Crystal Saga Torch Power Leveling Guide

Crystal Saga Torch Power Leveling Guide by PoisonStarglade

In this guide i will show you the ultimate and fastest way of gaining levels using TORCH.

Torch’s are dropped at random by monsters when you kill them. Each torch gives roughly 0.8 %

A good way to take advantage of these is to get into a group of 5 at roughly the same level as yourself and afk grind mode in the same map..

When a torch drops from one of the monsters, Tell the rest of your party the location of the torch ( hold “CTRL” and left click the co-ordinates at the bottom left hand corner of the mini map. ( Make sure you use party chat for this and not world chat as a torch only affects maximum of 5 people around it)

If all 5 of you link the location of a torch drop to your friends in the party you will soon level fast.

And now for the main exp boos.. TORCH PARTIES

This is achieved by Cash buyers (people who purchase crystals) who have torches getting into a group of 5 ( you can do with less people but for maximum exp benefit try and get 5 people).

Once you have purchased crystal you will get bonus torches for purchasing a certain amout (aswell as other items)..

$4.99 packTorch x2
$9.99 packTorch x4
$19.99 packTorch x6
£39.99 pack Torch x 8
$99.99 packTorch x12
$299.99 packTorch x15

You should also note this:

$9.99 pack – Torch x4

If you purchase the $299.99 pack you get 15 Torches, but if you spam buy the $9.99 pack 30 times (300/10 = 30) you’ll get 120 Torches.


You may also obtain torches by using crystals to buy LevelerComboPack that contain a number of torches, and are a usefull supply of afk items that will help you level when real life calls –

For 800 crystal you will get –

2x Exp token – x9
1 hour AFK card – x9
Torch x 2

Note – When you have a private torch party ( where evryone in the party drops Torches.. i suggest doing this in a not often used map.. like Tree of Life and go to a different instance “L”.. as you are less likely to be interupted by people trying to steal the torch exp. ( remember only a maximum of 5 can get exp off one torch )

Heres the math- (note i am doing this by my level 56)

If you manage to get a party of 5 each with 5 torches thats 25 torches. 25 x 0.8 = roughly 20%
If you manage to get a party of 5 each with 10 torches thats 50 torches. 50 x 0.8 = roughly 40%

The pattern goes on…
So my advice would be to save all torches you get until level 45+ as you will benefit more from them as levels are longer


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