Crystal Saga Equipment Beginner’s Guide

Crystal Saga Equipment Beginner’s Guide by KnightLight

There are different levels of equipment. You could have the same item but one could be stronger than the other. This is a brief explanation of how to determine which equipment you should keep.
To start off there are five quality of equipment. In order from least to greatest these are the descriptions.


To continue the color of your equipment also has importance.
There is from least to greatest

No color (appears white when shown in chat)

To give you a rough idea of how it works a piece of equipment that has no color and is Poor is the worst piece of equipment that you can have. Suggestion is to just sell it to the Misc Items Vendor. Whereas the Best Piece of Equipment you could have would be Gold and Outstanding for the quality. Suggestion do not let this piece of Equipment go Easily.

Please Note this does not take into account the ability to modify your Equipment this is just for base level Equipment. If I have anything wrong please correct me so that this thread is helpful to new Players.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where can the "Misc Items Vendor" be found?

  2. Purple is better then gold and orange is better then purple

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