Rise of Immortals Nysuss Strategies and Tips Guide

Rise of Immortals Nysuss Strategies and Tips Guide by Cyanide03

Class Role: Single Target Ranged DPS
Attack Damage Type: Physical
Ability Damage Type: Magical
Offensive Capability: High
Defensive Capability: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate


Little is known of the ferocious she-demon known as Nysuss, other than she is a demigoddess and came to Graxia from an unknown hell-plane. Many suspect that she’s the Destroyer of Worlds and has come to Graxia to oversee its final destruction.

What is known is that Nysuss was summoned by a secret clan of mages. They once belonged to the Sunspire Clan, but when they dabbled in the forbidden arts, they were exiled and forced to live at the bottom of the Eternal Pool.

The summoning of Immortals gave them an opportunity to reassert themselves in the world and exact their revenge. All they care about is path of death and destruction that Nysuss will sow across Graxia.


Gaze of Destruction

Nyssus’ movement speed is increased by x% as she hurls a fireball at her enemy, inflicting XX magic damage and applying Destructive Flame on the target, reducing armor by X and movement speed by X% for 6 (5+2 from masteries) seconds.
Cooldown: 20 seconds (15 with masteries)

Rank 1: +12% movespeed, 80 damage, -3 armor, -15% movespeed
Rank 2: +14% movespeed, 100 damage, -6 armor, -20% movespeed
Rank 3: +16% movespeed, 120 damage, -9 armor, -25% movespeed
Rank 4: +18% movespeed, 140 damage, -12 armor, -30% movespeed
Rank 5: +20% movespeed, 160 damage, -15 armor, -35% movespeed

Hellfire Arrow

(Active)Deals X% progressive attack damage for up to X consecutive attacks against a single target. Switching targets wil reset Hellfire Arrow to its initial damage value. If the target is affected by Destructive Flame, each attack will further reduce movement speed by 5% (up to a maximum of 5)

Rank 1: 25 mana per shot, 5% progressive damage
Rank 2: 35 mana per shot, 6% progressive damage
Rank 3: 45 mana per shot, 7% progressive damage
Rank 4: 55 mana per shot, 8% progressive damage
Rank 5: 65 mana per shot, 9% progressive damage

Soul Steal

Passive: When Nyssus kills an enemy, she steals their soul, storing them for other uses (Increases base attack damage by X.X per charge)
Active: Creates a Soul Shield around Nyssus, protecting her from XXX damage (+X per Soul charge) for 5 seconds.
Maximum of 10 charges. (14 with Masteries)
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Rank 1: +.5 Attack Damage; Shield absorbs 75 + 8 per charge
Rank 2: +.75 Attack Damage; Shield absorbs 125 + 8 per charge
Rank 3: +1.0 Attack Damage; Shield absorbs 175 + 8 per charge
Rank 4: +1.25 Attack Damage; Shield absorbs 225 + 8 per charge
Rank 5: +1.5 Attack Damage; Shield Absorbs 275 + 8 per charge

Wrath of the Fallen (Ultimate move, available at level six)

Fires a deadly bolt of Magic at an enemy immortal, dealing XXX damage (+XX per Soul Charge). Masteries can increase the +damage per charge by up to 10.
Cooldown: 120 seconds (90 with masteries)

Rank 1: 230 damage + 12(22) per Soul Charge
Rank 2: 340 damage + 18(28) per Soul Charge
Rank 3: 450 damage + 26(36)per Soul Charge

Dance of Carnage (Signature move, available at Persistent Level 21)

Nyssus becomes a killing machine; she gains 30% movement speed, 20% attack speed, 30% Lifesteal, and 100% armor and magic penetration for 7 seconds.
Cooldown: 300 seconds

Mastery Trees

Note: This will leave you with ~3 points leftover at level 50 to put wherever the hell you want. My suggestion is Imp Hellfire Arrow so you can start spamming it sooner.

Champion Tree:

Offensive Tree:

Tactical Item Build

1st: Dmizzle’s Popular Shoes
+10 Movement Speed
+5 Weapon Damage
Cost: 450

Rank 2: 840 gold; +15 Movespeed, +10 damage, +5% attack speed
Rank 3: 990 gold; +20 Movespeed, +15 damage, +10% attack speed

2nd Blade of Randarz
+5 weapon damage
+5% lifesteal
4% Crit chance
Cost: 500

Rank 2: 1075 gold; +15 damage, +10% lifesteal, 8% Crit chance
Rank 3: 1100 gold; +25 damage, +15% lifesteal, 12% Crit chance
Rank 4: 1337 gold; +40 damage, +20% lifesteal, 16% Crit chance; Every attack increases your crit chance by 1% for 4 seconds, stacks up to 10 times.

