Divina Online Traveling Locations Guide

Divina Online Traveling Locations Guide by Aoyuki

Yeah, lets take a tour into Divina, so here are the places.

1st Phase.
Decayed Systia Area: Quartz Lake(future), Systia After War(future).
Systia Area: Quartz Lake, Systia Castle Town, Systia Water Passage, Den of Predators.
Willage of Wind Area: Styla Garden, Wind Village, Ghost Mountain, Cherry Trees Shrine, Exile Valley(here lies the shortcut for the Nether World Swamp).
Druid Castle Area: Drawen Coast, Druid Castle Town, Draw Plains, Anzelus Mountain, Soradis, Storsan Volcano Ruins.
Valhalla Area: Bugle Mountain, Valhalla.

2nd Phase.
KongLong Area: Heaven Plains, KongLong Boundary, God Sealed Units, Houlai Island.

3rd Phase.
Sylt Area: Camelot, Sword Hill, Ruins of the Monastery, Witch Forest.

4th Phase.
Auris Area: Lode Village, Temple of Truth, Grace Basin(PK), City of the Dead(here has a connection with Nether World Swamp).

5th Phase.
South Sylt Area: Battlefield(here has a connection with Witch Forest), Saint Peter, Mirror Lake Forest(PK), Avalon Island(the last place of my whereabouts).

PK Areas: Bloody Way(access at Systia), Scandalous Scene(Systia), Battlezone(Wind Village).

Extra Area: Pierre White Island.

Now you know how much areas you’ll be travelling.

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