Marvel Avengers Alliance Thing Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Thing Information by BlackwindIsao

The Thing, Bruiser, 40 CP

Cannot be affected by bleed status.

Level 1: Single target, unarmed, melee. Deals moderate damage and exploits slow for additional damage. VERY low stamina cost.
Level 2: Attack All. Deals moderate low damage to all targets and inflicts slow (reduces evasion 25%). Misses flyers (?). Consumes ~15% stamina.
Level 6: Single Target, Ranged. 1 round cooldown. Deals moderate high damage and has a chance to stun the target. LOW HIT RATE. Consumes ~20% stamina.
Level 9: Self Buff. 1 round cooldown. Thing will protect party members from single target attacks by taking them himself. During this time he has a shield that has ~25% of his max HP and he CANNOT evade any attacks. Lasts one round. Consumes ~10% stamina.

ISO: Accuracy, accuracy and some more accuracy.

Team Suggestions: Spiderman, Dr. Strange.

Notes: REALLY needs some accuracy but his moves consume diddly for stamina. It may be best just to use his L1 and L2 moves with his L9 sprikled in from time to time. Gizmo is nice when it stuns but the exploit will have you doing more damage with Clobbering Time (L1) than you’ll ever get out of Gizmo and you’ll hit ALOT more often to boot.

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