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EpicDuel Frequently Asked Questions by AVA

Player Equipment and Quests

1. Where is _____? Where can I get? You can always check the EpicDuel Wiki for the locations of certain items. If there is not an item that you know the location of there, feel free to include it.

2. Are there disadvantages to using a weapon outside of my class (i.e. Mercenaries using a sword as opposed to a Mace) There are no disadvantages to such a move other than not being able to use skills in your Skill Tree that require a specific weapon. If you want to know which skills require a class-specific weapon such as a Mace for Mercenaries, a Wristblade for Bounty Hunters, or a Staff for Tech Mages, in should say so in the description of the skill in-game.

3. What is the best weapon for a The notion of “best” is relative because what one considers the “best” weapon is not necessarily indicative of your perception of “best.” With that said, simply browse around different shops and/or the EpicDuel Wiki and evaluate weapons based on your preferences. Do you want a weapon for pure damage and minimal stat bonuses? Do you want a physical or energy weapon? Which stat bonuses suit your build and style of play? All of these are merely a few of the plethora of factors needed to be considered in order to deem a weapon the “best” for one’s situation.

4. How can I win a Hoverbike/Assault Bot/Junkyard Crawler from Valestra’s Arcade? What is the drop rates for the prizes? If you win the battle while playing in the Arcade, you will have a chance to win the Hoverbike/Assault Bot/Junkyard Crawler as well as several other prizes. It cost 5 Battle Tokens per Arcade Battle. You have a 27.6% chance to win something every time you play. However, the Hoverbike/Assault Bot/Junkyard Crawler is much harder to win.


5. What is the highest level at this time? Where is the best place to farm Gold and/or EXP? The highest level at this time is level 34. In order to level up, 1vs1 battles are usually the best place to farm. 2vs2 battles give out more XP and Gold, but your chances of winning won’t be high as 1vs1 since your partner may slow you down. Battling NPCs is also a good option. Try finding one that is within 5 levels of your level, and once the NPC is defeated, you will earn rewards. Look here for NPC locations. Note that you can only battle a certain NPC 5 times an hour and a total of 15 NPC fights per hour.

6. Why can’t I upgrade this skill? How does the Skill Tree work? Skills that require a certain level can only be leveled up from the requirement and beyond. If you were, for instance, to begin retraining from a level after 10, you cannot level up the skill that requires you to be level 10 because your character is not level 10 or more yet. Furthermore, the Skill Tree is divided up into 4 tiers with the first horizontal line of skills being of the 1st tier and so on and so forth. In order to train a tier 2 skill, you must have trained the preceding skill(s) in that branch at least once. Individual skills may also branch out into even more branches.

7. How does one go about retraining their stats and skill tree? Simply converse with certain NPCs, click “Training?”, and pay 500 Credits to retrain your stats and skill tree. Once this happens, you will be reset to level 1 and you may retrain the same way you leveled up. Note that you may not and others may not challenge you to a battle until you are fully trained up. The NPCs that will allow you to train are as follows: Oz in Central Station, Habuki at Fortune City, Ulysses and Junker 2.0 at Minetower, and Merv in Barren Outpost.

8. What do stats do? Which should I train? HP: Increases your Health Points by 2 for each point trained. EP: Increases your Energy Points by 2 for each point trained. Strength: Increases base damage range of Primary, Side-Arm, and enhances certain skills. Dexterity: Bolsters physical defense, increases the chance to block, and enhances certain skills Technology: Boosts energy resistances, enhances certain skills, and improves the power of robots. Support: Increases chance to go first, critical strike, deflection, and rage rate; reduces chance to be stunned and enhances certain skills. Focus: Each level of focus achieved increases robot damage by +6. Higher levels of focus are achieved by building a balanced character. Reach the following stat points in strength, dexterity, technology, and support to improve your robot’s damage.

