a reason to play solo! Make some friends and play together! You’ll all get experience/fame and you’ll all have a chance to get the best loot.

Q6: Speaking of experience points, how do those work?
A6: RotMG is all about COOP. XP is fully shared, not split; in other words, if one person kills a monster and gets 100 XP, then two people who killed the same monster would get 200 XP (that’s 100 each.) And again, if you both do damage to a boss, you both have a chance to get private (soulbound) loot from the boss. In short, there is never a reason not to play together!! It’s more fun and more rewarding. And you will die less.

Q7: I see items that are being sold for “gold” in the Nexus, but I don’t know how to earn gold. Help!
A7: Gold is our premium currency; it can only be purchased. This is how we keep RotMG free and pay our bills at the same time. We’ve tried hard to strike the right balance here. In short: you cannot use gold to buy any weapons, armor, or most other things of significant value in the game. Gold can only be used to buy temporary buffs and items that change the way your character looks. Gold can also be used to purchase more inventory space and more character slots, for those of you who want to play several characters at the same time. Lastly, gold can be used to buy special “keys” that create portals to dungeons; but if you want to save cash, just head into the Realm and find the dungeons there for free. Long story short: you cannot buy success in RotMG… you can only earn it!

Q8: How do I group with other players? How do I form a party?
A8: Grouping is automatic in RotMG. Anyone who is nearby you is automatically a part of your “group.” If you kill something, they get XP; if they kill something, you get XP. If you’ve been hanging out with someone for a while and enjoy their company, you can make it easier to locate them in the future by clicking on their name (which, if they are nearby you, will appear in the bottom right of your game window), then click “lock.” This is the closest thing to a “friend” system that RotMG currently has. RotMG also has a guild system, which is a separate thing.

Q9: OK, how do guilds work?
A9: Anyone with 1k fame can create a guild and then invite other people to join it. The “guild book” which enables you to create a guild is located in the northeast corner of the Nexus. Note: 1k Fame will seem like a huge amount when you first join the game, but as you become a more experienced player, you will soon find it easy enough to earn. Nevertheless, its probably a good idea to join an existing guild after you get the hang of the game; make your own when you have enough friends to make it worthwhile!

Q10: How do I earn Fame points?
A10: As it says in the welcome letter, you earn fame when you die. Period. There is no shortcut. Fame is your reward for accomplishing great things before you die. You won’t get much unless you’ve actually spent some time killing the Realm’s tougher creatures.

Q11: I want to buy gold but the game isn’t letting me. How do I give you money?!
A11: This is a bug that a small portion of steam users are facing, and one that we will have a permanent fix out for soon. In the mean time: The best thing for you to do in this case is to open a support ticket at so a member of our support staff can help work through the issue and identify the problem you are experiencing.

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