EpicDuel Factions Guide

EpicDuel Factions Guide by SMGS

Table of Contents
The Faction War and Faction War Bar
Influential Factions
Hierarchy System
Faction Statistics
Faction Leaderboards
Faction Headquarters
Faction Battlestations
Capture Points


As one of the most complicated features in EpicDuel, factions play a huge part in EpicDuel’s Community.
The Faction War between Legion and Exile has been ongoing for as long as most can remember!
Factions are basically a group of players who fight together toward a common cause. Today, factions are created for various reasons. Factions can have up to 18 Players in total.

This guide will explain features that are quite difficult to understand.

The Faction War and Faction War Bar

The Faction War is the ongoing War between two alignments – Legion and Exile.


The Legion

The Legion are those loyal to Baelius and trust in their benevolent leader to rule Delta V. Before the War, Baelius’ brutal methods of maintaining order caused a split amongst his labor-force. Those that dissented joined the Uprising, a rebellious group of brigands and profiteers who sought to form a coup against Baelius. Those who believed the resistance was the cause of Baelius’ ruthless punishment formed The Legion. These loyalists were essentially fighting a two-front battle: They had to put down the Uprising where they could with one hand and steel themselves against the brutality of Baelius’ totalitarian reprisal with the other.

Some say The Legion’s staunch devotion is folly. Others believe The Legion are the hardened defenders of a renewed future of prosperity and peace on Delta V.

For The Legion, the return to Delta V from exile was the beginning of a new era. A new war has begun for them, one which they must not lose if they wish to see order restored to a broken and divided Delta V. The Legion will stand against the chaos-mongers and fight for a final victory on a world they wish to call home once again.

Will you fight for the future of Delta V? Will you fight for Baelius’ forgotten army?

The Exiles

The term “Exile” describes anyone banished during the War when Baelius’ “Efficiency Solution” went into effect. Yet, only those who fought for the Uprising wear this badge with pride.

Throughout its history, the human race has proven time and again that it will not suffer an oppressive ruler. Baelius was no exception. The Uprising formed as a direct result of his tightening grip and the cries of “This will not stand!” shook Baelius’ citadel walls and echoed through the mines. The Uprising fought tooth and nail against the hardened Legion forces and their endless ranks of automated reinforcements. With Oz, an ex-Shock Trooper as their leader, the Uprising scratched inch by inch to the brink of victory.

Betrayal ended the siege of Baelius’ grand Citadel and stole the lives of those closest to Oz. The final nail in the coffin came when the forces colliding in battle were banished to a realm between worlds. One of chaos and without time.

But now the Uprising has returned, proudly waving the Exile banner! For them, the War never ended and new leaders have risen to the challenge of freeing Delta V’s people! The challenge now lies in unifying the Exile forces against a common foe.

So, Exile, are you prepared to fight for your freedom?

The Faction War Bar is located on the top of your screen.
This shows information regarding the Daily Faction War Bar.
The first thing you would see in this bar is the amount of War Kills earned from each alignment.
The winner and loser of the Daily Faction War is announced at the end of the day.


At the beginning of each day, reinforcements are added to one of the alignments. These reinforcements depend upon the previous day’s reinforcements and the winner’s margin of victory of the current day.

The formula is as follows:
Let Legion’s reinforcements be positive (+)
Let Exile’s reinforcements be negative (-)

(Previous Day’s Reinforcements)-(1/2)(Winning Alignment’s Margin of victory)=(Reinforcements added at the start of the next day)
If (-) Exile receives reinforcements
If (+) Legion receives reinforcements

Example 1:
Suppose no reinforcements are given, as was the case when the system was first implemented. That day suppose Exile won by 10,000. The reinforcements given on Day 2 would be calculated using the above formula:

(0)-(1/2)(-10,000)=5,000 Reinforcements given to legion for the upcoming day

Suppose Exile won the next day by 20,000.

(5,000)-(1/2)(-20,000)=15,000 Legion Reinforcements for the Day 3.

Suppose Legion won that day by 30,000.

(15,000)-(1/2)(30,000)=0 Reinforcements for the next day.

Example 2:
Suppose Legion had receieved 40,000 reinforcements to start the day. Legion won that day by 30,000.

(40,000)-(1/2)(30,000)=25,000 legion reinforcements at the start of Day 2.

Suppose Exile won Day 2 by 10,000.

(25,000)-(1/2)(-10,000)=30,000 Legion Reinforcements for the next day.

Suppose Legion day 3 by 80,000.

(30,000)-(1/2)(80,000)= -10,000 – Exile Receives 10,000 reinforcements for the next day.

Suppose legion wins Day 4 by 20,000:

(-10,000)-(1/2)(10,000)= -15,000 – Negative so Exile receives 15,000 reinforcements at the start of day 5.

Other features in the Faction War Bar include Creating a New Faction and Viewing the Factions with the Most Influence

Influential Factions

Influential factions are factions with the most influence during the day.
These factions are taxed everyday. The amount of tax given to them varies depending on how many factions have more influence than you in your alignment.
Here is a picture to guide you on the amount of influence taxed on factions.

If you’re faction has the most influence in it’s alignment, the World Domination achievement is awarded to all players in the faction, and the amount of World Dominations is increased in your faction’s statistics by one.

Hierarchy System

The Main Parts of the Faction Hierarchy:

  • Founder
  • Officers
  • Members

Founder The Founder of the faction is the creator of the faction. Faction Founders are often referred to as the Leader of the faction. Features available to the Faction Founder:

  • Private Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Donating Battle Tokens to Capture Points
  • Clearing Messages from the NoteBot
  • Recruiting Members
  • Promoting Members to Officers
  • Demoting Officers to Members
  • Edit Titles of the Faction Founder and Faction Officers
  • Kick Members out From the Faction
  • Change the Faction Flag Design / Colors


Officers are players who are able to limitedly manage the faction.
They have limited powers compared to the Founder.
Players given this position are able to assist the leader, especially with Recruitment.
Factions can have a maximum of 6 Officers only.