3rd: Blood Drinker
+10% Lifesteal
Cost: 400

Rank 2: 800 gold; 15% Lifesteal, 10% Spirit Vamp
Rank 3: 1040 gold; 20% Lifesteal, 15% Spirit Vamp; Each attack grants nearby allies a 15% Lifesteal buff for 5 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

+10% Attack Speed
Cost: 500

Rank 2: 855 gold; 15% attack speed, 20% armor penetration
Rank 3: 935 gold; 20% attack speed, 30% armor penetration; Each attack reduces the target’s armor by 30% for 5 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

4th/5th Assassin’s Dirk
+2 Armor penetration
Cost: 400

Rank 2: 830 gold; +4 armor Penetration, +5 Physical Weapon Damage; Each attack has a 10% chance of stunning the target for .35 seconds.
Rank 3: 975 gold; +6 Armor Penetration, +10 Physical Weapon Damage; Each attack stuns the target for .35 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.
Rank 4: 1450 gold; +8 Armor Penetration, +25 Physical Weapon Damage; Each attack stuns the target for .35 seconds and deals 100 Magic damage to the target. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds.

6th Tempered Warblade
+5% Crit Chance
Cost: 335

Rank 2: 790 gold; +10% Crit chance, +20% Crit Damage; Critical Strikes rupture the target’s armor by 4 for 5 seconds.
Rank 3: 800 gold; +15% Crit Chance, +25% Crit Damage; Critical Strikes rupture the target’s armor by 7 for 5 seconds.
Rank 4: 1200 gold; +20% Crit Chance, +35% Crit Damage; Critical Strikes rupture the target’s armor by 10 for 5 seconds; Critical Strikes increase your base weapon damage by 7 for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.


Strength Potion
+18 Physical Weapon Damage
+10% Attack Speed
Lasts 5 Minutes, does not stack with itself.
Cost: 250

Willpower Potion
+18 Magical Weapon Damage
+10% Attack Speed
Lasts 5 minutes, does not stack with itself.
Cost: 250
Note: Only get this towards end-game, it’s 250 gold for 10% attack speed basically. The damage does not get added.
Total Item build Cost:17702

Item Upgrade Order

Note: You want to purchase the first three items before upgrading anything. I suggest getting your Randarz and Blood Drinker upgraded at least once before you begin purchasing the rest of your build. I never buy a complete build without upgrading my first 4 core items.

DMB = Dmizzle’s Boots
Rand = Blade of Randarz
BD = Blood Drinker
AD = Assassin’s Dirk
QB = Quickblade
TWB = Tempered WarBlade

(This list is assuming you have the item already purchased)
DMB – Rand – BD – Rand – QB – DMB – QB – AD – AD – Rand – TWB – AD – TWB->max, BD

Ability Order and Synergy

E, Q, E, Q, E, R, W, E-> max, Q, R, Q-max, W and R->max.

Soul Shield, When do I use it?

A big mistake I see many players making is when they’re using their Soul Shield. Remember that after you use this, you lose your stacks of Soul Steal, and therefore also lose anywhere between 5 and 20 attack damage. This may not seem like a lot, but when it’s a 1v1 duel between you and another Nyssus, whoever pops shield first generally loses. As soon as I see an enemy Nyssus blow her shield, I fake initiate and wait 2-3 seconds before using my Q and chasing her down. At this point I know she’s already at a disadvantage because she’s already doing less damage than me, has one less cooldown, and is running towards me into my creep wave.

Super slows!
Combining Gaze of Destruction with Hellfire Arrow can create a very potent mixture of damage and disables. At max level, you can slow an enemy champion by up to 60%, enabling you to poke from a distance indefinitely or allowing your team to catch up to them and assist.

Gaze of Destruction can help you run away!
If you see a gank coming, but know they’re probably going to out run you, Q a creep (or one of the enemy Immortals, but be careful they don’t have a slow/stun!) nearby. It boosts your movespeed by 20% at max level and will give you that extra leg-up on your would-be gankers. Staying alive is key as Nyssus, because you can’t get fed if you’re dead.

But why no W Early?
The damage is pitiful and it drains the piss out of your mana. I pick it up at level 7 and turn it on exclusively to stack the slow, so for about 3 autoattacks, then turn it off so I can Q again. Leaving it on will get you killed.

Early Jungle/Laning Phase

Hopefully by now you’ve noticed everyone jungles before the creeps spawn. This is very important to get a head start on the other team, just in case they don’t. You’ll be okay to tank a 2-creep spawn with your whole team there, but let the actual tanks/healers take the damage from the 3 creep ones.

