EpicDuel Farming Credits Guide

EpicDuel Farming Credits Guide by T.600

Credits, sometimes abbreviated to ‘creds’ is the primary currency in Epicduel. It is like ‘gold’ in other RPGs and MMOs; it’s a currency which is attainable by everyone. Credits are required for a lot of things. You will need credits to: enhance your items, buy weapons and armours, to change class +more. There are varium short-cuts for some of these features, but some people may not have enough varium to spend, so therefore they will need credits. Before you see the remainder of this guide, I’m going to tell you that it is not easy to farm credits in Epicduel, but this guide helps to make it as easy as possible for everyone. The guide will be updated frequently, and it will contain all the easiest and best ways to farm for credits in Epicduel.


There are many missions which reward you with credits. All of them can only be completed once, and here is a list of all the missions which give you credits. Some of these missions give you weapons. You can sell these weapons for credits or keep them if you think that they’re useful:


You can challenge the same NPC 5 times per hour, and you’re allowed to kill a total of 15 NPCs per hour. This means that you can get 15 free wins per hour, and that is going to be a good amount of credits for you. Make sure you challenge the right NPCs. This guide shows you which the easiest NPCs to fight are for your level. I asked Wraith to update it, but if you are finding that you can’t farm the recommended NPCs for your level, then you should PM me, and I will tell you which NPCs you should farm each hour.

Power Hours

Power hour is an hour during which you can earn double the amount of credits and experience for each victory. The first power hour is at 10AM-11AM (EDT), and the second one is at 10PM-11PM (EDT). If you don’t know what time that is in your country, you should use a Time Zone Converter. Just Google it, and you can find one which you like using. Obviously, if you can play during the power hours, then you will be able to earn TWICE the amount of credits for each victory. This will make it much easier to gain more credits and experience.


Once I’m done battling NPCs for the hour, I normally go and do some 1vs1 mainly because it’s quicker. 1vs1 isn’t going to be ideal though if you lose a lot. Mainly the Varium high level players dominate this battle mode, so unless you’re confident that you can get a minimum of a 65% win ratio, I wouldn’t do 1vs1 after you’re done NPCing. Instead, you should do 2vs2 or Juggernaut (if you can). 2vs2 wins can give you a lot of credits, and there’s a chance that you will be partnered with a good player. Of course, there is a chance that you will get a bad partner too. Just try and win as many battles as you can in your preferred battle mode, and the credits will come. Remember to be wise when spending your credits as well. Don’t waste them on weapons or armours which will become outdated quickly, or on items with bad stat modifiers. It is best to get rares and seasonal rares whenever you get the chance, because they generally tend to give better stat modifiers. If you’re not sure how you should spend your credits/varium, you can always ask for assistance in Epicduel Q&A;. The final way to get credits is to go in the Arcade. The Arcade relies on luck, but if you’re lucky, you could win a credit jackpot. The highest credit prize is 10k, and there are a lot of other lower credit prizes. Check this Wiki page for more information regarding the Arcade.

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