RotMG Dodging Guide

RotMG Dodging Guide by rickrollll

This guide covers the gods of the realm (and some bosses-TBA). This is based on experience. Only for staff/wand/bow classes.
Note: this for newbs. Pros may scoff at this cos they know this.


Fires: 5 green bolts(non-predictive) and one bomb
How To Dodge: Dodging medusas is easy. Just keep circling them, and all their bullets will miss. Take care not to get in the red bomb. Also, if other gods are behind the medusa, fire, back up till the distance between the bullets is comfortable for slipping through, then go forward and fire again. Take care to sidestep the bomb.
When to Nexus: On 1x bomb(unpotted) and on 2x bombs(potted def/vit/hp)

Sprite God

Fires: 5 bullets, and one quiet boomerang
How To Dodge: Boring gods, these. The best way is to go there, attack, back up the bullets, attack. Denizens of the realm recommend going mid-range and attacking while moving left and right in arcs.
When to Nexus: On hit of quiet boomerang. Just to spare the bore.(Since nexusing removes quiet)


Fires: 5 bolts, one blind star
How To Dodge: The bullets are slow enough to dodge easily without circling, just moving to the other side of the bullet. The blind star, if it hits, you should sit up straight and still be able to dodge. No worries. This god is free def.
When to Nexus: No need, except when 2+ bullets hit


Fires: Loads of white balls
How To Dodge: When attacking, attack from the side with less balls. (if you take an octagon, four sides will have more balls, while the other 4 less). This will die easily.
When to Nexus: Never, until you are standing ON the damn djinn.


Fires: Waves of cyan bullets, dark blue bullets(phases are diff)
How To Dodge: When he fires the wave of cyans, he fires them so as 2-3 spots are unreachable by the bullets. Go in at attack there. During the blue bullet stage, I recommend hiding behind a rock, or trying to dodge. The levi is erratic in his movements.
When to Nexus: When caught in a wave. Or shotgunned.

Ent God

Fires: 5 red bolts(predictive)
How To Dodge: The five bolts are predictive of your circling pattern, so circling doesn’t work. The best thing to do in presence of no other gods is to move in 30 degree arcs to the right and then to the left. If you master the timing, the gods shots will fire into oblivion. Otherwise, fire, back up and slip through the shot, fire again, repeat.
When to Nexus: If hit by 3+ bolts.

Flying Brain

Fires: 5 fast pink bolts
How To Dodge: Move the the left on each fire.
When to Nexus: Kidding me?

Ghost Gods

Fires : 7 white bolts, slow
How To Dodge: Back up, slip in between the bullets, attack, repeat. Circling with high speed should work.
When to Nexus: Never, unless you are ON the god.

Slime God

Fires: 5 bullets, one slow star
How To Dodge: Extremely fast, and makes harder to dodge because of slow. Use the same strategy as the ent god, but the arc’s angle must be a bit more. Do not get hit by the slow star.
When to Nexus: On slowed.

White Demon

Fires: 3 armour pierce bullets
How To Dodge: Rather boring after the nerf. Attack till a bullet comes your way, move slightly towards the left, continue. Circling will work wonders.
When to Nexus: Shotgunned.

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  1. Derp says:

    “The blind star, if it hits, you should –>sit up straight<– and still be able to dodge" I love the way he already knows everyone is slouching when they godland.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that is why he (or she) said to use the same strategy for dodging the slime god’s attacks as the net god’s attacks.

  3. Chippysix says:

    Bro the slime god has foresight as well as the ent

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