To achieved level 1 (+6 Robot Damage), you must have at least 25 Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support. To achieved level 2 (+12 Robot Damage), you must have at least 30 Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support. To achieved level 3 (+8 Robot Damage), you must have at least 35 Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support. To achieved level 4 (+24 Robot Damage), you must have at least 40 Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support. To achieved level 5 (+30 Robot Damage), you must have at least 45 Strength, Dexterity, Technology, and Support.

How to train your stats is entirely up to your style of play, preferences, as well as your class-specific skills. The approach you want to take in being one of the three classes also affects how you would train your stats. If you wanted to play an offensive-oriented build, for instance, you would train either strength or technology depending on your class and skills. If you wanted to play a more defensive-minded build, Dexterity and/or Technology should be your forte. It would also be wise to select skills whose Strengths are consistent with that of your class’ Strengths. If a skill improves with Strength, for instance, make sure your build emphasizes Strength; otherwise, you will not be as powerful as you can potentially be.

9. What is the Rage Meter? The Rage Meter was designed as a counter for highly-defensive builds (tanks) as well as a counter to players that repeatedly consume packs while waiting to use their ultimate skill. A player’s Rage Meter increases each time they attack an enemy and each time they receive damage. When the Rage Meter fills completely, all of the player’s attacks will inflict increased damage for one turn.

10. What is Faction Influence? How do I gain/lose Influence? What is the Daily Influence Tax and how does it work?

Faction Influence Influence is a number that represents your faction’s power and impact within the world of Delta V. As your faction earns more influence it will rise in the ranks of all the factions on Delta V. War charts visually represent each faction’s influence within the world.

Earning Influence 1. Faction Players earn 5 Influence points per battle 2. Holding a Capture Point earns your faction an additional 100 influence per hour per Capture Point held. 3. Losing a battle does not affect your Influence count.

Losing Influence 1. Your faction loses 20 + (10 * Contributed Battle Tokens) Influence points if a player leaves your faction. 2. Your faction loses 20 + (10 * Contributed Battle Tokens) Influence points if a player is booted out of your faction.

– Your faction doesn’t lose influence from being disconnected in battle (only way to “run away” now). – The amount of influence lost by a faction when a player is kicked or leaves depends on their Battle Token Contributions.

Daily Influence Tax by Faction Rank To encourage players to create efficient and active factions, a daily tax is applied that reduces each faction’s influence. The tax will force factions to remain active if they intend to remain on top.

This tax reduces a faction’s influence number each day depending upon the current rank of the faction. The higher the rank, the bigger the reduction. This ensures that it is easier to rise in rank, but much more difficult to maintain at the top:

1st. 20% reduction 2nd. 16% reduction 3rd. 13% reduction 4th. 11% reduction 5th. 9% reduction 6th. 7% reduction 7th. 6% reduction 8th. 5% reduction Others: No reduction

11. What is a Faction? How many Faction Officers can there be at once? How do I enter a Faction? A faction is a clan affiliated with either Exile or Legion and is comprised of 18 people, of which includes 1 Founder, 6 Officers, and 11 Members. Faction members battle alongside one another in order to garner influence and gain such awards as 1vs1 Champions and 2vs2 Champions on the Leaderboards as well as World Domination in The Faction War between Exile and Legion. You may either create your own faction for 1000 Credits and 425 Varium by clicking on the daily war bar and selecting the “create new faction” option or wait for a Founder/Officer of an existing faction to invite you into his/her faction, provided they have the room to accommodate you as a Member.

12. What are Faction Wars? What are capture points? What is the benefit of controlling a capture point? Faction Wars is a competition among factions for the sake of control over one or more of many Capture Points located around Delta V. Capture Points are valuable spots that a faction can control to gain achievements and gain faction influence points. Factions contribute Battle Tokens to control these points and compete to be the top contributor. The top contributor at a capture point will be awarded 200 faction influence points per hour for as long as they control that capture point. In addition your faction’s flag will be displayed at that capture point. An hourly tax of 25 battle tokens will applied to the top 3 factions contributing to a capture point.

