Einherjar Level Up Characters Without Losing LP Guide

Einherjar Level Up Characters Without Losing LP Guide by terojen

I tried go to expedition while my char level 3 (Lord) and my other char keep dying from expedition.. So its hard for low level char to go expedition since once LP lost will be lost forever.. But there are only way is to train them.. But train function at Harvest only for level 20 and above.. So how to train them without losing LP?

1. Go to Harvest.
2. Harvest anything u need.. I always prefer Logging,Mining,Quarrying.
3. Put the times to the max exp of your char. Example.. 1 of your char max exp is 50.. So you put 50.
4. Wait until the harvesting done. ( 1 Times = 1 Minute)
5. Go to Unit panel.. Check their exp.. If level up shows.. Level Up first.. Then continue step 1-5 until you get your desired level.

Ps : I know this is really takes time since 1 time = 1 minute. But for me.. Its really worth it than my char keep losing LP and get free resources too! I train my char like this and 5 of them lvl 10 now.. Then go to expedition and none of my char died so far.. So mission Accomplish.. But to play this game require tactics.. Maybe later i make guide about tactics if i have idea to post it.. Hahahaha..

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