Dragon Born Beginner’s Guide Level 1 to 45

Dragon Born Beginner’s Guide Level 1 to 45 by BabyBear

Level 1 to 15

At levels 1 through 15 you are still considered a new players and getting accustomed to the game. Follow these great tips to help you not only get used to the game, but also breeze through the first 15 levels.

Quests are your friend!
The most important thing you want to do at this stage is follow the quests. You will find yourself cruising through the new player area aka Twilight Valley. When you’re finished with the quests there you can move on to the Serah Flatlands home of the capital, Rehling City!

Financial Situation
When starting out you do not need a lot of money, after completing quests you can receive rewards and should be enough money for all your needs.

Recommended Gear
By doing quests you can obtain the gear that is needed to defeat monsters at these low levels. Monsters at this stage are not very difficult, and the gear you do obtain will not be used for a long time(so do not grow too attached to it).

What you need to remember
1.Make sure you take the first quest.
2.Use Auto-Path to help you find your way
3.Fight as many monsters as you can.
4.Use Injections and Infusers.
5.Make sure you wear all your gear and the best gear you have.
6.Use your Skills and level them up when you can.

Level 15 to 30

After finishing the initial stay of levels 1-15 then fun is about to begin. During these levels you can get your own mount, choose a Faction, join a Legion, and much much more!

Leveling up
During these levels the majority of your experience will still come from the main storyline. The storyline will guide you throughout the new map, including choosing a faction. As long as you complete all the available quests you will be 30 in no time.

Where to make the money
During this stage money is needed but you can still get enough to pay for your expenses by killing monsters to complete tasks.
1.Grey Items can be sold to vendors for a small amount of money.
2.You can sell skill books to other players for a good amount of money.

Recommended Equipment
Through quests you will be able to get level 20 green and blue armor, which should be enough to get you to level 30. At level 15 you will get a mount which will help you complete quests even faster.

Things you need to remember.
1.Join a Faction, but make sure if you have friends playing you all join the same one!
2.Create or join a legion.
3.If your backpack is full put items in Storage or sell them.
4.Get your first mount.
5.Use skill books that drop from monsters to improve your skills.
6.Upgrade further in the blood system.
7.Start doing some in-game events.

Level 30 to 45

It is during this stage that warriors begin to come out of their shell and truly shine. Players become stronger through Main Quests, Daily Quests, Events, and Battlefields. Players also can check out items in the Shop.

Leveling Up
Daily Quests: Everyday you can complete 10, which come with big rewards.
Events: If you like events then you can join a different one each day including solo events, Legion events, and faction based events. You can earn experience, gear, gems, skill books, and other high level items.

How to make money
Quests: Completing quests and Daily Quests is one of the best ways to earn money.
Instance: In level 30 and 40 instances you can win gear, books, skill books, and other great items. You can sell these to other players for money.

Level 30 Instance: Contains level 30 purple and blue gear.
Level 40 Instance: Contains level 40 purple and blue gear.

Things to remember
1.Go into level 30 and 40 instances.
2.Talents, level up your talents to become even stronger.
3.Upgrade your stats by using your Aura in the Bloodline interface.
4.Upgrade and level up your mount. This will give you a better looking mount and increase its stats.
5.Upgrade your equipment by adding stars, which will upgrade their stats.
6.Put gems into sockets in your gear, this will increase their strength.

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