Sword Girls Crux Strategy Guide

Sword Girls Crux Strategy Guide by projarrod

I just want to start by saying these opinions are mine and mine alone, what I say is not law and I am not trying to say this is the only way to play Crux but in my opinion this is the most viable way to play.

In my opinion a lot of people are new players and they seem to think Crux is built around buffing a card as high as possible with spells and character buffs but I’m afraid that is only half correct and in my opinion is a very poorly built deck for a few reasons which I will list.

1. In a battle of “Buffs” you will lose, Dark lore has a ton of strongest buffs then Crux or any other faction atm. If your looking for a deck to throw a card out there and have it be a power house from turn 1 I suggest you switch to Dark lore.

2. In most straight up card vs card battles crux will actually lose if your facing a good and intelligent player.
So wait? They lose in straight up battles and buffs? Ya they do, that doesn’t mean they suck though as they do have one advantage compared to most decks. You see Crux buffs are usually Stamina and Attack which is something most other decks don’t have they usually have pure attack or defense and once in awhile just pure stamina. So what does this mean? It means that Crux has the strongest cards “buffed” overtime with there own abilities. By this I mean there Character card and cards such as Flag Knight etc..

Now, if they can’t win straight up battles then how can they stay on the field and get these buffs in order to become unstoppable powerhouses…. “Debuffs”, highly underrated atm but the most important cards in a crux deck are Debuffs. Currently Debuffs are FAR stronger then buffs, there is no buff that can even compare to the power of Shrink. Another type of card is “Power Swaps” aka cards that swap power from one card to another such as Swap spell.

Now that we got that down lets talk about some core Crux cards, these are cards all crux decks should atleast have some of them. I don’t mean every card, just a few cards in this list atleast.

Flag Knight Frett((Should be in any deck you possibly make))
Crux Knight Pintail(Only suggest 1, maybe 2 at most)
Seeker Lydia((Should be in any deck you possibly make))
Echo Light
Seeker Seinfield
Crux Knight Sinclair(Crux version of Undertaker)
Seeker Melissa
Seeker Lucia

Swap Spell
Saint’s Blessing
Meadow Leisure
Shield Break
Sentry’s Testimony
Empowering Chant
Shoddy Magic
Sisters Letter
Sense of Belonging
Proof of Miracles
Mother Demon Rumor
Luthica’s Ward

That is a lot of magic so clearly don’t use all of them just the ones that fit best into your deck. Anyway that is all I really have to say and I might get a flamed a bit for my opinions but thats fine I’ll take them as they come. i hope atleast someone who loves crux finds this useful.

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