Einherjar Gameplay Guide

Einherjar Gameplay Guide by rhynier


Sword Fighter learns Double Attack (chance to give the double of your normal physical damage) at lv10.

Axe Fighter learns Shield (chance to block a direct physical attack) at lv10.

Spear Fighter learns Counter Canceler (chance to cancel the enemy’s counter attack) at lv10.

Every seven levels, following: 10, 17, 24, 31, 38 and 45, you can improve / learn a skill.

– Only Master class can learn Double Attack IV. But, any class can learn Shield IV.
– Only final jobs, such as: “Highlander”, “Berserker” and “Servant” can learn Terror (decreases the accuracy of the enemies, while it increases on your allied units around).

Archer learns Bow Avoids (chance to avoid arrow shots) at lv10, while Ranger learns Critical (chance to give extra physical damage) (needs more info about Hawkeye).

Half Elf learns Bow Avoids (chance to avoid arrow shots) at lv10, while Elf Lord learns Hit (increases accuracy), and Dark Elf learns Double Magic (chance to give the double of your normal magical damage).

Sister learns Elite (increases experience obtained) at lv10, while Bishop learns Resist (chance to block a magical attack) (needs more info about Cardinal).

Children who have inherited their parents skills, can improve them at lv10, or even learn a new one. Depends on whether it has its basic skill or not. For example: a Sword Fighter with Shield I and Counter Canceler I, will try to learn the Double Attack I at lv10. Depends on you, if you want to learn this, or improve an existing one (there’s a limit maximum of 2 skills, so you’ll have to discard one of them if you choose to learn).



– Before going on a expedition, leave some of your units harvesting materials.

– Make sure that the weapons of your units are with good durability.

– To go on expedition, you need a certain amount of food. It’s recommended 50 and above.

Sisters are must-have units, you can’t go anywhere without them.

– You can only have 10 expeditionary units, and only 5 can participate in battles.

– Before leaving, pick up a quest in the bar, especially those that give gold as a reward.

– A good team consists of melee and ranged units.

– Always recommended to go on maps below the maximum level of your units.

TIP: If any of your units die in battle due to a bad move, press F5 (expeditions-only use).



– To repair stronger weapons, such as “Claymore” (which is superior to Steel Long Sword), you need only one Blacksmith, but to make you need two.

– If you’re an active player (contradictorily); it’s a good idea to have a market (structure) on your base. Different of many other buildings, those who produce materials automatically needs to be expanded only once, instead of ten (which is good).

– There’s another business city (besides Hedeby), is called “Edinburgh”. Where you can find valuable items that can be purchased for a fair price. As in the square, its list is changed at 00:00 hours, every day.


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