Marvel Avengers Alliance Iron Man Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Iron Man Information by Yankee_In_TX

Free attack: decent damage initially, but not all that strong compared to other heroes. Low stamina to use it.
Level 2 attack: Hits all enemies and chance to set them on fire. Not the highest damage but doesn’t cost much stamina.
Level 6 attack: Shield – a shield forms with life points. Good to throw out to avoid having to heal Iron Man. Again, doesn’t cost a lot of stamina.
Level 9 attack: Less powerful on inital hit than his level one but gains significant power as you use it more (2 turn max build up) and can crit for a ton of damage (set it up with Cyc) when fully powered. Unlike the rest of his arsenal this move does cost a decent chunk of stamina so it may be hard to spam over extended periods

Pros: Seems to have enough health and stamina to always stick around in a fight.
Cons: Doesn’t do a ton of damage.

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