Marvel Avengers Alliance Shields and Force Fields Guide

Marvel Avengers Alliance Shields and Force Fields Guide by Cidolfas

Only shields which actually absorb damage are included. Buffs such as “Mirror Image” has the same animation like a shield, but since it does not actually absorb damage, it is not get included here.

How multiple-shield stacking works:
Shields which are in the same category replace each other. Shields from different categories can be stacked.
Format: “Shield_name (source)”

Category A: Magnetic Field (Magnetic Field Generator gadget), Force Field (Invisible Woman), Shield (Force Field Generator gadget), Shield (The Pawn gadget), Deflector Shield (Iron Man), Energized Shield (Iron Man Mark 5 Armor passive), Light of the Seraphim (Dr. Strange’s Modern costume “Defender” passive), Magic Shield (Scarlet Witch’s Probability Field), Shield of the Seraphim (Dr. Strange) and Norton Shield (item), Mirror Field (Mirror Field Generator gadget).
Category B: Stonewall (Thing).
Category C: Fourth Field (“Reactive Shield” buff from Invisible Woman’s Future Foundation costume.)
Category D: Cone of Silence (Cable’s “Cone of Silence” passive.)

CategoryShield name
SourceStrengthDuration (turns)Target(s)Effect
ABrave ProtectorGolden Shield (SO5 Daily Reward roulette item)45% of Base Health1One allyProtect allies (against single target attacks).
AConstruct MatrixConstruct Matrix21% of Agent’s Base Health1All alliesRestores health over time.
(heals between 1.8 – 2.1 times Poison)
ADeflector ShieldIron Man40% of Base Health2SelfPrevents stun.
AEnergized ShieldIron Man Mark 5 Armor40% of Base Health3Self, passivePrevents stun and restores stamina.
(stamina restored is 50% of “Recharge”)
AForce FieldInvisible Woman27.8% of IW’s Base Health2All allies
ALight of the Seraphim“Defender” passive
(Dr. Strange’s Modern costume)
24% of Dr. Strange’s Max Health1Self, passive
(“Defender” passive applies for all allies and lasts for the rest of the battle.)
(“Defender” passive randomly applies shield to attacked allies.)
AMagic ShieldScarlet Witch’s Probability Field55.5% of SW’s Base Health1Random ally/allies
AMagnetic FieldMagneto, Magnetic Field Generator22% of Max HealthUnlimitedAll alliesGrants additional turn when shield is broken.&
AMirror FieldMirror Field Generator30% of Max HealthUnlimitedOne allyReflects damage.
ANanite Electromagnetic ShieldNanite Inductive Nailgun (PVP Season 2 “Diamond League” reward)20% of Max Health2Self
(“Nanite Inductive Gun” will renew the shield every time it is used, either in attacking or counter-attacking.)
ANorton ShieldNorton Shield (Extinct gift-able, roulette and deploy reward)25% of Max Health3One allyRemoves all debuffs and prevents new application.
ARayshieldRayshield Generator (SO6 Daily Reward roulette gadget)?Unlimited (?)SelfShield becomes stronger for each stack of Cosmic Energy on Agent.
Prevents Radiation Exposure.
(“Rayshield Generator” generates “Cosmic Energy” buff which increases defense and stacks up to 5 times.)
AShieldThe Pawn (Limited Edition gadget)15% of Max Health1Self
AShieldForce Field Generator15% of Max Health1All allies
AShield of the SeraphimDr. Strange48% of Dr. Strange’s Max Health1One ally
ASmall Kinetic Shield“Predictive Shielding” buff
(Psylocke’s “Kinetic Shield” move without “Psionic Shadow”)
16.7% of Psylocke’s Base Health2Self
(“Predictive Shielding” buff effect:
Preemptively creates a shield when attacked. Does not replace currently active shield. Always creates a new shield if the character has no other A-type shield on.)
(Psylocke’s “Kinetic Shield” simultaneously grants “Mental Shield” buff.)
(“Mental Shield” buff effect:
Immune to psychic attacks. Removes and prevents psychic debuffs.)
ALarge Kinetic Shield“Predictive Shielding” buff
(Psylocke’s “Kinetic Shield” move with “Psionic Shadow”)
33.3% of Psylocke’s Base Health2Self
(“Predictive Shielding” buff effect:
Preemptively creates a shield when attacked.)
(Psylocke’s “Kinetic Shield” simultaneously grants “Mental Shield” buff.)
(“Mental Shield” buff effect:
Immune to psychic attacks. Removes and prevents psychic debuffs.)
BStonewallThing25% of Max Health1SelfProtects allies against single target attacks.
Grants additional turn and restores stamina if attacked.
Thing can’t dodge.
CFourth Field“Reactive Shields” buff
(Invisible Woman Future Foundation costume)
10% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelf
(“Reactive Shields” buff applies to all allies and lasts 4 turns.)
(“Reactive Shields” buff effect:
Renews “Fourth Field” after every attack.)
D1Cone of SilenceCable’s “Cone of Silence” passive15% of Max Health1Self
?Reflective Shield?????2

When taking damage, the shields will work on first-come-first-serve basis. That means, the shields which are applied first will take damage first, regardless of the categories.
* Update for Base Health: Base Health is now the health of a character including PVP bonus, but without ISO bonus.
1 Assuming IW’s “Fourth Field” doesn’t overwrite Cable’s “Cone of Silence.”
2 “Reflective Shield” is mentioned in ToyMaker’s post:….k-of-8-31-2012, but I have never encountered this shield yet. Inputs will be much appreciated!
& Probably due to a bug, the extra turn will still be granted upon the destruction of “Magnetic Field” even if the character already has “Exhaustion” status.