Try to last-hit 2 of the 50-gold mobs or one of the 100-gold mobs while your team is jungling. This will enable you to enter lane with Dmizzle’s Shoes and also a Strength Potion, giving you a massive advantage early on with +23 damage to your autoattacks and an extra 10% attack speed.


First and foremost, everything you do in-lane depends on who you’re laning against. I’ll give you some general tips on how to harass and such, but everything is variable.

Focus on last-hitting minions in your lane. You want to build up stacks of Soul Steal as soon as possible, as the shield can save you if you’re taking unavoidable damage and can also give you an even greater advantage over your laning opponent. One you hit level 2 or 3 you can start harassing the enemy immortal. Always focus on a Q->autoattack combo, Get off your Gaze of Destruction as they are running forward, and as they are running back poke them with your autoattack.

DO NOT get greedy and/or too aggressive. This early in the game minions do a crapload of damage, so get your pokes in and then break LoS/aggro with the minions by either jumping into a bush or running towards your tower. Use the minion damage to your advantage. Bait an enemy into attacking you as close to your ranged creeps as possible, as those will hit them the most. This is easiest versus melee immortals, and can land you a kill with minimal effort. Run them into point-blank of your mage spawns, turn around and Q them and chase them to their death.

As soon as you hit 900 gold in-lane, go back to base and purchase Blade of Randarz and Blood Drinker. This will give you some lifesteal so you can remain in-lane indefinitely. This should occur around level 4 or 5, but I’ve done it at level 3 with some hard feeding going on. Your potion should still have around 1-2 minutes left on it. ALWAYS keep a strength potion up when you’re in lane or ganking. That extra damage/attack speed makes a world of difference.

Once you hit level 6 if you haven’t already landed a kill in your lane it’s time to go for broke. You should still have 10 charges of Soul Steal and enough mana to cast your Wrath of the Fallen and Gaze of Destruction. You’ll want to initiate with Gaze of Destruction and then autoattack until low enough to finish with Wrath of the Fallen. This ensures you land the kill and your Soul Charges are not wasted. Sometimes you may not need to use R to kill them, but instead need to pop the shield to survive tower/minion damage.

The key to being a good Nyssus is not dying early game. This is when you MUST get ahead, and is why Nyssus is preferably your mid solo lane. You have to have good map awareness and know when and where ganks are coming from. An early death isn’t the end of the world, but dying 3-4 times in the first 15 minutes is unacceptable and you’ll be playing catch-up for most of your mid-game.

If however, you do find yourself getting zoned out by the other team, start jungling. By the time you hit level 7 or 8 and have your first 3 items you can start taking on the two-creep camps. Patrolling the jungle and keeping it on farm is a must for Nyssus. To get built to carry late-game you’ll need around 12-14k gold, and while Champ kills are worth up to 450 a piece, sometimes the enemy team is too good to feed you. Know when creep camps should be coming up and if the other team is taking your jungle, find and ambush them as much as possible.

Your jungling however is limited based on which team you are on. If you are on the south team, it gets a whole lot easier because you have two camps of Krythis Spawns (The black/red spiders) that are worth 100 gold a piece, so 400 gold total. These mobs correctly scale with level, so can be picked up early on unlike the Banshees in the northern team’s jungle that always start at level 10 and can rape you.

Ganking and Moving into Mid-Late Game
Once you hit level 6 you should have either gotten a kill or got damn close to getting one. If not, and you haven’t used your ulti yet, it’s time to gank! If the person you’re laning against is another carry (Balak, Nyssus, Kyrie, Tzai) then call for a gank in your lane. If not, move to another lane where there’s someone easy to nuke. A gank from a level 6 Nyssus when you’re only level 4 is very hard to survive if done well. Remember your basics, Q first then autoatttack and finish with full-charges of your ult.

Do not stay in your teammate’s lanes for too long. With 3 in a lane you’re all getting much less experience than normally and extending this push phase for too long will land your team behind in levels. Pop in, get a kill or two, then go back to mid. Once you break your tower in middle, then you have a lot more breathing room. Feel free to break lane and make a pass through your jungle. Help your teammates by ganking and pushing the outer towers in their lane. As Nyssus, you should always be able to win the tower push mid and should generally be the first or second one to destroy an outer turret.

Getting ahead in levels, kills, and turrets is a delicate balancing act. The primary goal is levels and turrets. No matter what people tell you, kills do not win this game. Hitting level 16 before your enemies are level 11 is gamebreaking. Having access to all of your abilites before they even have them all unlocked will put you at a massive advantage, and will make ganking 100x easier.

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