13. What are Battle Tokens? What are Achievements? How do I garner Achievements? Achievements are special trophies which symbolize a plethora of events, happenings, awards, etc. Certain Achievements may only be gained through becoming an Elite player during Alpha testing, becoming a Beta tester, winning the 1vs1 or 2vs2 battle system for the day, or for participating in EpicDuel’s millionth battles. Other Achievements may be purchases for Battle Tokens via NPCs that access the Achievement Shop. Currently, Battle Tokens only allow one to purchase Achievements, and are gained through winning battles. In future releases, the jurisdiction of Battle Tokens will be extended to cover rare items and a plethora of other rewards.

14. How do I change my class? What will happen to my character after the change? To change your class, visit an NPC that offers Class Change in game and change your base class for a price for either 900 Varium or 50,000 Credits. May also change back to the same class or a different one for the same price. Changing classes will un-equip all your class-specific items, and you will have to retrain your stats from Level 1, but will keep all your battle records, and experience points. All current items in your inventory will also be kept, but class-specific items will not be usable with the new class.

15. How and where can I change my charactername? You can change your charactername for 1100 Varium at certain NPCs that offers name chance in-game. Changing names reserves any previous ones for you, so no one else can take them.

16. I want to create a stratagem with my teammate, but I do not want the other team to see. Like before you need to click the box with “Ally Chat” beside. This will enable you to talk with your teammate without the opposing team being able to view the chat.

17. How do I log all of the chat going on? There is a “log chat” button both in and out of battle; once you click this button, it will appear as ticked. This means that in the top middle of the screen a log of the chat said will be recorded for you to see.

18. How can I chat with my friend privately? First of all, you must add them as a friend. Once this is done, you can click on the friends button in the bottom right hand corner; then, once you have the box with your friends up, you click the chat box button when your friend’s name on the list is selected. This brings up a box where you can privately chat.

19. Someone’s harassing me/using inappropriate language/etc – what do I do? When this occurs, simply report the player in question. In order to do this, click on the player, click on the exclamation mark, select the appropriate offense the player committed or “other” if the offense does not fall in any of the other categories, and click “Report Player”.

20. What course of action is recommended when I identify a cheater/scammer/abuser or when someone requests my log-in information? It is recommended that you either use the in-game reporting function to report the player directly or PM any Moderator on the forums with sufficient proof (screenshot, etc) that the player in question is, indeed, what you say he is. As for your log-in information, the ED and AE Staff will NEVER ask you for such information.

21. How do I designate a new home town that I will appear in upon log-in? Simply travel to the map you wish to designate as your home town. Once you have done this, click on the map and click “Set as Home Town”.

22. How do I get more friend and inventory space? You may purchase more slots for your Buddy List and Inventory at certain NPCs in-game. 10 slots for Buddy List cost 975 Varium: MerchBot – Fortune City ; Ulysses/Kraggor – Minetower ; M4tr1x – Overlord Facility 10 slots for Inventory cost 750 Varium: Selina/Ulysses/Kraggor – Minetower ; M4tr1x – Overlord Facility

23. “When will _____ happen?” “When is _____ coming out?” “What is going to happen next !?” “Is _____ going to be released?” “Will _____ go rare?” We as players and fans of EpicDuel have no idea when future events will occur or the like aside from the announcements made on the EpicDuel forums / homepage. Usually, EpicDuel releases are on Friday, but there is no definite release schedule; new content is released when it is ready, and at the discretion of the EpicDuel Staff.

24. I encountered a player with a yellow or green name. Who are they and what do they do? Those players with a yellow name would be members of the Artix Entertainment Staff, while those with a green name would be members of the EpicDuel Staff. Such staff members perform a plethora of functions including but not limited to working to improve EpicDuel and/or any of the Artix Entertainment games as coders, artists, testers, etc. Other staff would include Moderators on the forums.