Additional section:
Shields used by villains:

Shield Name
Duration (turns)
Electron ShellMagneto (C4M4)50% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelfBlocks attacks from neutrally or negatively charged characters.
Does not block attacks from positively charged characters.
This effect overwrites “Ignore Defense” attribute.
Positron ShellMagneto (C4M4)50% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelfBlocks attacks from neutrally or positively charged characters.
Attacks from neutrally or positively charged characters only do 1 damage per hit to “Positron Shell.”
Does not block attacks from negatively charged characters.
This effect overwrites “Ignore Defense” attribute.
Graviton ShieldMagneto (C2M5)27% of Max Health2SelfCountering attacks while shield is active.
Will not attack while the shield is active.
Kinetic ShieldVectorUnlimited2SelfWhen attacked, counters with “Retaliation Blast” (damages character and applies 3x “Incoming Vector.”)
Increases damage when attacked (Vector gains “Outgoing Vector” status).
After the shield expires, Vector attacks with “Kinetic Blast” (damages character and applies “Decreased Velocity.”)
Blast ShieldFixer26% of Max Health2SelfOnly blocks blast damage.
Has been confirmed to block attacks from:
1. “Tick tick tick….” (Fixer gains small health, then the shield is gone)
2. Vapor’s “Gas Explosion” (Blocks damage normally)
3. Human Torch’s “Nova Blast” (Blocks damage normally)
4. Human Torch’s “Fireball” (Blocks damage normally)
Ideological ShieldTactical Force39% of Max Health3Self
Suspended AnimationAbomination25% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelfGains health each turn. Skips turn until the shield is removed.
Force FieldCrius Sentinel&24% of Max Health2Self
Force FieldPrime Sentinel#22% of Max Health2Self
Force FieldOmega Sentinel#15% of Max Health2Self
ShieldBR-Beta15% of Max Health1Self
ShieldM-Series Sigma MK III$ (SO6 M3)15% of Max Health1Self
A.I.M Personal ShieldDirector (higher chapter missions)33% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelf, passive
Trickster ShieldLoki (C5M5)65% of Max Health2SelfGains a damage increase if attacked while shield is active.
Loki gains “Fiendish Trick” buff (stacks and lasts 6 turns).
Conducting MatrixLiving Pharaoh (SO6 M2 Epic Boss)20% of Max HealthUnlimitedSelfCharging Cosmic Energy for a devastating attack.
(Living Pharaoh will unleash “Fires of Ra” and “Hammer of Geb” on the next round and the shield will be removed.)
ShutdownDestroyer (?)????
Dampening ShieldVector (C10M5)????

& The name of the move is “Disinclination Field”, but the shield name is “Force Field”
# The name of the move is “Defense Array”, but the shield name is “Force Field”
$ The name of the move is “Personal Defense Mechanism”, but the shield name is “Shield”

Last update: 2/15/2013

Definition of a shield:
Shield or Force Field is a protective wall buff which – if the incoming damage is less than the shield’s strength, the attack does not ignore defense and penetrate shield, and not a psychic attack – have 100% chance to activate and could absorb the entire incoming damage in place of the character being protected[1][2]. Furthermore, the shield will show a certain amount of hit points after taking the attack, unless the shield is completely destroyed or have unlimited strength[3].

[1] The easiest way to test whether a shield or the character taking the damage is to see if you still have the “Perfect Strategy” bonus at the end of battle. If you still retain the “Perfect Strategy” bonus despite taking the damage, that means, it was the shield/force field (or any kind of protective wall) which actually took the damage, not the character.

[2] Thing’s “Stonewall” is considered as a shield since it passed the “Perfect Strategy” test. You still retain the bonus even after Thing’s “Stonewall” got hit. It’s like Thing set up some kind of a wall in front of him to take damage instead of Thing itself. This, I would consider a ‘shield’ in itself. On the other hand, Colossus’ “Steel Fortress/Curtain” and Emma’s “Diamond Body” do not satisfy part of the criterion since you will lost the “Perfect Strategy” bonus if those characters are hit while the protections are still active. This implies that the characters themselves took the (reduced) damage, and thus, their abilities are not included in this thread.

[3] While Vector’s “Kinetic Shield”, Invisible Woman’s “Force Cage” and Baron Mordo’s “Crimson Band of Cyttorak” protect the character and have unlimited strength, only Vector’s “Kinetic Shield” is considered as a shield because it’s a buff-type effect. IW’s ‘Force Cage” and Baron Mordo’s “Crimson Band of Cyttorak” are not considered as a shield because they are debuff-type. With the same argument, Grey Gargoyle’s “Complete Petrification” is also removed from the list since it’s a debuff-type effect.

[4] Some shields may only block or pass certain type of attacks or characters with certain attributes, for example Magneto’s and Fixer’s shields.

[5] Due to constant (undocumented) updates of the game, the shield strength may be a little bit different from what we have calculated initially. For example, Iron Man’s “Deflector Shield” strength is now 40% of his Base Health (previously 55.5%). I have not checked every shields’ strength (and will not check every time we have an update), so the numbers listed may not be perfectly accurate. Apologize for the inconvenience. On the other hand, if you are a detail-crazy person (and more detail-crazy than me) and would like to keep this guide accurate, feel free to let me know of any inaccuracies and I will give you credit. Thanks!

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