Sword Girls Child Ginger Deck Guide

Sword Girls Child Ginger Deck Guide by Sacredwisp

The basic idea of the deck is get ridiculous followers on the field, dish out tones of damage, get them back in your hand with Child ginger, and then discard them with numerous cards so your opponent cant get life off of you by destroying them, while you buff more cards by doing so and get stronger followers on the field. The deck only uses size 6 and 4 followers, so you can drop 2 4s and a spell, or 1 6 and 2 spells, or a 4 and a 6. Having only two followers isn’t a bad thing either, since Child ginger only buffs 2 anyway. This deck also uses a mix of crux and Academy since, they have cards like – discard the first crux card in your hand – so you can get rid of you damaged cards. Heres the deck:


Im jump right into the card explanation for this one, because as I said, this is not a complicated deck, Its a simple deck following a concept.

Knight marksman and Bloody Lady – The big guns. If you only have one follower on the field that’s even better. They will get to counter all enemies, while taking a lot of damage, but so what? Discard them next turn and you will be fine.

Sweet Lady Isfelt and Guide Rio – 4 Size OP cards immune to sense of belonging, good enough.

SS agent Nine and Crux Pintail – Your main 4 size folowers, good all round and can sweep little guys.

Result of education – Discard your damaged card and get the next one a +4/4 buff, this is what makes this deck possible.

Meditation – Why not? You discard a card, debuff another and get your opponent to discard some too. Could be potentially removed for something else though.

Negotiation table – two 4s + Negotiation table will give a big buff, or play it with knight marksman to give +6STA, on top of the 3 DEF and good luck killing it.

Pranks Price – Throw out useless cards and get rid of potentially deadly cards.

Magic stone found – Kinda like result of education but oriented more towards discarding the Academy cards.

Forced entry – Drop this in slot 1, a random spell in slot 2, then Bloody lady or Knight marksman in 3, then litteraly any card dies, excpet for one of those Dress up ones played without the buff, but they cant be played in slot 3 anyway.

-edit- sense of belonging would destroy this deck if I only have Knight marksman or Bloody lady on the field, but I can’t seem to find a viable counter.

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