Marvel Avengers Alliance Black Cat Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Black Cat Information by BlackwindIsao

Black Cat, Infiltrator, 25 CP

Level 1: 3 hit, single target, slashing melee attack. Deals moderate low damage and inflicts bleed. Relatively low stamina cost.
Level 2: Single hit, unarmed melee attack. Deals moderate damage and inflicts ‘unlucky’ status (reduces accuracy and evasion of the target (25%?)). LARGE stamina cost (~25%)
Level 6: Free action, Self Buff. 1 turn cooldown. Increases Black Cat’s stats (~25%?) for the turn that it is active. Relatively low stamina cost.
Level 9: 2 hit, single target unarmed melee attack. Deals moderate high damage. Costs ~20% stamina.

ISO: HP. Attack. Defense.

Team suggestions: Wolverine.

Notes: Her attacks seem to have a fairly large bonus to damage when attack is added through ISO. Can anyone give me data on what Cat scratch, Unlucky Strike and Nevre Strike damage looks like for a 3 or 4 bar attack stat for somewhere in the 20 – 25 range? As it is her Nerve chop at 2 bars is almost as good as a 4 bar Tidal Fist.

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2 Responses

  1. Allan Tham says:

    Her level 9 exploits bleeds. My black cat was doing 2k x2 with nerve chop +5 bleeding +stroke of luck.

    Her new uniform has the Catty passive which gives her cat scratch 3 stacks of bleeding instead of one. Get it while you can. Turn 1 scratch for 3 stacks, hopefully a tactician so you get her infil bonus, turn two stroke of luck and blow them down with nerve chop, usually enough to kill just about anyone you see in PVP.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Use cat scratch, followed by level 6 then nerve chop. It deals a great amount of damage..

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