Tactical Intervention Weapons List

Tactical Intervention Weapons List by Numerator

Primary Weapons

The following weapons can be equipped in the Primary Weapon slot of any loadout. Weapon add-ons can be equipped on most primary weapons.

Assault Rifles

M1%20Assault%20RifleM1A variant of the World War II era M1 rifle, the modernized M1 entry (designed in the USA) is an affordable assualt rifle capable of delivering a good amount of damage when used properly. The M1 is not fitted with any rails, and therefore cannot be modified in any way.
M4%20Assault%20RifleM4Based on one of the most frequently modified weapon systems, the M4 Kitty is a very compact assault rifle. With a rate of fire of 800 RPM and chambered for the 5.56mm NATO round, the M4 Kitty can hold its own against most other assault rifles.


Molov%20Bekas%20ShotgunMolov BekasThis Russian-designed shotgun is very effective at short ranges, but with a 5 shot capacity, the operator of this weapon needs to be mindful of constantly keeping the weapon topped up.

Sub-Machine Guns

MP5/F%20SMGMP5/FThe gold standard by which all other sub-machine guns are compared to. The MP5/F is a custom variant designed for anti-terrorist units in France that is designed to accommodate high powered 9mm ammunition. Deadly accurate and capable of delivering lethal stopping power at medium to close range.
P90%20SMGP90Designed in Belgium, the P90TR is a variant of the standard P90 that comes with a rail system which allows the user to mount an assortment of tactical accessories. Equipped with a 50 round clip and extremely high rate of fire, the P90 is an extremely effective weapon for close quarters combat.
Skorpion%20SMGSkorpionThe Czech-developed Skorpion machine pistole was a favorite weapon amongst terrorists due to its extremely small size and high rate of fire. The Skorpion was easily concealed and could deliver considerable damage at very short ranges. It is an effective weapon when used in the right situations. The Skorpion cannot take any accessories.
UZI%20Para%20SMGUZI ParaThe UZI Para is a variant of the standard UZI model. Designed in Israel, the UZI Para is a super-compact weapon capable of delivering a high volume of lead with its incredible rate of fire.

Secondary Weapons

The following weapons can be equipped in the Secondary Weapon slot of any loadout. Select weapon add-ons can be equipped on some secondary weapons.


P250%20PistolP250The P250 is a new entry into the ever-popular polymer frame pistol market. Designed in Switzerland and capable of swapping barrels to accommodate different ammunition (not in game), the P250 is one of the most modular pistols available today.
P2000%20PistolP2000The P2000 is a very modern pistol designed in Germany. Built with the experience taken from various law enforcement agencies, the P2000 is found in the armories of many counter-terrorist units around the world.
Vertec%20PistolVertecBased on the legendary M92 pistol, the M92 Vertec is a modernized pistol with swappable grip plates and tactical rail accommodating a variety of accessories, such as flashlights and lasers.

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rilfes are equipped in the Equipment slot in a load-out. Unlike other weapons, selecting a load-out containing a Sniper Rifle in-match does not guarantee use of the gun.

For each team, a limited number of ‘Designated Snipers’ will be assigned. The maximum number of designated snipers available to a team depends on the team size – larger teams can have more designated snipers. Selecting a load-out that contains a Sniper Rifle in its Equipment slot will place a player in the designated sniper queue. Currently, the sniper queue is not visible.

Designated snipers are selected at the beginning of every round. Players who are designated as snipers will have their Sniper Rifle replace their Primary Weapon (i.e. pressing the ‘1’ key will select the Sniper Rifle). Players who are not designated as snipers will instead have access to the Primary Weapon equipped in their selected load-out.

SPR%20Sniper%20RifleSPRThe SPR is a highly accurized rifle designed for police marksmen. Extremely effective for medium range engagements.


The following weapon add-ons can be applied to guns equipped in the Primary and Secondary Weapon slots in a load-out. Please note that not all add-ons can be applied to any gun – in fact, some guns cannot be equipped with any add-ons at all.

ACOG%20Scope%20Add-OnACOG ScopeAllows for the weapon to be zoomed 4x.
Silencer%20Add-OnSilencerMuffles the sound and flash effects of the gun

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