Lime Odyssey Class Skill Builds Guide

Lime Odyssey Class Skill Builds Guide by GreenColin


Cleric Skill Build here

Skill Explanation:

Blessing – Who wouldn’t get this? Great for soloing and parties
Heaven’s Strike – I don’t know exactly how this skill works, but its a great heal and can be a life saver.
Tenet – This will be your main source of damage
Health Mastery – This is the main reason to even get skills in the Training Side. This skill adds 10% Health at max level. This skill will be amazing for soloing, PVP, and dungeons.

Metaphysical Mastery – Very important for getting extra damage out
Stardust – This is only at level one because it has a 50% chance to reset moondust and the damage isn’t great at later levels
Remedy – Your first heal. Only get it so you can get Medica
Medica – This will be your main heal, because it has a fairly low CD, and good healing rate.
Consecrate – Removes Debuffs, duh.
Resurrection – Very important! You will NEED this
Moondust – Your main attack skill
Soulsand – Removes Debuffs, duh.
Holy Reign – Your only AoE Heal. Very important.
Blessing Mastery – I prefer this over Sanctus. This passive is very very important.
Holy Prayer – Your super save button! Slap this on the Tank to help an ally or use Medica for a quick burst of heals.
Integral Healing – Now this is debatable… You could get rid of Heaven’s Strike and Holy Prayer to get this skill up to 5. Or you could just keep it at 1 for an instant mini heal.


Mage Skill Build here

Skill Explanation:

Book Mastery – You will be using a book because they will have better crits.
Intelligence Boost – Use this to get a good damage boost.
Cremate – A very important source of damage + DoT’s
Corruption – Another DoT and a great source of damage.
Soul Shackle – The main reason to be getting Darkness skills. Your “OH S***” button for when you’re in trouble.

Magic Crit Mastery – More crits!
Frozen Missile – Your enemies get slowed, for your emergencies!
Glacial Spines – A good AoE, mostly just for getting Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero – Keep this at level 1, you won’t be using it for the damage anyways
Fireball – Your main source of damage
Meteor Strike – Keep this at level one. Even though the cast time increases, the CD gets super high. The initial damage doesn’t get much higher, but the DoTs get crazy good. We already have enough DoT’s anyways
Elemental Mastery – Perfect for damage
Arcane Force – Your Super Power boost


Thief Skill Build here

Skill Explanation:

Fire Strike – Reduces your enemy’s defense. Great for a burst of damage.
Hide in Shadows – Used to hide from your enemy. A perfect skill
Venom Enchant – Your main reason to get anything in the Assassination tree. A great source of damage
Blade Swarm – The skill to use when you want to get out of invisibility

Sword Mastery – Most skills in the battle tree require a sword, so this is a must.
Precision Mastery – Needed to increase your accuracy!
Sprint – Great for a quick escape
Evasion – Increasing your evasion is needed for those hard boss fights!
Precise Strike – A great burst of damage that can knock a target unconscious if you’re invisible.
Vorpal Sting – A ranged move, perfect for melee classes.
Backtrack – Great for running enemies or getting somewhere quick.
Phantom – Just in case you get aggro


Warrior Skill Build here

Skill Explanation:

Weapon Mastery – Increase dat damage!
Blade Strike – Has a good bonus damage chance
Cross Edge – Your second main source of damage
Grapple – To keep your enemies from getting too close or to run away
Shield Splinter – Your main source of damage

Defense Mastery – Increasing your defense in important!
Bull Rush – Similar to the thief’s skill. Very important for getting to an enemy fast
Provoke – Increases your malice rate by a ton! Great for helping out teammates
Resistance Mastery – Very very very important!!
Stone Wall – Great for enemies with high accuracy
Defense Boost – A great skill to use after bull rush in a mob
Lion’s Roar – Even more provoke skills
Shield Mastery – More defense!

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