Features available to the Faction Officer/s:

  • Private Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Donating Battle Tokens to Capture Points
  • Clearing Messages from the NoteBot
  • Recruiting Members


Members of factions make up the majority of the whole faction.
These players have a big role in achieving faction goals.

Features available to the Faction Member/s:

  • Private Messaging Faction members
  • Posting on the NoteBot
  • Donating Battle Tokens to Capture Points


The first question in your mind is probably how to join a faction.

The Leader or an Officer from the faction must invite you to join the faction.
Another way to join a faction is to view the Clans, Factions and Guilds Recruitment Forum Section. EpicDuel factions that are recruiting members will have an “[ED]” tag at the end of the thread title.

Faction Statistics

Faction Statistics are found on the left side of the faction page, below the faction’s flag.
Here you can see the data and accomplishments of the factions.

These include:

  • Faction Level
  • Faction Score
  • Influence
  • Alignment Wins
  • Faction Accomplishments
  • 1vs1 Wins
  • 2vs2 Wins

Faction Level

Your Faction’s level is determined by how much points your faction has accumulated.
There are currently 12 known faction levels.

Faction Levels:

Level Name – Points Required

Recruits: 0 - 249
Initiates: 250 - 499
Militia: 500 - 999
Squad: 1,000 - 2,499
Enforcers: 2,500 - 4,999
Syndicate: 5,000 - 9,999
Coalition: 10,000 - 24,999
Veterans: 25,000 - 49,999
Guardians: 50,000 - 99,999
Harbringers: 100,000 - 249,999
Champions: 250,000 - 499,999
Grand Champions: 500,000+

Faction Score

Points can be earned by basically improving anything in your faction’s statistics. – Even a fight can help you earn your faction points!

Here are the ways to earn points (and their point values):

1v1 Wins - 1/4 of a point each
2v2 Wins - 1/4 of a point each
Hourly Flag Captures - 40 points each
Daily Alignment Victories - 200 points each
Daily 1v1 Faction Championships - 400 points each
Daily 2v2 Faction Championships - 600 points each
World Dominations - 800 points each


Influence is earned through many ways.
The most common way to earn influence is to fight in battles. Each battle you win gives you 5 Influence
You can also earn influence if your factions controls a capture point. Every hour, the faction that controls a capture point receives 200 Influence.

Influence is used to achieve World Domination.

Faction Accomplishments

Faction Accomplishments are triumphs of your faction that your faction has received.
The Faction page not only shows what accomplishments your faction has received, but also the quantity.

List of Faction Accomplishments:

  • Flag Captures (Recorded by Hour)
  • Daily 1v1 Faction Championships
  • Daily 2v2 Faction Championships
  • World Dominations

Faction Leaderboards

Faction Leaderboards record the top 15 factions based on the amount of a certain achievement they have received.

These are the following Faction Leaderboards:

  • Today’s 1vs1 Faction Leaders (Based on amount of 2vs2 Faction Wins for the day)
  • Today’s 2vs2 Faction Leaders (Based on amount of 2vs2 Faction Wins for the day)
  • All-Time World Domination Leaders (Based on amount of World Dominations)
  • All-Time 1vs1 Faction Leaders (Based on amount of 1vs1 Faction Daily Achievements)
  • All-Time 2vs2 Faction Leaders (Based on amount of 2vs2 Faction Daily Achievements)
  • All-Time Flag Capture Leaders (Based on how many hours Flag/s have been controlled)

The Faction HeadQuarters

The Faction Headquarters (Faction HQ) is a private place wherein only your faction members can access.
The Headquarters contains 5 rooms. These rooms contain a total of 5 Faction Flags, Faction Battlestations and a NoteBot.

The NoteBot is a message board wherein you can place messages for your whole faction to see.

Legion Headquarters:

Exile Headquarters:

Faction Battlestations

Faction Battlestations can be found in the Faction HQ.
You have to pay a certain amount of credits/varium to use a Battlestation.
Firing Battlestation makes you gain War Kills. Getting 1,000 War Kills can get you the Artillery Master Achievement.
Getting the most war kills in the day will award you the Warlord Achievement.
War Kills are displayed in the All-Time War Kills Leaderboard and your Faction Page.
There are 5 types of Battlestations that can be found there.

Name                - Type of Damage  - Price per Use

Mortar              - Light Damage    - 10,000 Credits
Heavy Turret        - Moderate Damage - 200 Varium
Artillery Barrage   - Heavy Damage    - 400 Varium
Goliath Cannon      - Severe Damage   - 600 Varium
Satellite Destroyer - Maximum Damage  - 800 Varium

There are also other ways to gain War Kills.
These are the places you can also go to to get War Kills:

Name        - Location     - Price per Use

George Lowe - Fortune City - 1,000 Varium

Capture Points

Capture Points are found in areas that can be controlled. The faction’s flag is raised if it has control over the area.
To capture a point, your faction must donate the highest amount of Battle Tokens to the flag compared to the other faction.
When you click the capture point, you will see the top 3 Factions with the highest amount of Battle Tokens in that capture point.
You are also able to donate a certain amount of tokens upon clicking the capture point.
A tax of 50 Battle Tokens is taken from the controllers of the capture point. This is to give a fair chance for other factions to control the area.

Capture Points have the following benefits:

  • A chance for your faction to be on the All-time Flag capture Leaders
  • Upon controlling a capture point, your whole faction will be awarded the Flag Capture Achievement
  • 200 Influence awarded every hour of control
  • 40 Points to your Faction every hour of control

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