Lime Odyssey Thief Guide

Lime Odyssey Thief Guide by AzureNoir

Basic Thief InformationWhen you look at Lime Odyssey’s thief class, these are the qualities that stick out:

  • Fast Attack Speed
  • Evasion
  • High Physical Attack Damage
  • Low Defense
  • Flexibility In Any Situation (if built and played correctly)

With these qualities in mind, one would say that the thief is a challenging class. I would only recommend this class to those who have much more experience with online games that also include a class with similarly low defense.

In case you weren’t aware, your stats grow automatically every time you level. So for basic knowledge, the thief’s base stats are:

Level 1

  • Strength – 8
  • Vitality – 8
  • Dexterity – 15
  • Talent- 14
  • Intellect – 10
  • Wisdom- 5

Level 50
(Current Level Cap)

  • Strength – 173
  • Vitality – 216
  • Dexterity- 240
  • Talent- 88
  • Intellect – 159
  • Wisdom – 115

Note: There are no differences between races.

“Agility is a stat you absolutely need. It affects your ability to evade attacks, so you should stack up on it because with high agility, you’ll be able to deliver critical hits while dodging most attacks in order to compensate for your low defense.” — Korean Wiki

Choosing a weapon for your thief:

When you look at your skill tree, you’ll see one side called Battle and the other called Assassination. Some of the skills on each side require a specific weapon to be equipped in order to be used. The “Battle” side requires a 1 Handed Sword to be used with most of its skills while “Assassination” requires Daggers. Swords will give you a stat increase in dexterity whereas daggers will boost your vitality. Dual-wielding is limited to the “Assassination” tree. The choice between dexterity and vitality is based on your preferences.

Your thief’s skills:

As mentioned above, the skills of the thieves are the battle and assassination trees. You don’t have to solely stick to one side for your thief. Also, depending on your tastes, it’s simply a matter of configuring the skill tree to your liking and to what you think will benefit you the most. Click for the thief’s skills.

Thief solo/party play:

Note: When playing as a thief, the difficulty of playing solo also depends on your location. For example the starting location for Turga is on a higher difficulty level compared to the starting location of the Muris.

Thieves are tough to play when they are at a low level mainly because of their low defense. Vitality should be prioritized early on. If you lack health potions or a chef’s dishes, you’ll be sitting quite frequently after battles which will hinder your progress remarkably. It’s safe to say that around level 16, soloing will become just a bit easier.

As you level your skills, you’ll gain a lot more skills to use against your opponent that will save you large amounts of HP. In some cases, if you use a skill that has a chance of stunning the opponent, you’ll gain an advantage and be able to deal damage without losing health for the stun’s duration. There aren’t a lot of skills to use in case of an emergency – when and how you use all the skills available is highly dependent on you.

When you’re in a party, a correctly built thief can hold their own very well with healing from the clerics and the warriors tanking for them. However, be very careful not to steal the enemy’s attention away from the tank or you’ll be sent home crying tears of agony.

Trade skills for your thief:

The trade classes consist of chefs, blacksmiths, and tailors. Any one of these would work for a thief. As a blacksmith, you can forge various weapons for added stats and effects. Tailoring will allow you to create leather or cloth armor. Being a chef allows you to cook all kinds of combat efficient meals that will boost your recovery rate or add additional buffs to your thief. (From my own experience, I believe being a chef is much more suited for a thief – for healing and buff reasons) The thief class is suitable for any of the life classes, so choose one based on your own tastes.

Thieves In Action!!!

Here are some videos of the Thief class in action.

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