Translation: Angela Zhang – Cai Bu Tou

張韶涵 – 猜不透
Angela Zhang – Cai Bu Tou

作詞:王雅君/張耀威 作曲:陳依依 編曲:吳慶隆

滿天的星星在閃爍 點不亮心中的暖和
為什麼你不懂我的夢 只是勉強笑了
an entire sky of shining stars, cannot light up the warmth in my heart
why don’t you understand my dreams, you only smiled reluctantly

就像我們憑直覺走 找不到同一個出口
從現在到心痛要多久 還有沒有以後
just like we were only following our instinct, we couldn’t find the same exit
how long will it take from now till heartache, will there still be a future

有時假裝沈默 是否有點難受
到底期待像什麼 一眨眼又讓心傷透
sometimes pretending to be silent, could be a little difficult
what is anticipation really like, in an instant the heart is torn again

關於你們手牽手 還是關於你和我
你說你就是在我左右 下一秒卻又讓我猜不透
is it about the two of you holding hands, or is it about us both
you say you are just by my side, the next moment you make me unable to understand again

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