26. How do you get to Character Pages? You can get to your character’s page by going to the Bazaar and click on “Character Details” from the NPC Zedmyr. If you want to see someone else’s character page, type their name in at the end of the URL. If there is already someone’s name in the URL box, simply take it out and replace the two names. http://www.epicduel.com/charpage.asp?id= is the default link to the character pages. (Note that this will take you to nobody’s character page and you will have to type the person’s name in.)


01. What is Varium? How can I obtain Varium? Varium is a form of currency in EpicDuel used, sometimes in conjunction with Credits, to access powerful weapons, advanced armors, unique styles, make factions, customize your home, and more. In order to obtain Varium, Varium is purchasable here. Each Varium package also comes a healthy amount of Credits.

quote: Varium is a unique element with the properties of a metal and the qualities of a living organism. Unlike the metals found on the periodic table, Varium “grows” in a fashion similar to plants, it’s molecular structure going through a bizarre synthesis to replicate and increase in size and volume. It would appear that heat is the catalyst for growth, but Varium’s mysteries are far from being entirely unraveled. The most that can be said for this strange and desirable metal is that it is extraordinarily versatile and thus yields value with no foreseeable ceiling.

02. What is an “Elite” player? What is a “Founder”? What is a Beta Tester? What is a Gamma Tester? “Elite” EpicDuel players are those who upgraded during the Alpha testing prior to EpicDuel’s merger with Artix Entertainment. Such players received “Unlimited Varium” as their reward before this was discontinued along with Founder status, the perks that go along with it. Elites also received 20000 Varium and a free Hoverbike to compensate for the discontinuation of “Unlimited Varium”.

A “Founder” is an EpicDuel player who purchases Varium during the first month of Varium’s introduction. Such players that payed $20 received the Founder Achievement as part of their purchase. Such players during that time that payed $35 or more received both the Founder Achievement and the Founder Armor as part of their purchase.

Beta Testers include all those who participated in the beta phase of EpicDuel’s launch. Those “Founders” of EpicDuel along with those who purchases Varium subsequent to the Founder phase all received rare Beta weapons with excellent bonuses, including a Beta weapon of their specific class.

Gamma Testers include all those who participated in the gamma phase of EpicDuel’s launch. Those who payed $35 during the Gamma phase received the Gamma Bike, along with their purchase. Those who payed $50 during the Gamma phase received both the Gamma Bike and the Gamma Bot, along with their purchase.

Technical Issues

How do I enable my Master Account to play EpicDuel?

  • Sign into your Master Account.
  • Click on the “Account” section and click the” Link Game Accounts” link.
  • Select an Artix Entertainment game, fill in your log-in information for the game in question, and click “Link to Master Account”.
  • Repeat the aforementioned steps with your accounts for the other Artix Entertainment games. Do bear in mind that, in order to be able to play EpicDuel, you must first link any of the game accounts that you have upgraded to Membership/Guardianship/Dragon Amulet Holder/Star Captain to this Master Account or you will have to link an account you created for EpicDuel before Beta Evolution started.
  • Click on the “EpicDuel” button either under “Games” or “Account” to go to the EpicDuel log-in site.
  • You have two options, from here: [8a] “Register New Account” (if you do have a pre-Beta Evolution EpicDuel account or just want a new character), or [8b] link your pre-Beta Evolution EpicDuel account to your Master Account.
  • To create a new EpicDuel account, go to the “Create New EpicDuel Game Account” section of the site and select “Activate EpicDuel Game Account”.
  • To link your pre-Beta Evolution EpicDuel, go to the “Link old EpicDuel Game Account” section of the site and fill the form out with your account’s login information and select “Link EpicDuel Account”.
  • You should now be able to play EpicDuel! Either go to the EpicDuel website and press the “Play” button to get to this link and log in, or you can stay on the EpicDuel site at the BattleOn Master Account Manager website and press ‘Play Now!”
  • Enter your BattleOn Master Account log-in information on the site and you can now start playing.

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